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Assembly’s Loss Is Riot Act’s Gain

By BeyondThought - 29 February 2008 35

The Canberra Times is reporting that RA’s own Troy Williams has withdrawn from this year’s elections.  Who can blame him, really???

According to the Crimes Troy is in Macau which would explain the absence of a comment here from him.

The question is, that if half reasonable people such as Williams walk away from the Liberals, what hopes are there for a viable alternative Shire Council, oops territory government?

God help us all!

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
Assembly’s Loss Is Riot Act’s Gain
beasley 3:11 pm 29 Feb 08

I wouldn’t be too concerned about the quality of candidates that the Libs are going to attract and put forward. Just look at how rank ALP candidates are and still get elected.

I mean seriously…we put in people to run our multi-million dollar economy whose only life experience is being a union shop steward!

The Libs could drag the bottom of their membership barrel and probably find more talent than the ALP candidates and it wouldn’t impact on the election result.

Skidbladnir 3:00 pm 29 Feb 08

Troy\Smyth\Whoever, how do I go about getting onto this ACT Liberal party Leaked Internal Memo mailing list?

Do I need to fill in a form, or pay a special fee?

Mælinar 2:40 pm 29 Feb 08

I also vote that S4anta’s party be called the Machiavellian party.

Skidbladnir 2:22 pm 29 Feb 08

Now we know that Step 2 in any Three Step mission is “Depart to Macau while things run their course”.

Step 1 being “Write up emails that may help scuttle the party, let them get leaked”

Step 3 is still the same as always, “Profit!”…

Troy Williams is a mastermind of Machiavellian complexity!

Mælinar 2:13 pm 29 Feb 08

I nominate S4anta for RA member.

Crikey 2:10 pm 29 Feb 08

Troy didn’t have a big impact in the Federal Election but that’s understandable as the Coalition was on a hiding to nothing. I liked their previous Fraser candidate Adam someone. Don’t know what ever happened to him?

Troy did a much better job than the Liberal’s Canberra candidate, Natalie someone. He was all over the place while Natalie someone came across as being lazy and uninterested.

In saying this I think Troy would have been a good Member of the Assembly. Certainly a lot better than Ms Burke, the pube expert.

I just read their former committee member, Gary Kent’s letter to the editor. It shines a little more light on this newly formed Business Club. Don’t know a lot about Kent but he should consider running rather than sitting on the sideline.

Troy, you should run as an independant.

Gungahlin Al 2:10 pm 29 Feb 08

“Where my vote would have ended up would be anyone’s guess, as ACT preferences are a tangled web of backscratching.”

Your YOUR vote goes is entirely up to you Skid.
If YOU choose to abdicate that right, then vote as per party directions. If you CARE about preference flow, then number every box exactly how YOU want them to go.

Thumper 1:59 pm 29 Feb 08

Frankly, I believe we are f*cked….

Where do we sign to become a winged monkey?

Kramer 1:58 pm 29 Feb 08

I wanna send Stanhope & Barr a message too – keep building more mountain bike facilities like Stromlo! Thanks!! 😀

Seriously though, the Libs are really struggling especially this week with the cracks opening again, and now Troy “Golden Boy” Williams leaving… The Greens and Democrats candidates will be waiting to pounce. Will be very interesting to see how minor parties & independants fare…

S4anta 1:54 pm 29 Feb 08

All we need is a 100 odd signatures and we can form our gang of winged monkeys.

LG 1:53 pm 29 Feb 08

its a shame

Skidbladnir 1:46 pm 29 Feb 08

If Troy ran he’d be in my electorate this time…

Where my vote would have ended up would be anyone’s guess, as ACT preferences are a tangled web of backscratching.

Thumper 1:42 pm 29 Feb 08

My vote was most probably going to go to troy.

looks as if the Libs are quite happy in opposition. No responsibility but plenty of money.

GnT 1:30 pm 29 Feb 08

If you couldn’t care less then don’t bother posting. Sheesh!

I’ve got no idea who to vote for in this election. Want to send Stanhope a message, but there’s not much of an alternative.

barney 1:22 pm 29 Feb 08

God help us all. Who exactly is ‘us’?
I couldn’t care less. Haven’t even heard of Troy Williams…

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