Assault Spree in Lyneham?

johnboy 9 June 2005 9

ABC Online has retrospectively informed us that there have been rather a lot of assaults in the Lyneham area.

Better late than never with the bit of public information.

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9 Responses to Assault Spree in Lyneham?
Tempestas Tempestas 7:29 pm 13 Jun 05

Of course the “fear of crime” can often be more damaging “across the population” than crime itself. The Police have a responsibility to not make people unreasonably fear being able to live their lives normally. That said whoever this person or persons is they are very sick individuals, I suspect in need of psych evaluation and care as well as appropriate sentencing.

I just hope that there are not heaps of other victims out there too ashamed or scared to get the help they need.

johnboy johnboy 12:45 am 12 Jun 05

Dude, it’s not old to want some form of law enforcement.

Canberra’s gross underpolicing was allways something could only last short period of time before it became dterimental.

a bit like holding your breathe.

No sweat for the first 10 seconds but rapidly becoming more and more of a problem.

nick nick 12:15 am 12 Jun 05

The cops set up a table very briefly one afternoon in the center of the Lyneham shops, apparently to discuss/advise on the assaults, but I didn’t stop to chat. Haven’t told my girlfriend about the assaults – she would be very upset.

Not sure how useful one brief visit is.

It’s funny – I generally hate and fear the cops, but lately I’ve been feeling… underpoliced here. We were burgled twice in a month, we have kids setting off firecrackers in the path outside our house, and our neighbors have held VERY loud parties with hooning at midnight and later on two or three occasions in the last two months, and we regularly have people really speeding down a residential street that kids play on, and…

I have become my father.

Canberra_unsung_hero Canberra_unsung_hero 6:34 pm 11 Jun 05

Just give em a ‘bunch of fives’!

Xanthomyza Xanthomyza 1:55 pm 10 Jun 05

There are four media releases on the AFP website about assaults in Lyneham this year:

7 June
19 April
12 April
1 February

RandomGit RandomGit 8:21 am 10 Jun 05

If you walk your Jack Russell on a lead you can use them as a flail if need be.

Luckily for Buster, I was never attacked while on walkies duty.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 11:32 pm 09 Jun 05

Another Dickson College student b2?

I honestly can’t remember that notice, but they are always throwing so many notices at us that I tend to tune out and read my email.

I use that path by the stormwater drain behind the dickson pool almost daily (as does most of Dickson College I think), luckily I usually have a full and heavy thermos to hit people over the head with!


johnboy johnboy 10:22 pm 09 Jun 05

better late than never with the public awareness I suppose.

Next time I’m stumbling from Tilley’s to Dickson I shall be sure to be sick on the bastard.

b2 b2 10:06 pm 09 Jun 05

That is true Johnboy, we at dickson college were warned that there had been a number of attempted sexual assualts in the lyneham/downer/dickson area.
It was suggested that one person was attacked with a syringe behind Dickson Pool.

So we were advised to be careful at night if alone and walking anywhere a bit dodgy, which I thought would have been obvious!

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