Another year, another Summernats

Maelinar 31 December 2007 84

Whilst making the return pilgrimage from the coast, I came up past E.P.I.C. (anything ‘epic’ needs the fullstops) and noted the signs: Summernats Competitors entrance, Summernats Parking entrance, and the Summernats Entrants entrance. Hang on, I thought to myself, why do the people plying their cars need 2 entrances I thought to myself…

Approximately 2 seconds later, the answer – the stupid bogan idiot who made the sign can’t spell Entrance !

So, if you need to know how to get into the Summernats venue, take the entrants. It’s signposted.

Happy new years everybody.

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84 Responses to Another year, another Summernats
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Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 2:38 pm 08 Jan 08

Jobs, Special G, jobs.

In terms of nightlife, people etc. – it’s pretty damn drab here. Everyone knows all the pubs and everyone knows everyone. I’m beginning not to bother going out, to be honest.

Special G Special G 5:47 am 08 Jan 08

Whats more is that for a boring arse city rustynailed has come back 13 times.

Special G Special G 5:46 am 08 Jan 08

Coming back to something rustynailed brought up. Canberra being the most boring city in the country. I’ve always thought there is heaps of stuff to do here. People who get bored because someone else isn’t holding their hand and showing them how to have a good time needs to take a good hard look at themselves. They’ll simply be bored anywhere.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 1:01 am 08 Jan 08

^^ and, sorry to double-post, I think this thread shows just how much a lot of people think of your stupidity.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 1:00 am 08 Jan 08

Not everyone – just your little circle of morons.

Mælinar Mælinar 12:34 am 08 Jan 08

I’ve heard the ‘everybody on RA is wrong and I am right’ story far too many times to count.

Are you going for a new poolroom record ?

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 4:06 pm 07 Jan 08

Goes to show theirs, then.

Mælinar Mælinar 3:52 pm 07 Jan 08

It’s your credibility, not mine. What that means in really simple terms is I’m talking about you, not me.

For your little notepad beside the computer, I’m quite happy with the level of credibility I have with other posters on this site.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 2:13 pm 07 Jan 08

Since when did you ever have credibility, Maelinar?

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 1:26 pm 07 Jan 08

I always thought a Rusty Nail was a mixture of single malt scotch and drambuie with a dash of lemon. Great for warding off the Canberra chills but not the sort of drink one would expect a bourbon & VB swilling troglodyte (and possibly living next door to the Kerrigans with 3 cars and a boat) to know of.

VicePope VicePope 9:54 am 07 Jan 08

I suspect RustyNailed is a very clever parody. No-one could really be so limited to the material and the sensate.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 9:48 am 07 Jan 08

Great story RustyNailed – have you thought about adapting it to the stage?

Mælinar Mælinar 8:40 am 07 Jan 08

It’s your credibility, not mine. Keep pissing against the wind for all I care, I’m not getting wet.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 11:35 pm 06 Jan 08

Official prognosis? What are you? A f-king shrink?

Kids, this is the ‘call people who insult me and/or disagree with my stupid opinions insane’ approach. It’s a simplistic, yet devilishly effective tactic when you’ve got a team of complete morons backing you. The ‘m’ word still carries a bad stigma about it thanks to ignorance.

If I was a lesser man, I would simply used in reply the fact that you seem to have a dangerously overblown opinion of yourself and your abilities. You seem to think that you excel in almost every specialized field, be it some sort of skilled sniper (yes, I haven’t forgotten the disturbing ‘laser tracker on your back’ comment) or a super-spy, you seem to think an archaic title deserves some kind of respect (inbreeding, pom-weenie-sucking and handouts from the UK government regardless of personal income are not held in much regard in modern Australia) and you refer to yourself in third person. These are symptoms of very serious mental illness, the name for which I don’t know, because, hey, I’m not a shrink.

However, you’re exempt from ‘heathens are mad’ tactic, as you are so ridiculously moronic that no-one would believe your mind has sufficient screws to lose. It’s the feigned intelligence, mate, it gives your stupidity away, which is probably why no-one has recommended that you seek some help.

I also seem to remember a long argument between you and tap about how pretentious ‘Lord Maelinar’ was. It is pretentious and the fact that you would be so pretentious to do such a thing is a card I’m going to keep and consistently use against you until eventually, you are torn apart (From the state of your recent posts, I might not be too far off). Why? Because you’re a twat and I enjoy having a go at twats in-between schoolwork and playing computer games. Best stress relief ever, in my opinion.

rustynailed rustynailed 10:53 pm 06 Jan 08

I have never posted here and will mostly likely never will again, but as a 13 time vet of summernats heres my thoughts for the people who a offended by the event and the people who go to it.
LOL…. what a pack of self-righteous white wine drinking poofters most of you lot are. I have been to Summernats 13 times. Only once did I see things get out of control and that was because of police bulling tactics.
Summernats piles millions of dollar’s into the most boring city in Australia during its most boring time of the year. Canberra has no economy beyond those wankers that claim to run the country. You all should be grateful its being held there every year for the last 21 years. If it was not for the Summernats I still would not have wasted my time going to that waste of space. Some of you must be under the false pretence that everyone that attends is going riot and steal your slut daughters away..! I have seen the crime stats for Canberra you have nothing to be proud about so don’t complain about crime from that event.
And heres some more news for you. Come Melbourne Cup day I see more so called blue blood, church going, liberal neo-con’s chucking their guts up, abusing police and generally make a mess of them selves all the while thinking their shit don’t stink.
Considering that nearly every car entered into Summernats has cost anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000 to build and even beyond that it either offends you or scares you.
I have any always considered myself a Yobb, Hoon what ever you want you snot nosed snobs call us. I have a $750,000 home full paid 10 years ago that I renovated, 3 cars, and a boat. I have travelled all over the world and even have a very profitable investment portfolio and not a drop of light beer or white wine in the house. Real women drink Jim Beam
But most of all nothing gives me more pleasure then hopping into my 4 door HQ Prem and smoking the fuck out everything in sight.
In summery I rather be a someone that is looked poorly apon by Civic leaders and the police then a tool which clearly some people here are
South Yarra

Mælinar Mælinar 10:12 pm 06 Jan 08

The only person going on about my title is you WMD – not only that, it seems to have transcended into several subsequent threads, and rather seriously diminishes any semblance of credibility you may have.

I am beginning to think you have a serious mental issue – this is an official prognosis.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 7:47 pm 06 Jan 08

Have you ever been sepi?

Thumper Thumper 7:03 pm 06 Jan 08

“What amuses me is that these ‘bogans’, draped in Australian flags and strutting around in packs shouting “Aussie, Aussie, Ausssie” and “show us your tits”, mostly vote liberal. “

Ah, could have fooled me there, and probably everyone else reading the post….

Sorry, you said ‘most’, as opposed to ‘all’.

Yep, obviously my mistake there.

Fluges Fluges 6:57 pm 06 Jan 08

Thumper, I didn’t say bogans are all Howard voters, please take the time to re-read my post with more care. The point is that there is empirical evidence that this demographic is more inclined to support the conservatives. The relevant research is there, if you can stop laughing long enough to have a look. Education levels are the key determinate in voting patterns across the country.

As for ‘tradies’, the majority work as sole owner-operators or in micro-businesses (less than 5 employees), are not unionised, and do not traditionally vote labor just because they have trade qualifications.

sepi sepi 6:43 pm 06 Jan 08

It’s about time the CT printed some real stories about Summernats.

Usually they print pages and pages of pics of bright shiny cars, and interviews with drivers from out of town. That just makes it look like a totally different (and ‘family oriented’) event. I’ve often wondered if anyone has gone there after reading those articles and got the shock of their lives.

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