Another ‘Formal’ question

Kuku 10 November 2010 6

Hi Rioters,

My son is trying to find a ‘zoot suit’ for his formal. I’m wondering if anyone knows if there’s a vintage/second hand store around that stocks them? In particular, he’s after the pants.

Zoot pants are  high-waisted, baggy and low-crotched trousers with a narrow ankle apparently very popular in the 40’s, but I suspect they’re not dissimilar to the ones that Mr Kuku wore in the 80’s.

Thanks in advance.

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6 Responses to Another ‘Formal’ question
Chupachup Chupachup 11:48 am 10 Nov 10

Haha typo in my post that should read – not sure you’ll find much looking for a Zuit Suit ; )

Chupachup Chupachup 11:46 am 10 Nov 10

I’m another jumptown dancer and have several Zoot’s. I don’t know of any local hire places that have Zoot’s but I’d avoid a hire zoot anyway, they are uaually fairly different from an actual Zoot and don’t have the proper style.

Anton’s make lovely vintage inspired suits but don’t really have Zoots tho they do have the high waisted pants (but they’ll set you back over $300)

I have two elpachucho’s and they are definetly the way to go
I have also bought zoots from (in San Fran) and from SuaveCito (in Denver) which are also great to deal with

Good luck!!!

rpearce rpearce 9:49 am 10 Nov 10

I dance with Jumptown and bought mine from:

This included trousers, suit jacket, suspenders and hat. You send them your measurements and they’ll make the suit up for your size. When mine arrived the only thing I needed to do was take the trousers up a little bit.

“Anton’s” in Sydney and Melbourne also do them, I believe they are quite a bit more expensive though.

sid sid 8:45 am 10 Nov 10

Get him one of these instead:

I’m pretty sure it’s the extreme opposite of what you’re talking about but a lot more funny.

Amanda Hugankis Amanda Hugankis 8:36 am 10 Nov 10

Not sure about stores, but this place may have more answers for you – If anyone would know whether they’re available in Canberra, and if so, where … these guys would.

Jethro Jethro 8:23 am 10 Nov 10

He should avoid this type of clothing…. they tend to cause widespread race riots

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