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Ask yourself whether or not you like him

By Ari - 30 November 2007 40

While the rest of the country has been divided into two hostile camps over who gets to lead the country, the staunchly middle-class burghers of Canberra have been just as polarised over what some see as a frontal attack on a beloved institution.

Who might this polarising figure be? Stanhope? Pratt? Johnboy?

Nah … it’s the ex-gardening guru turned weather presenter Mark Carmody during his nightly forays onto the 7pm ABC news.

The genteel letter writers to the Canberra Times have been indulging in the dead tree version of a flame war over the bloke. For example:

Despite criticism in these pages of ABC TV weatherman Mark Carmody’s vowels and “‘ells” (Letters, November 14), he justly deserves support for providing differentiation from the display of weather with cleavage on other channels.

As one would expect, intrepid local news hound Samuel Gordon-Stewart has been onto the case … and he’s taken to bagging cr*p out of Carmody.

My theory is that Sam’s probably jealous since he’s got his sights set on being THE source for weather news in the ACT – even if his efforts are all simply cut-and-pasted items from the BOM (and I wonder who in their right mind would be relying on Samuel Gordon-Stewart to advise them on property protection?)

But the greatest venom has been on display at ABC TV’s Have your say pages where there’s seems to be great angst at Carmody’s “frivolous” reports.

I for one don’t mind Carmody’s “shtick” and see no reason why the weather has to be presented in a dreary and sombre fashion. Perhaps I have a blind spot due to my partiality to a bit of gardening.

Anyway, knowing the crowd at RiotACT I’m sure there are some who positively seethe with anger towards the poor bloke. If so, here’s a chance to vent.

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40 Responses to
Ask yourself whether or not you like him
I-filed 1:20 pm 02 Dec 07

He’s good value. And Virginia just has to learn that she doesn’t need to banter with him every night – no need for constant rejoinders. Just let him laugh, V.
Nice partnership – the cool, haughty Virginia and Mark the awkward, gauche but endearing Bungendore-esque hick.
The Mark & Alex gardening show was great – they were in stitches most of the time. Not translatable across to the earnest news unfortunately!
Keep up the good work, Carmody, even though you make me squirm with embarrassment for you from time to time!
Nicely judged and nuanced by the ABC News managers, by the way. It’s evident on-screen that they’ve been working on the dynamics between our nightly Odd Couple.

Pandy 9:38 pm 01 Dec 07

Mark used to play footsies with the woman on the gardening show. She was soon booted.

Hasdrubahl 9:34 pm 01 Dec 07

I really don’t mind who reads the weather, as long as I can understand what’s being said.

Fortunately, there are graphics on screen to fill in the missing bits. So, between the graphics and Carmody’s occasionally incomprehensible speech delivery, I usually come away knowing what to expect in the next day’s weather.

OzChick 9:14 pm 01 Dec 07

Ha, he’s ok, I went to school with his daughter.

ant 12:51 pm 01 Dec 07

Tim Bailey is a fake. Used to see a lot of him at Thredbo, and he was a sour little man, with a huge ego. Very contrived when he’s doing his weather schtick.

chester 11:32 am 01 Dec 07

Tim Bailey? (the Ten guy). Check his breathing next time you see him. He almost gasps for breath sometimes. Takes a breath after every few words. I know he talks fast but even so. Maybe it’s a respiratory condition. Sometimes it’s like watching somebody with advanced emphysema do the weather.

VicePope 11:19 am 01 Dec 07

I can’t stand him. But he’s enthusiastic and tries to put in a bit of interest. One rellie loves him, one walks out when he appears on screen.
WHatever else, he’s vastly better than the Ten bloke. He makes me think, to howls from the sisterhood, that reading the weather is women’s work.

sepi 10:21 am 01 Dec 07

He’s grown on me. He was better on radio doing gardening though.

I reckon ABC have him on a 5 year contract and have nothing else to do with him.

Spectra 10:12 am 01 Dec 07

I’m sorry to say that he kind of annoys me as well. I don’t mind a bit of colour being injected into the news, but he really comes off as trying too hard. Don’t get me wrong – he’s probably a lovely guy and no doubt has the best of intentions, but to me he’s a significant distraction from the information he’s trying to convey, and to my mind that’s not a quality you want in a news/weather reader.

dr. faustus 9:42 am 01 Dec 07

In my household we were very much ‘WTF?’ when we first saw Mark Carmody, but he’s definitely grown on us. Sure, he’s a dork, but he happily embraces his dorkishness. He does make the weather somewhat entertaining, whilst still getting the message across, IMHO.

I think Virginia does like him. Possibly like she’d like a scruffy puppy, but that’s still a sort of like. She often seems genuinely amused (and surprised) at what he says.

chester 12:30 am 01 Dec 07

I recall watching ABC news years ago when it was still very old-school BBC in style, and the salient meteorological features were indicated on the map using a pointer. When the newsreader threw to the weather, the guy presented the whole thing using an umbrella as the pointer. Both he and the newsreader carried on as if there was nothing unusual, staying straight-faced throughout the whole thing. Nice bit of understated weather man humor.

Problem with Mark is he’s just such a freakin’ try-hard. After all, if he had personality, he wouldn’t be a weather presenter.

And yeah, what is it with female newsreaders in general and wardrobe dysfunction? Virginia has her good and bad days but the WIN chick is a fashion disaster on a nightly basis. I didn’t think her attire couldn’t get any worse. Then she wafts on the other night in a frock made largely of chiffon. Eeeeeek!

aronde 10:11 pm 30 Nov 07

Yes I am not overly impressed with the new weather guy. I don’t have time for banter just give me the facts! And my wife is also not impressed with Virginia’s outfits.

astrojax 9:53 pm 30 Nov 07

can’t stand the git, me. why do weather persons seem to want to talk about the weather as if, a) it is the weather’s fault, and b) as if there is some archetypal weather that everyone wants and so gushes when they have that day to report.

i, for one, rather like cool gloomy days and don’t go much in for the bright hot hot days. why do i feel disparaged by weather gits?

chester 9:34 pm 30 Nov 07

Ugh! I’ve been waiting for him to come up. I loathe him. He’s like some hick weather person you’d find on a regional TV station about twenty years ago.

And he scripts his terrible parting quips and still manages to fluff them nearly every night!

I think Virginia hates him. She doesn’t seem to be able to come up with much by way of reply except for that terrible girlie laugh which totally screws with her ice queen image.

Where on earth did they find him……

ant 8:40 pm 30 Nov 07

I think he’s great! And Virginia doesn’t seem to be dripping venom when she says “Thanks, Mark”. Remember the previous bloke, and her icy “Thanks. John”. ouch! Why on earth don’t they like him? He’s a hoot.

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