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Another take on Civil Unions

By johnboy 8 February 2007 31

The Simbo/Simto gestalt posted the following as a comment but I thought it deserved more air.

It’s Time…for Mateship!!

I think we should give up on Gay Civil Unions if that is too much of a threat to the fragile institution of marriage. We should model our relationships on a much more robust and virile institution…. Mateship! We should pursue a Civil Domestic Mateship Act. Even the Prime Minister understands and even promotes the sanctity of mateship between two (or more) men. He will struggle with mateship between women and will probably assume we don’t exist anyway.

Having celebrated your Domestic Mateship…..and who is going to knock that? It will be so much easier introducing your dearly beloved…. No longer would we have to stumble over the proper form of introduction…no longer lover, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend…. How simple “May I introduce you to my mate (insert name here)?” My mate…says it all, doesn’t it? If you want to make it really clear you are ’special mates’ can give a big wink to whomever you’re introducing your mate to.

We could even let the Prime Minister have his [way?] with a preamble to the Constitution. Enshrine mateship. We know what he really means 😉

C’mon Simon, why not give this a go and watch the tories squirm?

What’s Your opinion?

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Another take on Civil Unions
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bonfire 11:51 am 14 Feb 07

arent those the lyrics to a blur song ?

Maelinar 11:45 am 14 Feb 07

What’s next 4 toilets ?

1 for boys who like boys
1 for boys who like girls
1 for girls who like girls
1 for girls who like boys

Mr_Shab 9:27 am 12 Feb 07

17% and 25%, eh – kinda backs up the view of sexuality as a sliding scale rather than a dichotomy of gay/straight.

Thumper 8:51 am 12 Feb 07


johnboy 8:45 am 12 Feb 07

Well guys, we are all stuffed because apparently one in four women are lesbians.

Nah, just a better chance of a threesome dude.

Thumper 8:42 am 12 Feb 07




Thumper 8:40 am 12 Feb 07

I just thought I’d add this to the discussion to show the amount of misinformation that is bandied about by all sides.

Taken from the CT letters to the editor. (Name withheld)

“Religious fanatics regularly trot out the claim that “less than 1 per cent of the population is homosexual” (Letters, February 9) despite the fact that anybody who has lived in Australia longer than a few weeks knows that it is totally false and baseless.

The Australian Study of Health and Relationships was the biggest study of its type in Australian history and it stated that 17 per cent of men and 25 per cent of women are either homosexual or have “some homosexual behaviour”.

Less than 2 per cent were willing to apply the label “gay” or “homosexual” to themselves.”

Well guys, we are all stuffed because apparently one in four women are lesbians.

I think the figures may have been rather inflated by our letter writer, and the religiously minded figure, underinflated although, interestly, according to our letter writer, less than two percent were willing to be dentified as gay.

Deano 9:19 pm 10 Feb 07

I was reading some raving Christian’s letter to the editor in the CT yesterday proclaiming that marriage was reserved for hetrosexual couples, when the thought occurred to me – surely they would be in favour of gay marriage because it would keep all the gay couples off the street at nights and home in front of the tele, just like it does for the hetro couples.

emd 2:30 pm 10 Feb 07

Excellent mateship idea. Plus you can say you mate with your mate.

bonfire: why you would invite any authority to dictate to you what your relationship is boggles me.
Because if I were a hot chick in a gay mateship with another hot chick, it would need to be legally recognised for the future custodial protection of our joint children, for her to easily access my superannuation on my death, to buy a house together without the added paperwork of a tenancy-in-partnership or whatever the heck it is…

And I’d like to add that I am not a hot chick, nor am I in a gay mateship.

bonfire 4:23 pm 09 Feb 07

indeed i do wonder why anyone would get married…

Absent Diane 4:22 pm 09 Feb 07

i find marriage mind boggling

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