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WonsWorld 21 November 2007 11

Auditions will be held for “Pink Floyd’s – The Wall” on December the 8th and 9th at the ANU Art Centre.

The production has been arranged in a such a manner that the libretto now tells a story of one night in the life of the central character; a rock and roll musician called Pink. This will be the very first time that this production has been staged as a fully cast “stage-musical” and will be a World Premiere for Supa.

This production of “Pink Floyd’s – The Wall”, has been granted full approval by Roger Waters and should not be confused with the touring “Pink Floyd Experience” who have performed a recreated “concert version” of the Wall in the past.

There are 40 roles, in this production. We are offering various principal roles, minor roles, ensemble roles and 6 specialist dancers. Some roles will be doubled up where we will ask the actor to play two or more roles in the show. There is a small class of high school aged teens and one principal teenage role. Auditionees under the age of 16 at the time of auditions will not be considered.

SONG Audition: Pleased be prepared to sing one of the listed pieces on the website. Midi files are available on the web page but will be e-mailed to you if you cannot download the midi file available here. The midi files that are located here can be saved to your PC or you can open the file in your browser and listen to it as you browse.

ALL auditionees MUST learn “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2” PLUS everyone auditioning will need to learn any one of the songs from the song list provided. Each song listed is provided fully but you will normally only be asked to sing one verse and one chorus. We may ask you to start mid song so it is in your own interests to present yourself well and BE PREPARED.

DANCE Audition: We will be looking for 6 specialist dancers for this production. You will need to have a strong background in modern or jazz. On the day of the audition everyone will be taught a short movement/dance routine. Please wear shoes and clothing that you can move comfortably and that you can move and stretch in. All dancers will be required to participate in the singing audition.

Released in December 1979, “Pink Floyd’s – The Wall” is one of the defining masterpieces of rock culture. Conceived and written by Roger Waters, the album reached the #1 spot on countless charts around the world while spawning the multi-platinum single and youth anthem “Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)”.

Production Team
Director ….. Ron Dowd
Musical Director ….. Garrick Smith
Choreographer ….. Belynda Buck

All words and music by Roger Waters
Additional material by David Gilmour and Bob Ezrin

For more information please contact Ron on 0413 594 051 or check the audition information on the Supa website

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11 Responses to AUDITIONS – “Pink Floyd’s – The WALL”
Danman_straight6 EB_Falcodore Danman_straight6 EB_Falcodore 2:52 pm 22 Nov 07

Need a roadie ?

Would it be bashful if I asked you to contact me ?

I have arms and legs teh size of logs and am quite useful lugging around heavy stuff – also have experience in live sound engineering including mixdown and recording.

My company could also do any media type photography if required.

wonsworld wonsworld 1:46 pm 22 Nov 07


If someone, not looking at anyone in particular mind you, but if someone was to audition the process would be…

Submit your audition form from the website and give me a ring to organise a suitable time for us to see you on the audition day (or I will ring you).

You then pick any song from the list that you think would best suit your vocal range and learn it well. Use the associated midi to sing with because that is what we will be using on the day.

Then also learn (or re-learn for those of us old enough) “Another Brick In The Wall Pt2)” for the group song.

One the day and once in the audition we will take groups of up to 9 or so and:

1. Everyone will sing “Another Brick In The Wall Pt2” as a group.
2. Everyone will learn the same short dance routine as a group.
3. In random order, everyone will sing their chosen song (or portions there of) solo.
4. Everyone will redo the audition dance routine again as a group.

Then it’s over. The whole process should take about 30 – 45 minutes.

If you are worried about singing in front of 9 strangers… well you are going to be singing in front of 250 strangers come May next year.

Then, if we need to hear or see you again, we will be doing call-backs on Sunday afternoon so keep that time free just in case.

We have found that the group process and everyone singing as a group lessens the tension of the audition process (standing in the middle of a room on your own, looking at 3 people as they look back at you with blank faces can be un-nerving for some).

This process worked really well when we did Tommy a few years ago.

Thumper Thumper 10:52 am 22 Nov 07

Can’t wait to see it Wonsworld…

i’d love to audition but time is not on my side at the moment (unlike the Stones back in the 60s)

Bring it on and best of luck.

astrojax astrojax 10:44 am 22 Nov 07

thnanks wonsworld – if someone were to put their hand up and try out, but had never had any involvement in an audition process before, what advice would you give them; what will the panel expect to see, what sort of planning/preparation (apart from learning the songs!) should one do and when it says ‘prepared to sing one song’, does that mean the auditionee chooses ahead what they’ll sing, or will the panel pick one for them at the time?

not that i’m thinking of auditioning or anything…

wonsworld wonsworld 11:26 pm 21 Nov 07

Thanks for all the positive comments and a big thank you to those of you who have decided to audition.

It’s great to see it all coming together at long last, as this has been about 10 years in the planning.

As I said in the audition notice, unlike the Pink Floyd Experience “concert” version this will be a fully cast production with over 40 roles in the show. Yes they did build a wall and they had some costumes but it was still only a cast that comprised the band’s lead singer and a few female back up singers (and they were pretty good too). This is a full musical staging.

The cast will total 26 people so this will mean some doubling up in the cast BUT it also means that if you are new to the stage we might consider to cast you in a single role so you can still be part of the production. It is a consideration for you and for us if we get inundated with auditionees and it’s a great way to experience being part of the production.

Being as how this is a rock show that was originally sung by an all male band, there are fewer female parts in the show than there are male. The parts that are available vary from smaller parts (groupies, reporters etc) to Pink’s Wife and Mother (2 of the principals of the show).

If you are put off by the dancing part of the audition, don’t be. As long as you try your best and we can see that you know right from left and you have some coordination you should be right. Hey, if I can do it then anyone can.

As for people wanting to be in the band, well we have been overrun with guitarists so that has been taken care of at the moment, but we do need a stage crew… no experience necessary, we will show you what to do.

If anyone has any questions at all don’t hesitate to phone me or check out the website for details.

astrojax astrojax 2:05 pm 21 Nov 07

i’m a real brick – is there a part for me? ’cause all in all…

fnaah fnaah 9:41 am 21 Nov 07

I know that album line for line, but I’d rather sit in the orchestra pit with my Les Paul – do you need any guitarists?

Crikey Crikey 9:28 am 21 Nov 07

This sounds kewl. I am looking forward to seeing this.

Thumper Thumper 9:23 am 21 Nov 07

I am a pathetic dancer, but I can sing…

Absent Diane Absent Diane 9:20 am 21 Nov 07

I am a pretty fcking awesome dancer.. check out ma moves. i should do it. I would be fantastic. i think I have found my calling.

justbands justbands 8:53 am 21 Nov 07

I was singing one of these songs to myself on the way into work this morning, must be a sign.

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