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Ask RiotACT: Another gym question

By ejc74 4 November 2015 6

Ask RiotACT

After 12 months of crossfit, which I loved, it is time to try something a bit cheaper.  I am after a gym at which I can see a trainer maybe once a fortnight (once I get in to the swing of the gym) but who will give me a program to use in between times.  I am keen to continue the heavy lifting, deadlifts, squats etc so this would be part of what I am after in a program.

I am probably interested in an independent gym but don’t care too much and it needs to be northside.

I am keen to hear other peoples experience with this sort of situation please. Thanks in advance.

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Ask RiotACT: Another gym question
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jason_marsh 2:20 am 28 Jan 16

I would say follow joseph rakich on youtube. I have been following his programs and schedule and you would save up on the trainer .

watto23 11:15 am 11 Nov 15

I’m a fan of anytime fitness from the point of view that you can have access to any anytime fitness gym worldwide. From memory there is a waiting period of 3 months to access this, but if a gym is closer to your work and find the occasional lunchtime workout useful, but on weekends the one near home better you have that benefit. Plus I tend to do a sunday arvo/evening workout when its dead quiet at the gym. Many gyms close at that time.

Otherwise look for the bootcamp/PT sessions run by PT’s around the lake or in various parks. They are cheaper than crossfit and arguably provide a better service. Then extra exercise you do can be walking/body weight stuff.

Mess 12:56 pm 05 Nov 15

The gym at ANU is great, cheap (only $16 a fortnight) they have a heavy weights room as well as all the normal gym gear. They have personal trainers, and they also run classes called tactical fitness which are fantastic crossfit style workouts.

batmantrilogy 6:21 pm 04 Nov 15

+1 for Anytime Fitness Gungahlin.

initially even i started with cross fit but later realized that strength training and power lifting is more necessary we cannot add up more weight than our body weight in cross fit.

#hitthegym #beastmode #gains :p

Greyhaired 30yo 4:43 pm 04 Nov 15

I’ve been attending Gold’s at Gungahlin since February this year and love it. I’m probably going to sound like a salesperson, but here goes.

Having been extremely nervous as I’d never set foot in a gym in my life, I was made to feel welcomed by all the staff including the owners – who introduced themselves as I was training – reception and managers. I feel a sense of community there which I didn’t expect from a gym, let alone that one as I had heard it was a huge meathead/heavy lifters gym (I don’t fit that category). There are every stereotype of gym goers there but it depends on what time of day you go as to what you come across.

There’s (free) classes on at 6am so the carpark looks full but there’s no one on the machines/weights etc. It’s pretty much empty until 9am when the parents come in (classes then too). There have been some mornings I’m the only person in the place bar the receptionist. I haven’t been there between the hours of about 10am and 5pm, so can’t say what goes on then. From 5pm you usually get the lifters (I like to call them the big boys) and it can get a bit crowded. There are also classes on at night which are really popular. There are also quite a few girls who attend at varying times who enter figure competitions and others who train seriously who are happy to give friendly and helpful advice if you ask for it.
There are several different trainers with different ‘styles’, and different specialities so that was great for me – I wanted strength and technique coaching, I’d already lost the weight I wanted to. The trainers are all great and would be able to write a program for you to follow by yourself and happy to catch up whenever you are.

There are new treadmills, new stairclimber thingys and I think the machines are great. I’ve heard from the more serious lifters that the lifting platforms are great, although everyone says it would be good to have another set of dumbells for the busier times. All classes are free with your membership and they have yoga too.

Your Gungahlin membership also gives you access to Fyshwick and soon to be opened Tuggeranong, all of which are open 24 hours. Also Westside which I believe is open during the summer.

There is also a creche at Gungahlin which is really popular.

The are downsides just like any other gym. People don’t re-rack their weights. I know this happens everywhere, but being a smaller gym (especially the second level) this can pose serious trip hazards and also potential injuries if the person unloading isn’t strong enough/warmed up. I don’t believe the receptionists should have to run around cleaning up after people, and believe that it should be strongly encouraged and people reminded by management/receptionists that it is the individuals responsibility to do it. I’ve spoken to members of other gyms where they are quite strict on it.
Another downside is the parking. I’m not sure what the builder was thinking but 10 car parks is not enough – there is heaps of overflow on the dirt behind though.
The only other downside is the building itself is a little small and the second level (there are 3) especially feels squishy, but they are constantly refining the layout which I appreciate is a work in progress.

The other things I love are what I call the ‘extras’. There’s free fruit on Fridays, they have an industrial coffee machine that produces great coffee, there are protein bars etc in case you need a snack and plenty of merchandise which can be snavelled up cheaply if you wait for a special. They have also recently teamed up with a local business to supply pre-made Balance Meals which can be bought individually or ordered in bulk. There are also regular seminars run by a life coach and have also just launched a great 6 week challenge. If you are interested in supplements you can get 15% off at Aussie Supps stores as well, I know the manager at the Gungahlin store is particularly knowledgeable. The other thing I give extra points for is community involvement – they sponsor some more serious sporting teams in the ACT along with a few social ones and also enter teams in fundraising walks/runs and all sorts of muddy obstacle course events throughout the year.

Hope that helps.

Genie 1:51 pm 04 Nov 15

Anytime Fitness Gungahlin.

You can pay for your gym entry, and then pay extra for PT sessions. I was doing fortnightly sessions and had a program in between.

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