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Another failure to navigate

johnboy 17 December 2006 20

Living here on Northbourne Avenue we’re continually amazed and entertained by cars trying to come *in* the *out* drive of our secondary car park. Sometimes those guys also fail to follow the road around, and then fail to stop when their wheels leave the road.

Today we had an extra special exponent of the art.

There followed a spectacular half hour where we were diverted from the cricket by their efforts to tow out of trouble as the smell of a burning clutch wafted over the Inner North.

Note the clouds of dirt being raised by the spinning wheels.

Eventually our heroes triumphed and managed to not hurtle onto Northbourne while still coupled.

Anyone want to do the numbers on the cost of a tow truck versus the cost of a clutch replacement?

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20 Responses to Another failure to navigate
Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 11:22 pm 18 Dec 06

The red towcar is a 4cyl Pintara, the tail-light cluster gives it away.

Case closed kids. Next?

Jey Jey 8:44 pm 18 Dec 06

I really don’t think it’s an oldschool Skyline.

el el 7:06 pm 18 Dec 06

Being a 4 cylinder Pintara would explain the burning clutch smell. The 6 cylinder engine in the Skylines wouldn’t have had any issues towing out the Galant (and would most likely have been coupled with an auto transmission)

Avy Avy 5:03 pm 18 Dec 06

i am pretty sure that’s a pintara – same body shape as the r31 skyline. great pix! and great schadenfreude! 🙂

SweetCandy SweetCandy 4:52 pm 18 Dec 06

Wow, what a bunch of silly billies!!

Hee hee.

snahon snahon 11:30 am 18 Dec 06

skyline towing a gallant.

PigDog PigDog 10:40 am 18 Dec 06

Jay – It has the lines of the ‘classic’ skyline. Mind you, it could be the 4 cylinder as Threeze points out.

Jey Jey 8:59 am 18 Dec 06

I don’t know much about cars but I know that ain’t no Skyline

Thumper Thumper 8:36 am 18 Dec 06

Another federally funded blackspot candidate?

j j 9:01 pm 17 Dec 06

just joking john

el el 8:59 pm 17 Dec 06

threeze I think you’re right! Perhaps $300 would be a better estimate.

johnboy johnboy 8:49 pm 17 Dec 06

tell the truth johnboy it was you drunk out the front of the flats in Northbourne Avenue

Yes Jim, using my super power I drove both cars and took all the photos and then wrote a story about what a douche I am.

threeze threeze 8:45 pm 17 Dec 06

i think its even worse than a Skyline, its the 4 cylinder version, the dreaded Pintara!

Danman Danman 8:42 pm 17 Dec 06

Lés Incompitanté

j j 8:32 pm 17 Dec 06

tell the truth johnboy it was you drunk out the front of the flats in Northbourne Avenue

KaneO KaneO 6:49 pm 17 Dec 06

I was trying to determine if that was a skyline or a MK4/5 cortina.

el el 3:32 pm 17 Dec 06

Towie – maybe $50

Clutch – maybe $500 (and probably around what the old mid 80’s Skyline is worth.)

Pots Pots 11:58 pm 16 Dec 06

Ahh morto1980, you’re speaking my language. With enough speed cameras around we could have all the schools and hospitals and roads and dragways we want.

morto1980 morto1980 8:14 pm 16 Dec 06

It would have been much better if the tow-ee slammed into the tow-er after being freed from his ditch.

That corner looks dangerous. Better install a speed camera. 😉

LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 7:44 pm 16 Dec 06

One bomb pulling another, surely ASIO should be onto this.

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