ANU number one in Australia in latest rankings

johnboy 14 September 2012 5

The Australian National University is celebrating the lastest QS World University rankings:

ANU continues to climb through the ranks of global universities, rising to 24th in the world according to the QS World University rankings released this week.

Two places up from last year, and the best result for an Australian university, the ranking is the second in as many months to chart the rise of ANU through international ranks.

Last month ANU rose six places in the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Margaret Harding, said:

“It is very pleasing to see ANU, Australia’s national university, in the world top 25. It is also great to see seven other Australian universities in the top 100.

“The results are a cause for pride across the whole University community, and a direct endorsement of the work and commitment of all ANU staff.

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5 Responses to ANU number one in Australia in latest rankings
dazzab dazzab 5:15 pm 16 Sep 12

Not to mention that the management there spent 10 years telling us all how bad it was and that if we didn’t pick up our game the ratings would fall. How could they be so wrong???

1337Hax0r 1337Hax0r 5:00 pm 16 Sep 12

Some one needs to tell my kids about this. They never cease to whinge about how much it sucks.
Oh, hang on, that’s the ratings for research. How about the ratings on student satisfaction, value for money, employability after graduating, student services or quality of education provided?

There you go kids, I bet you never realised your old man was such a rebel hey?

Finally, how can a university which has the police commissioner of Gotham City in charge ever hope to be taken seriously?

c_c c_c 4:27 pm 16 Sep 12

Masquara said :

University of Canberra? They must be in there somewhere … surely …. I got down to 650 without finding UC.

Ironic that their radio ads are making the unapologetically boastful claim of being Australia’s leading University… though their website and anything in print still retains the slogan “Australia’s capital University.”

LSWCHP LSWCHP 5:41 pm 15 Sep 12

I dunno. It may be a case of “things were better in the rosy glow of the good old days before I entered the Autumn of my life yadder yadder”, but in the area of undergraduate teaching I thought the ANU was “better”, in the sense of having higher academic standards and degrees being harder to obtain, when I went through there.

It’s ironic, because I think that pedagogical techniques at the ANU are much better than they once were. Most of my lecturers had not the faintest idea about how to present a coherent hour of instruction, simply because they’d never been taught how to teach. The one guy who took a summer course on lecturing techniques improved out of sight. Anyway, in my experience we now have much higher quality teaching of undergraduates, but at the same time, the commercial pressure to graduate people (or some other reason) seems to have resulted in an overall lowering of standards. In my direct experience, this has resulted in degrees being awarded to people who don’t appear to know very much about the basics of the subjects that they have studied. My impression is that these folks would not have made it through the academic filters that I went through.

At the end of the day though, when all cliches have been avoided like the plague, much of it depends on the qualities of each individual student. I work with a number of ANU graduates, and they are all great people with superb skills.

Masquara Masquara 12:24 pm 15 Sep 12

University of Canberra? They must be in there somewhere … surely …. I got down to 650 without finding UC. That’s well below august institutions in Argentina and Mexico. Mwa ha ha.

Anyone else have better luck finding CCAE in there?

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