Ask RiotACT: Where to from redundancy for an older gentlemen

Ezy 13 July 2016 10

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A year ago my father-in-law was made redundant from his job where he had spent the last 15 years working. Since then he hasn’t been able to find a job – the main reason is his ability to communicate isn’t the best due to loss of hearing and English is his second language. He seems to have no sense of purpose at the moment.

I am getting worried about his mental health now as his home life has been thrown into disruption due to repairs after a storm damaged his house a few months ago.

What I would like to ask the RiotACT people is – where does someone go to get work from here on in. I am thinking of simple things like a letterbox drop etc where he can get exercise and earn a little bit of pocket money. Are there any other suggestions that people might have?

Thank you.

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10 Responses to Ask RiotACT: Where to from redundancy for an older gentlemen
wildturkeycanoe wildturkeycanoe 12:00 pm 27 May 16

bj_ACT said :

Mowing lawns and raking leaves for cash in hand.

Just don’t let Workcover or the tax man catch you.

Postalgeek Postalgeek 10:39 am 27 May 16

Mowing lawns and raking leaves for cash in hand.

carnardly carnardly 9:37 pm 26 May 16

heeeeaps of election jobs available and applications are taken now. weeks before to a polling official on the day.

woolies/coles/bunnings/aldi are always hiring and night fill pays reasonable money for potentially unskilled labour

Mordd Mordd 8:08 pm 26 May 16

If he’s happy to do it, the Chronicle is ALWAYS looking for delivery walkers, I know because I and mu mum did it for many years in the southside. They have lots of turnover and are constantly looking for people trust me. Just contact the Chronicle or Canberra Times and they will give you the number for the coordinator in your area. They also deliver a lot of junk mail along with the chronicle itself, think thats what mainly pays for the service. The pay is reasonable but not fantastic, but it’s definitely great exercise and the chance to meet an occasional neighbour for a chat while you do it. I used to do it on rollerblades or a pushbike, but for your father I would recommend the method my mum used which in the end the easiest option was one of those old “grandma” push carts that used to be so common.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 7:56 pm 26 May 16

Kim F said :

I recall the Chronicle advertising for delivery walkers in a number of suburbs recently.

I did this for a while recently when I was in-between jobs.

You have to be pretty fit to do it and you have a a 3 day timeframe to do it and it’s an all-season/all-weather job.

Pay is lousy, about $76 per 1000 papers delivered.

I was delivering just under 1500 copies on my push bike and it took me two full days at first (9-5 no breaks) but then as I got the hang of it and got better I whittled it down to around one and a half days. I don’t see how one person walking could possibly finish it in the timeframe required.

Upside is you are out in the fresh air getting exercise and pretty much your own boss.

Ezy Ezy 2:08 pm 26 May 16

Thank you all for taking some time and providing suggestions.

I guess getting a job would be a bonus – but at this stage, just having him off the couch and doing something would be a huge help at this point. I really like the idea of the Mens Shed so he can connect with other men in similar situations. The only downside is the language barrier and hearing could be a concern which will stop him from wanting to make that first step.

therightjob35up therightjob35up 12:19 pm 26 May 16

Hey E
depends what his experience / interests are
he can form a mini business (e.g. ad on gumtree, market stall ………)
with a family member as the ‘driver’
e.g. was a chippie…make futon beds and sell them on gumtree. cost of wood is $80 sell for $400-$800
I could write forever
think outside the square
check my site too (see my name)

Acton Acton 11:59 am 26 May 16

I recall the Chronicle advertising for delivery walkers in a number of suburbs recently.
It is mentally and physically unhealthy not to have a purpose in life so I can understand your concern about your father-in-law remaining at home. Until he gets a job again he needs to do something that will occupy his mind, get him out of the house, be active, see new places and meet new people. Sounds great, it is great and quite doable. Just encourage him to get a dog. A dog gives him caring responsibilities, it gets him active walking in the parks and hills around Canberra, he will meet and talk to other dog-walkers and having a dog is a reason to explore different places. After all, the dog will get bored if it always goes to the same place.
If he is reluctant, offer to take him down to the RSPCA at Weston just to have a look at the dogs there. He can take one out for a short walk along the path. Check these faces out:

Affirmative Action Man Affirmative Action Man 2:24 pm 24 May 16

Get him into volunteering. There is an ACT website with available volunteering options. Volunteering means you increase your contacts & sometimes leads to paid employment in any case it is very good for your mental health. Another option is to look at the aged care/disability support sector – they are always looking for workers – he probably needs to enrol onto an appropriate Cert 3 course first. The work will not be glamorous or highly paid but he will never be unemployed.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 8:59 am 24 May 16

While not paid employment, the Men’s Shed could be a good place for him to connect with other men in similar situations in a supportive (and non-white coat) environment.

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