Aspen Island to be renamed after Queen Elizabeth

Sally Hopman 2 January 2022 112
Aspen Island

Aspen Island, soon to be known as Queen Elizabeth II Island, in honour of the long-serving monarch. Photo: Glynis Quinlan.

Aspen Island, the home of the Carillon, will be renamed Queen Elizabeth II Island, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced today (1 January).

Mr Morrison said the name change is to honour the Queen in her platinum jubilee year, which marks 70 years of dedicated service to the Commonwealth.

“Seventy years of service is a truly immense achievement and we are proud to join with other Commonwealth nations to celebrate this milestone,” Mr Morrison said.

“We plan to hold a range of events to coincide with the key events throughout 2022 to show our respect and appreciation for seven decades of service.”

Mr Morrison said renaming Aspen Island would be one of the major celebrations.

“Aspen Island, in Lake Burley Griffin, the home of the National Carillon, will be renamed Queen Elizabeth II Island during a special event in June 2022,” he said.

“Given the National Carillon was officially opened by Her Majesty in 1970, it is only fitting that Aspen Island should be renamed in recognition of her many years of service to Australia.”

“This ceremony will also include dedicating the new Queen Elizabeth Water Gardens, which will transform the nearby foreshore as well as improve water quality.”

Both the island and the water gardens will display the Commonwealth flags.

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The Carillon, which recently celebrated its 50th birthday, is one of Canberra’s most iconic landmarks and stands testament to the longstanding relationship between Australia and Britain. As a showcase for the relationship between music and architecture, it draws large crowds of tourists and locals.

The name Aspen Island was gazetted on 21 November 1963 after the Aspen tree of the poplar genus. It is the largest of three islands on the lake, located on the south-eastern side of Central Basin.

More events to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee will be announced during the year, including an invitation to submit a personal message of thanks. The first event is scheduled for 6 February, which marks the 70th anniversary of the accession of the Queen, followed by Commonwealth Day on 14 March, the Queen’s Coronation Day on 2 June and the Queen’s Birthday holiday on 15 June.

Information about celebrations, events and activities is available at Platinum Jubilee.

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112 Responses to Aspen Island to be renamed after Queen Elizabeth
Retep Snilloc Retep Snilloc 7:37 am 12 Jan 22

Scomo wants a Knighthood!

Adam Meadows Adam Meadows 2:25 pm 06 Jan 22

Her Majesty receiving the honour: "... That island has a name? I've always just called it the Caryllan Tower place ..."

Capital Retro Capital Retro 11:17 am 05 Jan 22

Yeah, let’s stop all those symbolic tree-planting ceremonies at the National Arboretum as well.

neilc neilc 10:03 pm 04 Jan 22

Why on earth is this necessary? She’s already had a road named after her, which is contrary to local protocol, i.e. you have to be dead! It is not “only fitting that Aspen Island should be renamed in recognition of her many years of service to Australia”. Good on her for lasting 70 years as monarch, but surely “dedicating the new Queen Elizabeth Water Gardens” should be enough. Leave Aspen Island with its name!

Chris Newman Chris Newman 6:47 pm 04 Jan 22

What a cheapskate. Never invite El Presidente to a party because he’ll give always go for a token gift. The islands already get a name British Queens have already got a state named after them

Karen Nicholson Karen Nicholson 8:58 am 04 Jan 22

Why rename something? Offer a scholarship in her name, or open a new something, but renaming a local icon seems naff: like giving the Queen's husband a knighthood.

Liz Lyell Liz Lyell 3:42 am 04 Jan 22

It needs to keep it's original name. Silly to change it.

switch switch 9:33 pm 03 Jan 22

What’s the point of kings and queens if we don’t get elves and ents and hobbits too?

Frank Spencer Frank Spencer 6:27 pm 03 Jan 22

With the bell tower should be called quasi modo island which is more fitting and relevant.

Jane Kennedy Jane Kennedy 6:12 pm 03 Jan 22


Susan Burn Susan Burn 5:56 pm 03 Jan 22

I am really looking forward to the day when Australia becomes a republic and Australians are truly multicultural in their thinking. It is fine to name public places after people and places when their is a strong attachment. If there is a name change, to my mind it would be more relevant to use a name of importance to our indigenous citizens. If the name of Ben Boyd National Park can be changed to a name of indigenous cultural significance, then why not change the island’s name using the same guidelines – if it needs to be changed at all. At least there are native Australian aspens.

Nigel Nolan Nigel Nolan 4:42 pm 03 Jan 22

Yeah, worked really well when Kerr sacked Gough.

Republic will come after Liz has gone.

A long and sterling effort by her after her goodbye Monarchy!

    Garth Leggatt Garth Leggatt 5:56 pm 03 Jan 22

    Nigel Nolan

    Well, the republic went down in 1999!

    Nigel Nolan Nigel Nolan 7:22 pm 03 Jan 22

    Garth Leggatt this isn’t 1999 and Liz was 22 years younger!

    Garth Leggatt Garth Leggatt 8:17 pm 03 Jan 22

    Nigel Nolan

    22 years to come up with an alternative system?

    Still nothing!

    Nigel Nolan Nigel Nolan 8:19 pm 03 Jan 22

    Garth Leggatt doesn’t change the fact 'Charlie' will be King, no more need’s to be said!

Capital Retro Capital Retro 1:18 pm 03 Jan 22

Nick Anderson, with all due respect to our Chief Minister, not all of us like the “Rainbow Roundabout” that he (and probably you)does but he made the decision.

Nick Anderson Nick Anderson 12:41 pm 03 Jan 22

With all due respect to her majesty, We already have Queen Elizabeth Terrence on the lake foreshore, it’s bit overkill to have two places near each other with her name. Either pick another name for Aspen island or consider renaming the Terrence. Or there’s the third option of doing nothing (status quo)

Suggestions: an local indigenous name or historical activist, a figure of federation (ie Parkes, Barton, Deakin etc) or perhaps an ex-PM (Gough Whitlam spent his formative years in Canberra, or Robert Menzies who inaugurated lake burley griffin) or maintain the status quo and no change. All suggestions of course but it’s better than simply getting angry without suggesting alternative options. Just my 2 cents on this.

Rohan Greenland Rohan Greenland 10:12 am 03 Jan 22

Lizzie II Island … like it.

Duncan Hinton Duncan Hinton 6:43 am 03 Jan 22

There is a Queen Elizabeth Terrace along the foreshore near Questacon named in 2012 by Charlie and Camilla.. That's enough

Byron Carn Byron Carn 1:57 am 03 Jan 22

Doesn’t really roll off the tongue, everyone will just still call it the Carillon anyway.

    Garth Leggatt Garth Leggatt 5:55 pm 03 Jan 22

    Byron Carn

    HM Queen Elizabeth II personally opened the carillon, which was a gift from the British Government to the people of Australia to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the national capital.

greg fraser greg fraser 11:37 pm 02 Jan 22

Another PM lost in the past toadying to the British monarchy. Either leave it as Aspen Island or give it a suitable indigenous name. QE II, whose devotion to duty is exemplary, does not need another Australian honour. The monarchy is an irrevelvant anomaly in 21st century Australia. Instead of bestowing honours on the Queen, Mr. Morrison would be better served leading Australia to a republic and also showing leadership in combatting the latest wave of COVID.

Angela Hunter Angela Hunter 10:42 pm 02 Jan 22

She's got enough things with her name and her moosh on it.

Simon Trommestad Simon Trommestad 10:38 pm 02 Jan 22

I think she’ll be whelmed.

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