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By aa1990 - 14 February 2008 62

Bad Brother John Kostka Chute may not be the only one to face up to court in Canberra this year…… Following on from stories relating to Marist College Canberra, and the abuse (both sexual, physically and mental) felt by many boys at the hands of many Marist Brothers and some of their lay teachers….we bring you following update (no doubt one of many): Comment by BerraBoy68 — 12 February, 2008 @ 9:58 pm Kostka goes to court on 21 Feb – open to the Public. I’d love to organise a large group of Old Boys to be at the court for Kostka’s arrival. Any body up for a public show of support for those effected?

BTW: expect another lay teacher from Marist Canberra to be charged very soon. This is from a very reliable source!In the last 40 years, I wonder if we will ever know even a small fraction of the numbers of boys that were:
a) Sexually Abused;
b) Physcially Abused;
c) Mentally Abused;
d) All of the above

More to the point, I wonder if we will ever see a list of those people in authority within Marist that abuse was reported to (time and time again) and yet they sat by and did nothing.

History: for reference the check out what this is all about here and here and here

What’s Your opinion?

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62 Responses to
barney 2:35 pm 14 Feb 08


Would it just be quicker to find anybody that did not get bummed whilst at Marist ?

Comment by Mælinar — 14 February, 2008 @ 2:32 pm

😮 Perhaps.

barney 2:34 pm 14 Feb 08

I’d rather be tainted with a “failure to complete secondary schooling badge” than be associated with a rich-boy/wanna-be-rich-boy private school, tainted by child molesters etc!

aa1990 2:33 pm 14 Feb 08

Dear Legal Eagles:

Charged and convicted are the key words here. No one is saying that the person had been proven guilty in a court of law…so no need to say alleged in the same context as charged.

If they are charged, they are chagred. It may however be that the offences are “alleged”…but that goes without saying and no one here has suggested that they have been found guilty (by a court of law).

The public (and those in the know) are free to express their opinion at law….as long as they don’t wrongly defame, one of these “upstanding” members of our community (you must be kidding!!)

However, if the chrages are proved to be true, or one knows that they are true (now or in the future)…then there is no basis for defamation!

So come one, come all, let us, the police, the courts and most importantly the Marist Abusers know what we know and what we think!

Mælinar 2:32 pm 14 Feb 08

Would it just be quicker to find anybody that did not get bummed whilst at Marist ?

barking toad 2:27 pm 14 Feb 08

Perhaps barney failed to graduate at melrose.

fnaah 1:40 pm 14 Feb 08




Everyone who went to Marist

Skidbladnir 1:13 pm 14 Feb 08

They haven’t yet been charged.

West_Kambah_4eva 1:10 pm 14 Feb 08

Just tell us the other persons name for Gods sake, dont be a tool.

Thumper 12:59 pm 14 Feb 08

I’d like to see the word ‘alleged’ used here.

if only to not influence any legal proceedings further down the track.

OpenYourMind2 12:51 pm 14 Feb 08

Yes we do need this being splashed around. Marist is still doing their utmost to cover it all up.
Victims will be paid hush money.
The truth of this whole matter is even darker than what is so far emerging. There is suggestion that multiple teachers were working in the 80s in collusion at Marist. I hope the whole truth eventually comes out.

barney 12:50 pm 14 Feb 08

Marist needs to be shutdown. It produces the most annoying bunch of dorks ever. Innocent until proven guilty for sure, but maybe we can make allowances in Marist’s case. It’s full of private school peddo’s.

VYBerlinaV8 11:55 am 14 Feb 08

Do we really need to be splashing this all over the Internet? Surely damage could be done to the prosecution’s case if there’s evidence of details leaking into the public arena?

VicePope 10:54 am 14 Feb 08

Dealing with the offences committed and the damage done is vital. The criminal and civil courts are the place to deal with that.

Would I be correct in thinking that the allegations all relate to matters some years ago? (Although I can imagine they remain fresh and horrid to those damaged). In other words, for the present, (a) they obviously accept there was a problem and (b) are they acting so as to prevent its recurrence?

Spectra 10:51 am 14 Feb 08

Er…shouldn’t that headline include the word “alleged”? (Sorry, “ALLEGED”).
Blah blah, innocent until proven guilty etc. You know what I’m saying.

fnaah 10:33 am 14 Feb 08

Yeah, I’d like to be there to show my support. I was in the class of 91.

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