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Ari 30 November 2007 40

While the rest of the country has been divided into two hostile camps over who gets to lead the country, the staunchly middle-class burghers of Canberra have been just as polarised over what some see as a frontal attack on a beloved institution.

Who might this polarising figure be? Stanhope? Pratt? Johnboy?

Nah … it’s the ex-gardening guru turned weather presenter Mark Carmody during his nightly forays onto the 7pm ABC news.

The genteel letter writers to the Canberra Times have been indulging in the dead tree version of a flame war over the bloke. For example:

Despite criticism in these pages of ABC TV weatherman Mark Carmody’s vowels and “‘ells” (Letters, November 14), he justly deserves support for providing differentiation from the display of weather with cleavage on other channels.

As one would expect, intrepid local news hound Samuel Gordon-Stewart has been onto the case … and he’s taken to bagging cr*p out of Carmody.

My theory is that Sam’s probably jealous since he’s got his sights set on being THE source for weather news in the ACT – even if his efforts are all simply cut-and-pasted items from the BOM (and I wonder who in their right mind would be relying on Samuel Gordon-Stewart to advise them on property protection?)

But the greatest venom has been on display at ABC TV’s Have your say pages where there’s seems to be great angst at Carmody’s “frivolous” reports.

I for one don’t mind Carmody’s “shtick” and see no reason why the weather has to be presented in a dreary and sombre fashion. Perhaps I have a blind spot due to my partiality to a bit of gardening.

Anyway, knowing the crowd at RiotACT I’m sure there are some who positively seethe with anger towards the poor bloke. If so, here’s a chance to vent.

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40 Responses to Ask yourself whether or not you like him
ant ant 8:38 pm 28 May 08

Well, he’s not me, sadly. But it’s so nice to see some goofy normal person on camera, rather than a prinked and preened Media Person. Even though actually, he IS a media person.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 6:54 pm 28 May 08

I reckon ant, oops, I mean, Mark Carmody is a good guy, but he’s just not a natural in front of a camera. Still, he makes us have a giggle each time we watch, so he can’t be all bad.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 10:37 am 17 May 08

I think he’s fantastic. All these other bland news announcers run together after a while. I’d rather watch him every day than listen to Tim Bailey say …(hang on, I’ll just check the gun cabinet is locked)… “drips and drops on crops and rooftops” one more time.

He’s the embodiment of the real Canberra – the one that makes million dollar decisions about the nation during the week, but traipses around Pialligo on a dreary weekend wearing mismatched polar fleece gear, has a latte at Rodneys, potters round the backyard in the afternoon, says “yeah, all right kids, you can have fish and chips for dinner” then falls asleep on the couch with a glass of red.

VicePope VicePope 11:55 pm 16 May 08

No. Just no. He has the diction of a sulphur-crested cockatoo on steroids. Probably a nice bloke, and I’m told his radio gardening spot was terribly good and popular. The amusing bit of the weather is watching Virginia H try not to roll her eyes. Use him doing colour pieces on Stateline. Get him adopted by Peter Cundall. Whatever.

But, of course, he’s about a million times better and more genuine than Tim Bailey.

ant ant 11:39 pm 16 May 08

I reckon he needs to give an explanation when he doesn’t wear a flower, seriously. He’s done it twice this week and it’s a bit much. He could wear a leaf or something.

And I caught sight of a white flower on him which I thought was a camellia, but at the end Virginia said it was an Azalea. Now, I only caught a brief glimpse of it, but…?

The Jas The Jas 9:37 pm 16 May 08

I wouldn’t call it modern, I’d call it horrible. He looked like he should be parking cars in a valet in Hollywood on that particular night.

He’s alright, although tries a bit hard with the whole camp but I’m not gay act.

ant ant 9:28 pm 16 May 08

I still think he’s great. Although some evenings lately he hasn’t worn his flower. And one night, he wore a very “modern” bright red jacket with a mandarin collar, and no flower! He and Virginia are trying to get some sort of closing banter going, it’s a tad awkward sometimes but they’re getting there.

sturzkamfflugzeug sturzkamfflugzeug 9:12 pm 16 May 08

In used to love him on the garden show. I hated him at first as the weatherman. But now the ABC news is now a fascination for me with the cold, hard, yet irresistably sensual Virg bantering with the overt campedness of Mark. It’s magic when she giggles and also squirms at his final reparte. Talk about chalk and cheese. Or perhaps cactus and fern. I’d wonder what they say off-air…

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:15 pm 05 Dec 07

Yes, could be an overshoot! 🙂

Ari Ari 2:38 pm 05 Dec 07

Pearl necklace gone wrong?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:35 pm 05 Dec 07

Yeah, he does look a little stiff in front of the camera.

Tony Lynas looked like someone had spat huge gubbies in his hair!

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 2:25 pm 05 Dec 07

I’m on the fence in regards to Mark Carmody. He was great on the radio, but hasn’t quite made the transition to television. I can kind of cope with his banter and enthusiasm, but I really dislike how he holds his head so that we see the underside of his chin all the time!

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 1:52 pm 05 Dec 07

Tony Lynas, that is.
He was dead boring on tv, but when he walked amongst us mortals was a magnet for salacious gossip.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 8:29 am 05 Dec 07

Speaking of which, whatever happened to Tony the Pony?

regularbrowse regularbrowse 6:02 am 05 Dec 07

I enjoy watching Mark Carmody present ABC weather. He has more personality than the paper cut outs on the commercials. Always wait to hear what the ‘flower of the day is’. Met him a few times. A friendly and polite bloke. Has been involved in community projects such as the Pumpkin Festival and the sensory garden at Malkara special school. I don’t think the other local weather presenters are interested in much except getting their face on TV.

Mike Mike 10:20 pm 03 Dec 07

No I detest Marks behaviour. I have seen it at toastmaster classes. These exercises which should not be brought into the the public arena are painful to watch. For me it means that after watching the weather on the ABC for many years I now have to go elsewhere. Mark is the worst (or maybe was) announcer, Tim Bailey the second worst any others quite watchable. A curse on him I hope his chooks grow into emus and kick his dunny down.

I-filed I-filed 7:15 pm 03 Dec 07

Philbert I believe he’s a local through and through.

caf caf 10:28 am 03 Dec 07

The fire of a thousand nuns??

The mind boggles.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 10:14 am 03 Dec 07

Carmody might be a clown, but at least he doesn’t wheeze through his nose like former Canberra weather man Mike ‘Hairy Man’ Larkham. Now that shit me to tears. He’s in Melbourne these days, nose wheezing his way through the weather every day.

Thumper Thumper 9:53 am 03 Dec 07

He was on the weekend gardening radio program.

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