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Assembly’s Loss Is Riot Act’s Gain

By BeyondThought 29 February 2008 35

The Canberra Times is reporting that RA’s own Troy Williams has withdrawn from this year’s elections.  Who can blame him, really???

According to the Crimes Troy is in Macau which would explain the absence of a comment here from him.

The question is, that if half reasonable people such as Williams walk away from the Liberals, what hopes are there for a viable alternative Shire Council, oops territory government?

God help us all!

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
Assembly’s Loss Is Riot Act’s Gain
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thetruth 11:33 pm 28 Mar 08

A lot of people here want change, but only if someone else puts themselves up. Maybe its time to recognise that you get the Government you deserve – and Canberra has that

Granny 9:21 pm 28 Mar 08

I’m sure that Mrs Seselja is intimately acquainted with both and has a problem with neither, the lucky wench!!


Skidbladnir 11:23 am 03 Mar 08

Now I’m torn between supporting Troy and his ‘owing people a few beers’ platform and his ‘campaigning for Zed and his team’ platform.

But re-reading the CT article…

Two Liberal MLAs – Brendan Smyth and Jacqui Burke – are members of the club, despite the club planning to run candidates against them.

Mr Seselja said yesterday their membership would end immediately. ‘‘It’s time to part ways,’’ he said.

So, for attending the launch of and becoming members of a new opposition ‘club’ while still being the Deputy Leader and of the ACT Liberals and Opposition Whip respectively, Zed’s only making Smyth and Burke surrender Club membership, giving them a slap on the wrist, and “Don’t do it again”?

Either his position as Opposition Leader is very shaky, or the man lacks both a spine and balls.

Can Mrs Seselja please tell her husband to grow a pair, start acting like a real man, and take some proper action?

ant 10:32 pm 01 Mar 08

Meconium said:
“What really happened is that Troy was asked to define ‘love’, and he short-circuited and was sent back to his Geppetto in Macau.

He’ll come back as the T-1000 and then things will REALLY be shaken up in the Assembly.
Comment by Meconium”

Ah yes, but remember his fatal flaw, he can’t walk down stairs.

Thumper 8:56 pm 01 Mar 08

I’ll shout you one Troy.

Best of luck.

Special G 7:57 pm 01 Mar 08

I’m pretty sure people will take you to task on that one Troy – name the time and place…….

TroyWilliams 7:27 pm 01 Mar 08

G’day All

As you have read I’ve been out of the country on business.

This year I’m either interstate or overseas a fair bit for work and would not be able to dedicate myself properly to the campaign. On this basis I felt it better to allow other candidates the opportunity to seek election to the Assembly. Although I won’t be a candidate, I’ll be an active campaigner for Zed and his team in the elections.

From the generally supportive comments here it looks like I owe people a few beers.


sepi 2:36 pm 01 Mar 08

MAl – odd!

Troy – smart move to stay out of the current Lib Train smash. I’m betting we see him again – maybe next election.

Kramer 10:41 am 01 Mar 08

“a dude who can walk away and say this isn’t for me must be either something special or odd”

Mal Meninga – special or odd?

NickD 10:24 am 01 Mar 08

“Troy was just the person we needed, somebody who didn’t see getting elected as an end in itself”

That’s true: It seems to have given him an excuse to carry out his lifelong dream of spamming northern Canberra with pictures of himself. Seeing as he didn’t have a hope of winning the very safe seat whoever bankrolled his campaign wasted their money.

“a dude who can walk away and say this isn’t for me must be either something special or odd”

Or sensible. The Liberals are rabble and don’t have a hope of winning an election and ex-MLAs apparantly have trouble finding work after they leave the Assembly.

John Tuttle 8:10 am 01 Mar 08

There’s a theory that if you want some ‘private’ information to get out, first make sure you email as many people that are ‘allowed’ to know about it, then leak it yourself. Any follow-up investigation is way to hard to pin down the culprit. Normally, however, you wouldn’t then make it obvious by applying Skid’s Step 2.

CanberraGreen 10:06 pm 29 Feb 08

Troy was just the person we needed, somebody who didn’t see getting elected as an end in itself. The Assembly is too full of people who are full of their own importance, a dude who can walk away and say this isn’t for me must be either something special or odd.

NickD 9:02 pm 29 Feb 08

“I liked their previous Fraser candidate Adam someone. Don’t know what ever happened to him?”

He moved to Alice Springs a few years ago and ran for the Country Liberal Party in last years election:

Primal 9:02 pm 29 Feb 08

The Democrats will save us!

(it’s not like they’ve got anything better to do…)

Nemo 8:53 pm 29 Feb 08

Perhaps Troy will consider running as an Independant instead. It sounds as if a lot of the issues are to do with the Liberal party itself.

I could not cope with another 4 years of Stanhope.

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