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Another year, another Summernats

By Maelinar - 31 December 2007 84

Whilst making the return pilgrimage from the coast, I came up past E.P.I.C. (anything ‘epic’ needs the fullstops) and noted the signs: Summernats Competitors entrance, Summernats Parking entrance, and the Summernats Entrants entrance. Hang on, I thought to myself, why do the people plying their cars need 2 entrances I thought to myself…

Approximately 2 seconds later, the answer – the stupid bogan idiot who made the sign can’t spell Entrance !

So, if you need to know how to get into the Summernats venue, take the entrants. It’s signposted.

Happy new years everybody.

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84 Responses to
Another year, another Summernats
astrojax 11:02 am 02 Jan 08

i thought 2007 was world ‘beat up on maelinar’ year..?

JC 10:14 pm 01 Jan 08

“Doesn’t that make the Entrants – Competitors then ?

Comment by Mælinar — 31 December, 2007 @ 6:07 pm”

Nop did the post make the difference clear to you. A competitor competes in events. An entrant shows their car but is not registered to compete. Guess the post shows what a tool you are!!!

Lucica 9:59 pm 01 Jan 08

Sorry, Maelinar. It would have been funnier if your punctuation didn’t suck and you hadn’t used the word ‘whilst’.

ant 5:41 pm 01 Jan 08

Exactly! Truculence is not wit.

VYBerlinaV8 4:41 pm 01 Jan 08

Bogans never witty? I once saw a bumper sticker on an old Kingswood in QBN that read “please do not honk as a smack in the mouth often offends”.

nyssa76 11:58 am 01 Jan 08

It’s their Holy City.

ant 11:19 am 01 Jan 08

They were obviously here for the summernats, wiht that scrawled message on their ute. Summernats people are drawn to Qbn, it’s their kind of place.

Growling Ferret 10:01 am 01 Jan 08


That’s not Summernats, its Queanbeyan.

ant 8:15 pm 31 Dec 07

I realised it must be on when in the Qbn Woolies carpark this evening, I got stuck behind a black Suit Ute with some lame-o gothic writing sticker on it, and over the top, on the cabin back window and the paint next to it, someone had written in what looked like signwriting paint “Get them out for the …. (something)… we are awesome” and drawings of mens’ ugly bits.

That’s the thing about Bogans. They are never witty. Ever.

Hasdrubahl 7:13 pm 31 Dec 07

I am ENTRANCED by all this…

Happy New Year! (hic!)

shauno 7:12 pm 31 Dec 07

“Doesn’t that make the Entrants – Competitors then “

No its different not all the cars that turn up go in the competitions. Cars the go into the competition have to go through scrutineering to make sure they are safe.

Thats why the separate entrance

Mælinar 6:07 pm 31 Dec 07

Doesn’t that make the Entrants – Competitors then ?

burninator 5:27 pm 31 Dec 07

Don’t the entrants go in the entrance?


Kramer 3:08 pm 31 Dec 07

Sorry Mælinar, I think Summernats may have outwitted you…
There are Summernats Entrants – who are entered in the event, but just cruise around epic all weekend; and there are Summernats Competitors – who are entered in one or more of the various events (ie. burnouts, go to woah, motorkana, etc.).

EtFb 3:05 pm 31 Dec 07

That’s OK, the stupid bogans who attend won’t know the difference. Thus, nature balances itself.

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