Ask RiotACT: Is it the design of the Ellenborough Street/Barton Highway intersection, or just bad driving?

nealg 7 February 2019 6
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Hi Rioters.

I am asking this question after seeing another collision on the Ellenborough Street side of the intersection earlier this week.

One of many in recent times.

It appears either there is a design problem with the intersection, or a lot of drivers, who are turning right into Ellenborough from the Barton Highway, have a problem with determining the closing speed and distance of vehicles coming towards them down the rise from Kaleen.

Numerous times when coming from Kaleen either in my (large) Troopy, or on my motorcycle, I have to avoid drivers who leave it to the last second to cross over in front of me when they turn right into Ellenborough.

At times the same thing occurs with drivers who are turning right off Ellenborough to go to the Barton Highway.

I always get set to slow or brake when approaching the intersection when there are vehicles waiting to cross.

The drivers are even looking at me so I assume they are aware of my vehicle but still dawdle across the intersection.

I am curious to see if other Kaleen-ites have experienced this same problem?

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6 Responses to Ask RiotACT: Is it the design of the Ellenborough Street/Barton Highway intersection, or just bad driving?
Michele Gorman Michele Gorman 9:51 am 08 Feb 19

I live on Ellenborough Street and my only complaint is the silly impatient drivers. Slow down people and think of where you are going, don't change your mind at the last minute when it turns into a dangerous situation

g210 g210 8:18 am 08 Feb 19

If our wonderful council had built the Barton Hwy / GDE interchange as a proper functioning cloverleaf and not the half-assed flyover crippled with traffic lights, then there wouldn’t be anywhere near the weaving going on around that intersection. But knowing how this mob “fix” traffic problems on the cheap, no doubt they will just drop in another set of brain-dead traffic lights.

Lin Van Oevelen Lin Van Oevelen 6:46 am 08 Feb 19

I avoid that intersection like the plague. But the problems resulting from so many using it as a shortcut start at the GDE exit. There's 2 lanes of traffic under the bridge that have to merge into one and then lots of the cars exiting from the GDE need to merge into that lane to get to the Ellenborough turn off. Then traffic backs up so much at that turn off that they block the right lane. It's chaos.

I cross over that solid white line pretty much every morning, as do hundreds of cars, both to get in the left or the right lane.

Joanne McRae Joanne McRae 10:27 pm 07 Feb 19

Yes, it's a terrible intersection! So many near misses. It's become quite a rat-run with people trying to minimise contending with the light rail works on Northbourne Ave, north of Mouat. I've had near misses there several times, and I was on a bus heading to the city a couple of weeks ago when the driver had to literally slam on the brakes as not one but two vehicles turning right into Ellenborough cut across in front at the last minute.

I've noticed there are a couple of mangled cars on the side of the road for the last couple of days.

I think it's partly a design issue but also some drivers coming from Kaleen going too fast.

r0bb r0bb 6:48 pm 07 Feb 19

It’s a combination – the angles of the intersection mean that impatient drivers are having to check two directions before they launch themselves into no man’s land. They’ve tried fixing it with some traffic calming/moderating physical changes to what used to be a much worse intersection but it still doesn’t help mitigate impatient drivers who try to dart across the intersection. TBH it probably needs permanent flashing yellow lights and “slow to 40” signs OR they need to actually redevelop the entire bit so it becomes a proper light controlled intersection with the Barton highway, rather than the appendage style slip lane system currently in place.

    JC JC 8:43 pm 08 Feb 19

    In the good old days you could turn right onto the Barton highway from here. Much less traffic flow in those days, and thats the problem now, not just here but over most of Canberra, people just cannot handle higher traffic flows. Many still think it is the 1980’s with half the number of cars on the road, despite those roads being designed for the flows we have now days.

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