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Any decent sushi trains in Canberra?

By Aubergine 14 July 2011 15

Last weekend I lunched at Sushi Hotaru, in the Galleries Victoria complex in the Sydney CBD. It was awesome – lots of delicious variety trundling past on the staggeringly long conveyor, circling an open kitchen so you could watch everything being made and stuck straight on to the belt. And cheap! You ordered drinks or full meals via iPads stuck to the side of the booths, service was very quick.

Is there anything even halfway like this in Canberra? ie: good food, cheapish, quick? I know Sizzle Bento in Garema Place has a sushi train, but it’s always looked a long way from containing freshly made items, even at lunchtime. Is it any good? What else is available in this town? Or should I just stick to a good non-train place like Coo?

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Any decent sushi trains in Canberra?
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megaJames 11:09 pm 08 Dec 13

New Hero Sushi opened last week in Canberra Centre North Quarter. Tried it out today and found the sushi to be pretty average. Everything seems to be jumbo sized with lots of rice and they seem to only use the same handful of base products with just the proteins changing. The same mayo sauce was on 80% of the plates. I haven’t tried their other Canberra shops so this is my first experience with them.

I’ve had some pretty amazing sushi in Sydney and Melbourne so maybe I’m looking for the same from this place. My personal benchmark for sushi trains is Umi Kaiten-Zushi in Sydney Haymaket (

Pretty disappointing but at least we still have Sushi Sushi in the Canberra Centre which I think is better.

Jethro 8:25 pm 16 Jul 11

Stevian said :

But where can we get Fugu?

Or whale? Sweet, delicious whale.

Stevian 2:00 pm 15 Jul 11

But where can we get Fugu?

Aubergine 10:00 am 15 Jul 11

Thanks for the advice, RA. Kagawa is now on my list. Kamameshi looks good! Guess I’ll have to go back up to Sydney or try out Crown Casino for a proper sushi train… Planning a trip to Japan too (not just for the sushi of course).

Coo is run by the same guy who runs Iori. Make sure you push through the curtains (noren) and sit inside, don’t just takeaway. Not all the menu items are available every day, but I’ve never had anything less than delicious, and good friendly service.

Re post #4 and freshness, the Sushi Hotaru train goes through an “ultraviolet tunnel” just before it gets back to the kitchen. I wonder how effective a three-second trip past a purple lamp is for killing off salmonella etc?

Postalgeek 4:59 pm 14 Jul 11

If you want train sushi in Canberra you have to walk along the tracks early to beat the other scavengers.

what_the 4:31 pm 14 Jul 11

Cantoangel said :

Unfortunately people who want to get sushi train in Canberra would have spoiled themselves already by having good sushi train elsewhere to know about it!

I agree that Kagawa is good….Coo is great too especially if you want to try different smaller dishes!

Try having it in Tokyo and coming back!

Cantoangel 4:00 pm 14 Jul 11

Unfortunately people who want to get sushi train in Canberra would have spoiled themselves already by having good sushi train elsewhere to know about it!

I agree that Kagawa is good….Coo is great too especially if you want to try different smaller dishes!

Watson 1:48 pm 14 Jul 11

I got a Kagawa sashimi/sushi platter for lunch today. It’s pretty yummy indeed. If you get take-away, you do have to order well in advance though. Because they make it all fresh on the spot, it takes a while. But you can watch them make it at the front counter.

Shame about the lack of good sushi trains in Canberra. My daughter prefers sushi over Maccas and has been hassling me to go to the Sizzle Bento one, but I’m not that keen.

astrojax 1:17 pm 14 Jul 11

another vote for tasuke. oishi! (is that how it’s spelt?)

and yes, seek in vain for a decent sushi train i’m afraid…

Before you take food from a sushi train, ask the staff if they can tell you how long a particular item has been circulating on the train. I will bet you London to a brick on, that they can’t.

Given that salmonella is quite fond of room temperature, you should then ask yourself if you are happy to eat raw fish that has been sitting out of the fridge for an unspecified time.

Keijidosha 12:03 pm 14 Jul 11

Forget about looking for a good sushi train in Canberra. Sizzle Bento are the only ones I know of with a train and the quality of the food on it is terrible. I don’t profess to be an expert on the subject, however local trains can’t even compare to the one inside Melbourne’s Crown Casino – individual hot and cold enclosed sushi trains with a fantastic array of tasty dishes and and attentive staff who ensure you are being looked after.

Locally, Tasuke and Sushi Sushi both have good value lunch menus, with the latter offering much faster service. I’ve found Shogun to be very good quality too, although a bit pricey.

Based on INFP’s recommendation I’ll be giving Kagawa a shot too.

Disinformation 11:52 am 14 Jul 11

Sizzle Bento in Civic isn’t bad for the Sushi Train. It’s not the best I’ve ever had which was in the Melbourne CBD some years ago, but it’s definitely not the worst. That honour will be reserved for a certain place in the USA which we won’t talk about. I’ve introduced quite a few people to eating raw fish there and all of them enjoyed the experience. Unless you actually see the meals being prepared, you will have to put up with reduced freshness I’m afraid. Canberra CBD doesn’t have the population density to support demand as Sydney does.

INFP 11:18 am 14 Jul 11

Its no sushi train, but i am in love with Kagawa in Dickson…. good prices, the best tempura veg ive ever had, and sushi is made fresh to order and tastes and smells incredible…. very friendly service too.

I havent eaten much off the menu besides fresh nori hand rolls, kamameshi (not my type of thing though), tempura and inari sushi. But i stick to them because omfg they are goood.

1 medium roll is $7 (they do takeaway) and it fills an entire large container… so its like 2 takeaway rolls you’d get from Sizzle for example. But so worth it.

Mee sushi in Manuka is also good, but i find they dont taste as good as Kagawa.

I’ve also eaten at Iori and Tasuke… they were both divine but expensive to dine-in at. Although Tasuke’s lunch bentos etc look very cheap (I havent had any of them yet)

what elseeeeeee….. lol i f***ing love sushi. Let me know if you find any other great places. I havent tried Coo yet.

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