Another week of parking atrocities

johnboy 11 February 2013 16

Well we all seem to be having a grand time photographing bad parking around Canberra and looking at the results.

Thanks to the reader who directed us to this snippet from Curb Your Enthusiasm:

If you see such a specimen in your travels be sure to join in the fun and send a picture in to .

Here we go:

1) Terry caught this beauty at the cricket.


2) Melonhead was impressed by this effort at Bruce Stadium:

Parking Bruce Stadium style. Saturday morning parking at the arboretum shuttle stop.

bruce parking

3) Allen found rich pickings at Cole Gungahlin.

parking rav 4

4) Tom was pleased to see a Hummer finally getting off road.


5) Girt_Hindrance was thrilled by this effort in Tuggeranong:

Apparently you need many years of Medical training to be a doctor. Parking in their spot just doesn’t cut it according to the parking inspectors…


6) Allen found more joy in Deakin at the old Telstra building.

Apparently the BMW driver thinks the Commodore is a hover car..

parking parking

7) Oliver brings a quality entry:

Location: Out the front of Calwell Primary School.
When: As I was walking home on Friday after collecting my children (so about 3:05 to 3:10 Friday Afternoon).


8 ) Damien found a less conventional park:

Could this be the only dumped car in the Brindabellas that hasn’t been immolated? Pic taken 100m to the north of Coree fire tower.


9) Cameron was impressed by this effort at Westfield Belconnen.


10) Chris found this one at ANU:

My motorcycling mate lost it at this last week in the ANU underground car park on Marcus Clarke St… hundreds of spaces available the next level down!

Driving down two ramps must be too-hard-basket!


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16 Responses to Another week of parking atrocities
screaming banshee screaming banshee 6:15 am 14 Feb 13

I can’t wait to see people drop themselves off at the shop only for their cars to drive out of the car park and start meandering around the local streets

cleo cleo 1:53 am 14 Feb 13

It really pisses me off when there is limited parking, and some arsehole does this.

knuckles knuckles 10:17 pm 13 Feb 13

If only they had one of these

Although I’m always suspicious of any product that is promoted by someone who speaks with a rising inflection at the end of each sentence.

Billy_Shears Billy_Shears 10:16 am 12 Feb 13

Long live Canberra’s parking atrocities, it’s a highlight of living here! Number 1 is a classic – I’ve never seen a car parked like that before!

These weekly round-ups are a bit like Media Watch – “everyone loves it until they’re on it”

watto23 watto23 9:28 am 12 Feb 13

KB1971 said :

thebrownstreak69 said :

Mostly 4wds… Hmm…

Correction, only one 4WD, the Hummer. The rest are just large station wagons with all wheel drive capability, no low range gearbox.

But the owners probably think they are 4WDs……

1337Hax0r 1337Hax0r 5:04 pm 11 Feb 13

Ha ha ha. Parking at Deakin Fort Knox. No better now than years ago I see.
Wasn’t that place supposed to be closed? It is full of asbestos, has a Telstra cell tower about 50 meters from the north end and has had more people get diagnosed with Cancer than some known cancer clusters.

Jivrashia Jivrashia 3:47 pm 11 Feb 13

Most of them are just silly.

But a few of them are definitely passive aggression.

KB1971 KB1971 3:46 pm 11 Feb 13

thebrownstreak69 said :

Mostly 4wds… Hmm…

Correction, only one 4WD, the Hummer. The rest are just large station wagons with all wheel drive capability, no low range gearbox.

thebrownstreak69 thebrownstreak69 3:30 pm 11 Feb 13

Mostly 4wds… Hmm…

Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 3:05 pm 11 Feb 13

threepaws said :

#10 – perhaps the driver read ‘micro-car’

Parking for rappers in small cars? He’s probably called S-s-stutter MC…

sarahsarah sarahsarah 2:41 pm 11 Feb 13

Car #7 almost looks ashamed, hiding in the leaves like that.

Agree #9 looks like somone didn’t engage their handbrake fully so perhaps a parking fail of a different sort?

c_c™ c_c™ 2:29 pm 11 Feb 13

#1 – forgot he wasn’t driving his Smart4Two.

threepaws threepaws 1:55 pm 11 Feb 13

#10 – perhaps the driver read ‘micro-car’

Loxmyf Loxmyf 1:22 pm 11 Feb 13

Alderney said :


Can’t tell if trolling or serious…

Alderney Alderney 12:57 pm 11 Feb 13

Oh we are a shallow species.

But isn’t it fun ridiculing others ineptidue.

Paul0075 Paul0075 12:38 pm 11 Feb 13

The RAV4 doesnt even look like the driver tried to park in the space provided. The Corolla in number 9, looks like it has rolled backwards into the CRV. Perhaps someone didn’t put the handbrake on…

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