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Any 2582-ers here?

By CleptaK 30 November 2011 18

I’m currently looking at purchasing my first home, and I’m looking out as far as Yass.

Do any Rioters live out that way, or know anyone that does?

Any pros and cons?

I will be using the bus each day, and by my calculations it only takes an extra ten minutes than it currently does (at the moment I have a fair walk and waiting time for a connection).

I’m an avid reader, so I can use that commute time to my advantage. Plus, I’d prefer to live in a larger house, instead of a shoebox.

Keen for your thoughts. Thanks in advance!

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
Any 2582-ers here?
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joy18 11:15 pm 30 Nov 11

Make sure you sample a glass of Yass water from the town supply while you are there. Some Yass residents find it undrinkable.

LSWCHP 7:55 pm 30 Nov 11

I lived out between Canberra and Bungendore for 15 years. While childless, it was terrific. The commute took less time than it now takes from Belco, and the peace and quiet were fantastic.

Once the kids arrived, it became difficult due to lack of hospitals/shops/doctors and other kid requirements.

I know a bloke with adult kids who’s just moved to Gundaroo, and he loves it. If I was looking towards a rural lifestyle near Canberra, that’s where I’d be heading.

Good luck with the move. It’s great to be able to see the stars at night.

wildturkeycanoe 7:48 pm 30 Nov 11

As someone who commuted regularly from beyond Yass to Canberra for work, be aware. If Canberra traffic at 6:30am drives you nuts, Yass to Canberra will put you over the edge. It only takes that one slow driver to stall everything all the way from the single lane to Hall. There’s no chance of overtaking coming into the city so you get stuck doing 80km/h every day. This is not an exaggeration, this is from nearly a year of personal experience. If you hate traffic, don’t even consider it in a car.
As for the bus, no idea.

CleptaK 7:36 pm 30 Nov 11

Thanks for the feedback, everyone – I really appreciate it! I didn’t think about the school issue, as family planning is some years down the track, but it is something I’ll consider.

I’m looking at a few places this weekend, so we’ll see what happens… cheers!

arescarti42 6:53 pm 30 Nov 11

poetix said :

Have you checked out the schools in Yass, if you are a parent (or if you are intending to become one)? Remember you will not have automatic entry into ACT public schools, if you live in Yass, even if you work in the ACT.

I don’t know what the public or private school(s) in Yass are like. Of course, if you are looking at private schools in Canberra, this is irrelevant, as there will be no eligibility requirement based on location.

I wouldn’t consider living in Yass if I intended to send my kids to school in Canberra.

Remember, kids can’t drive. It’ll be you chauffeuring them to weekend sports and their friends houses etc. etc. And as they get older they’ll be pretty unhappy that while their friends can go to the movies or bowling or whatever on weekends and school holidays by catching a bus for 30 minutes, they are completely isolated and dependent on their parents for transport.

Of course it is a different matter if you can send them to school in Yass.

poetix 4:17 pm 30 Nov 11

Have you checked out the schools in Yass, if you are a parent (or if you are intending to become one)? Remember you will not have automatic entry into ACT public schools, if you live in Yass, even if you work in the ACT.

I don’t know what the public or private school(s) in Yass are like. Of course, if you are looking at private schools in Canberra, this is irrelevant, as there will be no eligibility requirement based on location.

I would not consider driving that road every day myself, but the bus should be quite relaxing as you say. There are some lovely old houses in Yass.

Monster of the Deep 3:55 pm 30 Nov 11

I grew up near Yass and the rellies still live there. I moved back for about a year as an adult, but wouldn’t want to do it again. If you have shopping to do beyond groceries, you have to drive to Canberra and back, which makes it a gruelling ordeal. And if you have friends in Canberra, it’s hard to socialise when you live an hour’s drive away. Basically Yass itself is a good place to live, but not to work or shop or socialise.

androo 3:41 pm 30 Nov 11

oh, and the highway duplication is crawling forward with corridor now agreed on… I think…

androo 3:40 pm 30 Nov 11

I just bought 28ac 4km out of Yass and although I’m not building until early next year, I’m looking forward to it.

Con sofar – I’m with Vodafone and while I have brilliant reception on my block, I get no service at all along the main street. Quite annoying! Friends with Tel$tra and Optu$ both have great coverage tho.

Jono 2:02 pm 30 Nov 11

I live on a small property out Murrumbateman way and love it – love the views and the quiet mostly… does have its downsides though.

The Deanes bus from Yass to Canberra is a good service – comfy bus, friendly driver. It is however pretty expensive – $9-$10 per trip IIRC. Cheaper if you get a season pass but I’m not sure by how much exactly. Its final run in the afternoon leaves Civic at 5:45 so if you get stuck late at work you’ll have to make alternate arrangements (happened to me once).

Practical downsides:

The power frequently goes out during storms – we’ve lost power three times in as many weeks – the first time it was out for 18-24 hours. Lost it again during the storm last night. If your place has tank water instead of mains, no power may mean you lose your pump and thus can’t get water.
Mobile signal is virtually non-existent on some carriers. I get decent (if intermittent) coverage on Telstra but I wouldn’t count on getting any appreciable signal on Optus or Vodafone etc
Internet is a similar situation – unless you’re in the Yass township itself, you’re likely to be too far away from an exchange to get wired broadband. My place has a NextG desktop modem attached to a large external antenna so we get decent speed – but Telstra’s biggest plan is only 15GB so if you’re a heavy downloader you may run into trouble. Also, because the NextG service (which counts a ‘metropolitan broadband’) is available to us, we’re ineligible for the rebates etc on satellite broadband.

Lazy I 2:02 pm 30 Nov 11

Any pros and cons?
No pros that i’m aware of, you will have to head in to the city for them. Cons, unfortunately are everywhere.. make sure you watch Today Tonight and stay vigilant.

random 1:47 pm 30 Nov 11

Stiffman said :

But I did the maths, and its still substancially cheaper to drive my not so good on fuel car every day than it is to live in canberra.

The money isn’t the issue. I have thought about buying out there, but the research shows that people consistently overestimate the happiness they will get from a larger property and underestimate the pain of a long commute. If you can, try renting in the area first.

HHR 1:11 pm 30 Nov 11

My partner and I bought a house out there in March this year, and we both love it. I drive to work, but my partner rides his motorbike or catches the bus. He loves catching the bus as it gets him to Civic just as quickly as riding does, except that he is able to read on the bus, which is a definite pro.

Other pros are the friendly people, the beautiful scenery, the stars at night, the price of petrol (which is steady – even on payday! – and most often cheaper than it is in Canberra), the sense of safety and community, and the quiet. I personally love being able to walk my dogs from my house in the suburbs only to find myself surrounded by paddocks full of sheep and bleeting lambs, or soflty mooing cows within five minutes of home.

The distance to Canberra is mostly inconvenient in the evenings when you’ve gone to Canberra for a party/function/movie/etc., and you just want to get home. There’s also no buses then, or on the weekends.

If I had to make the same move again, I would in a heartbeat. I love living in Yass.

Holden Caulfield 12:44 pm 30 Nov 11

I lived in Yass back in the day (late 80s/early 90s) and the commute to Canberra was no major drama. Perhaps it was the exuberance of youth, but I would often commute to Canberra 7 days for a combination of study/social life. Sometimes twice a day if need be.

It was a nice place to live and I enjoyed more than I thought I would for the 4-5 years I was there.

Since then, though, the bypass has happened (has been good for Yass, I’m told) and the amount of traffic on the Barton Hwy would have increased by a factor of at least five I reckon. There was no Gungahlin for a start and the amount of development in Yass, Murrumbateman and surrounds has been rampant (in relative terms).

What used to be a comfortable 30 minute commute to the big roundabout on the Barton Hwy is probably more like 45 minutes today.

In regards to isolation that’s a bit of an issue, but let’s face it, Yass isn’t exactly hours away and the local shops should cater for most needs. Social life might take a hit, but it’ll be what you make of it on that front.

Personally, if was buying outside of Canberra on economic grounds I would look to somewhere between Gundaroo-Collector-Wamboin. I just reckon the commute would be a bit easier, even though you would probably be more beholden to Canberra for basic services/shopping and the like.

Grub96 12:33 pm 30 Nov 11

Yes, I have lived in Yass for 20+ years.

It is a lovely place to live, although you made need some time to adjust to somethings. Nothing big, just things like if you need to buy some new clothes it is very limited to what is available locally. It just means that you do that type of thing during the lunch break or after work on a Friday.

I drive to work as I find it more convienent than the bus, and with the car on LPG, it is slightly more cost effective for parttime workers like myself. However, I know a lot of people that do take the bus and have been doing so for years. I have been communting for over 15years and yes sometimes I get sick of it, but then I look around me at the benefits of living here.

Generally the people are great. It helps if you can become invloved in the community and really make it your home. I have a few friends that do nothing but complain about Yass, (they moved from Canberra) but that may have something to do with they still do EVERYTHING in Canberra and haven’t really blended with the place.

We live in town in a newer estate with a 1000m block, our house takes up about 1/3 of it. When Mr Grub96 was also working in Canberra, we were often asked when were we going to move, but the thought of giving up that space, both land and home and doubling the mortgage really didn’t sit well.

I read the other day that Yass is one of the highest growth town in NSW over the few years.

Distance to Canberra (I beleive that this can be a PRO and CON, it depends how you look at it)
Council is very slow at approving new building applications (not a problem if buying existing)
Wear & tear on you car, if you do drive

Large block at an affordable price
Excellent growth expected for your investment
Trip home is easy, even driving once you leave the city and it allows plenty of time to wind down
Close enough to Canberra, if you need access to specialist medical care etc

If you have any other questions, I’m happy to try and answer them.

Good luck with your decision.

Stiffman 12:17 pm 30 Nov 11

My wife and I are thinking of doing the same thing.
For about 100 grand less than what it requires to get a house in canberra, you can get a good sized house, with a large yard (as opposed to basically NO backyard in canberra).
That massive drop means, for us, we will be able to afford to have one of us not working for some time, when things like babys come along. Canberra is just too expensive to do that i’m affraid

The commute will cost you money, yes. But I did the maths, and its still substancially cheaper to drive my not so good on fuel car every day than it is to live in canberra.

The other thing which has already been mentioned is the isolation. If you have a lot of friends and family in canberra, its harder for people to drop in, or harder to drop the kids off to get family/ friends etc to babysit.

Its all pro’s and cons, and I think we’ve decided to go with yass. Hopefully we’ll be headed that way soon

shirty_bear 11:31 am 30 Nov 11

It says something that a bus trip from Yass is comparable with the domestic service :-\
(and ACTGovCo wonders why we aren’t flocking on board)

I work with a bloke who lives in Yass, but he’s born & bred there so has family & roots in the community. Claims it’s God’s own country and he wouldn’t live anywhere else. Has a work car (and phone, which gets a fair bit of use in said car) so the commute doesn’t smash his hip pocket.

Had a rello who moved out there for similar reasons as the OP suggests. Immediately unhappy with the (self-driven) commute and remoteness from familiar things. Lasted about a year, then moved back to Cbr vowing never to return.
Might be a different experience if you enjoy/get value from a bus ride, and join in the local community at least a little.

Solidarity 11:29 am 30 Nov 11

If you enjoy the lifestyle, I say go for it. Very nice place, very nice and easy drive out there too.

So easy going compared to Canberran life and most locals are decent people.

I can’t comment on the whole public transport thing, but I can say that it’s a nice area to live.

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