4 September 2008

August Notices

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We’re reviving the notices section on RiotACT.

Notices will be consolidated through the month and bumped back onto the front page every Saturday. Just use the contact form, or email john@the-riotact.com. Things for sale, events, notifications, warnings, personals, knock yourselves out.

And so here they are:

4 September

Passy says:

    Socialist Alternative meets every Thursday at 6 pm in Room G 52 of the Haydon Allen Building ANU. The meeting on Thurs 11 September is an educational on Trade Unions.

    Read Diane Fieldes ‘From exploitation to resistance and revolt: the working class’

    Tom Bramble ‘Managers of discontent’

    Visit www.sa.org.au or email canberra @sa.org.au

2 September

Scootergal writes:

    I just wanted to send out good luck and best wishes to our paralympians, such as my pal, Richard Nicholson

27 August

Passy writes:

    Socialist Alternative meets every Thursday at 6 pm in room G 52 of the Haydon Allen building at the ANU.

    The meeting on 28 August will talk about why Rudd’s Emissions trading scheme won’t work.

    On 4 September we will discuss the German Revolution: 1918 to 1923.

    Email canberra@sa.org.au or visit www.sa.org.au

22 August

Kerces asks:

    Seeking Maggie the hairdresser
    I have reason to need haircuts in Canberra from next month and I’d love to return to my old hairdresser but I don’t know where she works any more. Her name is Maggie and she was at La Bimbi in Belconnen two years ago. I believe she knows Steve who used to play clarinet with the Canberra Youth Orchestra and now plays guitar with some local band that I can’t remember the name of. If anyone knows where Maggie works now, please email me at kerces at gmail dot com. Thanks.

20 August

Passy writes:

    Socialist Alternative meets every Thursday at 6 pm in Room G 52 of the Hyadon Allen building at the ANU. Coming talks include:

    Russia and Georgia; USA and Iraq: imperialism and war today

    6.00 pm Thursday 21 August, room 52 Haydon-Allen Building, Australian National University

    Hot climate/cold cash: why Rudd’s policies won’t fix climate change

    6 pm Thursday 28 August Room G 52 Haydon-Allen Building ANU

    Emai:l canberra@sa.org.au or visit www.sa.org.au

16 August

Roland GRNS wrote:

    In the lead up to the ACT Election, the ACT Greens are putting on a dinner with all five Australian Greens Senators.

    We are promised an evening of engaging discussion around such issues as climate change, industrial relations,
    international affairs and social justice.

    It’s at Teatro Vivaldi Restaurant, ANU on 27th August. (Tickets are $120 a head and you can book by e-mail fundraiser@act.greens.org.au or phone 6247 6305)

    My question is what matters or issues would Riot Act readers be most interested in hearing the full team of Greens Senators address.

NH wrote:

    Mum has recently decided she would like to join a social group in Canberra (preferably Southside).

    She has rang around a few places and did attended a couple of different clubs which were not to her taste (there was a really freaky dude at one, they mainly consisted of couples and the age group was too old—retirees doing old people stuff).

    She wants a club where she can meet up with middle aged people and go along to events like dinners and social outings.

    Does anyone know of anywhere? I’d love to see her out doing things and enjoying herself more 🙂

12 August

Jonathon Reynolds says:

    Gungahlin Community Council Meeting – Wednesday 13th August 19:30

    The August GCC meeting will be held on Wednesday 12 August. Attending will be Peter Martin, the (just departed) economics editor from the Canberra Times, who was a late cancellation for the July meeting.

    Peter will be facilitating the GCC Meet the Candidates night on 8 October. We will be discussing and planning how we run the meeting to ensure fair treatment for all candidates and opportunity for residents to get concerns answered.

    In his final column with the Canberra Times, Peter made some scathing comments about government in Canberra (not just the current government) including Gungahlin’s poor planning and lack of broadband access.

    It will also be a great opportunity to pick his brain about some very topical economics issues, what with oil prices, inflation, interest rates, housing affordability, and of course the Garnaut Report…


    * The GCC will report on our presentations to all ACT Government Ministers on 4 August.
    * The Gungahlin Multicultural Association will discuss a possible multicultural sub-committee within the GCC
    * Sergeant Bob Muir will report on current issues facing the Gungahlin Police Station


    The Council has just undertaken a major upgrade and revamp of its website. Visitors should now find the new layout and design far more intuitive and much easier to navigate.

    Finally the GCC is also currently conducting a comprehensive community survey which is undertaken every couple of years. The survey results help guide the council activities. In the lead-up to the 2008 ACT Election, this survey is very important for informing candidates and MLAs on issues of importance to the Gungahlin community. Individuals with an interest in the Gungahlin region (e.g. residents, individuals working in the region, business owners, property owners and students etc) are all strongly urged to participate.

    The meeting is held at the Palmerston Community Centre, next to the Palmerston shops, Tiptree Crescent, at 7.30 pm. Meetings are the second Wednesday of every month (except January). Here’s a map of the meeting location.

9 August

Calling all candidates: Tuggeranong Community Council “Meet the Candidates” Event Invitation

The Tuggeranong Community Council Inc. will be holding it’s “Meet the Candidates” event on 25 September 2008.

All prospective candidates for the October Election are invited to contact the council to register for this event if they wish to speak at this meeting.

It would be appreciated if declared or prospective candidates could please RSVP to:

Rosemary Lissimore (President – Tuggeranong Community Council Inc)
Phone: (02) 6292 1843
Email: tccorg@optusnet.com.au
Web: http://www.tuggcc.com/

5 August

Passy says:

    Socialist Alternative meets every Thursday at 6 pm in Room G 52 of the Haydon Allen Building at teh ANU.

    The meeting on 7 August is Why “happy” families often aren’t: the Marxist perspective
    For more information contact canberra@sa.org.au or visit www.sa.org.au

Manilla Green says:

    Local indie-rock outfit, Manilla Green, are seeking a drummer. After a successful tour of Melbourne and Sydney with our first drummer who now lives in Melbourne, we are now looking for a replacement. Preferably someone able to pick up songs easily from our EP release, Bittersweet Byway (produced by ARIA award winning producer – Jonathan Burnside, and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Stephen Marcussen). With gigs booked and in the pipeline, the following is a list of preferences for what we are looking for in a drummer:
  • Own kit and transport
  • Committed to practices once every couple of weeks
  • Committed to learning the songs (see www.myspace.com/manillagreen) on your own. We will help where we can. We are not looking for a facsimile of the drum part, but as long as you can hold a steady beat and be the metronome for us, hitting all the right notes, we’d love to have you along.
  • Easy going and fun to hang out with. We make music for our own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others – that said, we are serious about being able to play tightly together, and we love to jam and write songs as a band.
  • Preferably has an interest in melodic indie-rock with a brit-pop element.

So check out our stuff, if you think you got the skillz, then send an email to contactus@manillagreen.com

Over and out 🙂

Manilla Green – www.manillagreen.com or www.myspace.com/manillagreen

31 July

Adam says:

    My name is Adam Verwey and I’m running as an independent candidate for
    Ginninderra in the ACT election. I know RiotACT takes a keen interest in these
    sort of things so I thought I’d get in touch.
    I’ve just got a website up and running –
    www.adam08.com – but it’s new and I still need to get a fair bit of content
    up there. There’s also an invite on there for a ‘campaign launch’ I’m having
    this weekend – a pancake breakfast at Lake Ginninderra.
    I’ve got specific interests in affordable housing, public transport, the
    environment, getting rid of pokies, creating a social Canberra community.
    I’m planning to put together more specific policies on these in the coming
    weeks (in the time that I can spare outside my day job working for an
    ethical investment company).
    I hope this is of some interest.
    By the way, I really enjoy the RiotACT website. I’ve been reading it for a few
    years but have never got around to making posts or becoming a member.
    Kind regards, Adam

    Website: www.adam08.com

28 July

Passy says:

    Socialist Alternative meets every Thursday at 6 pm in Room G 52 of the Haydon Allen Building at the ANU. Meetings include:

    31 July Imperialism and Australia’s role in it.

    7 August Why “happy” families often aren’t: A marxist explanation

    14 August Why Rudd’s policies won’t fix climate change.

    For more information contact canberra@sa.org.au
    or visit www.sa.org.au

27 July

Hilary says:

    Derek Wrigley, renowned author, architect, industrial designer and solar consultant, will be talking to us about how we can retrofit our homes to reduce energy and water use in Canberra’s climate.

    All welcome! Gold Coin Donation appreciated.

    Where: Majura Community Centre, Rosevear Pl, Dickson.

    When: Wednesday, 13/08/2008, 7 pm.

    For more information please contact Vanessa Morris on 6248 0885 or email seechange.canberra@gmail.com

    SEE-Change: Local communities working together for a healthier planet! www.see-change.org.au

26 July

IemaChet says:

    Bunch of free IT Gear.

    I have a stack of free IT Gear, with the caveats:
    you must come pick it up ; you must take _ALL_ of it ; it must be gone by the 13th of August (and i’m away next week)

    It includes: sun ultra1e, sun ss10, tevion wireless survellance cams, 2 ~2gb IDE drives, 2 ~6GB laptop drives, box of ram for Sun and P2/3 series x86, 3 wireless network cards (2 belkin 11mb, 1 dlink 54mb) a sun type4 keyboard, compaq ps2 keyboard, a set of unpowered speakers. bundle of random cables for power, interfaces, network, sun611 diskpack with a HP scsi cdwriter.

    I simply can’t be bothered trying to sell it piece by piece.. and i’d feel bad if i threw it all out.

    Mods can provide my email address [ED – In future it really is not unreasonably to ask you to supply whatever contact details you’re comfortable with]. I’m located in the outer inner north west suburbs. (Ok ok, Belconnen.)

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Hey Passy,
Does the SA have any meetings to discuss topics that aren’t so whiney?

Young Adam forgot to add rubbish AFL player to his resume …

Mary Whitehouse6:11 pm 24 Aug 08

Hmmm… Just thinking that a bad hairdresser might accidently lobotomise the Socialist Alternative types so they talked sense.

Wide Boy Jake4:51 pm 24 Aug 08

Socialist Alternative meets at the Haydon-Allen Tank at the ANU? I would have thought a telephone booth would have been more than big enough.

WOW! Adam ‘do it the ver’ way!

I haven’t seen him since the good ol days when he ruled the roost at the UC Students’ Association. How cute.

I don’t agree with him politically but good on him having a go and having a bit of a laugh along the way.

Felix the Cat said :

Why is it you never hear from any of these pollies (either govt or opposition) until there is an election looming and all of a sudden they are a knockin’ and a ringin’ and a stuffin’ my letterbox full of their unsolicited propoganda? I wouldn’t vote for any of these clowns no matter what they reckon they will or won’t do or what policies they have or have not.

I would guess that the main reason for this is pre-selection, Felix. You can’t go around saying you represent just anybody. Candidates for the major parties have to be endorsed before they can start campaigning.

Aw give the little guy a break, he is contributing to the surplus by forfeiting his deposit.

I am glad to see someone make a deal about pokies, but by the look of this one he is no Nick Xenaphon. The probably is that, if you are serious (which this one isn’t), a no pokies policy has to deal with transitional issues. Canberra’s clubs would mostly go to the wall without pokies putting many people out of work. Addiction is a serious social issue, but unemployed club workers would be a concerning social impact too. Let’s get serious and talk about phasing issues if you are going to go hard against pokies.

The fashion mangling photo says it all – ie: the suit over the polo shirt. Genuine in heart but a pretender who is out of his depth. Probably a very very nice guy, but not one destined to be Chief Minister.

Felix the Cat8:14 pm 02 Aug 08

Why is it you never hear from any of these pollies (either govt or opposition) until there is an election looming and all of a sudden they are a knockin’ and a ringin’ and a stuffin’ my letterbox full of their unsolicited propoganda? I wouldn’t vote for any of these clowns no matter what they reckon they will or won’t do or what policies they have or have not.

Jonathon Reynolds9:42 am 02 Aug 08

Any election candidate that puts up a web site, face book page or puts out any sort of public document without a contact phone number simply isn’t interested in getting elected. Or they really aren’t interested in being contacted by potential voters (perhaps because they’d ask difficult questions like – “with less than 77 days until the election why don’t you have any detailed policy?” or maybe voters are just simply an annoyance in the process of getting elected… who knows?

There are lots of the current crop of candidates that are guilty of being incommunicado with no contact phone number. If you don’t want to give out your home, office or personal mobile number… go an get yourself a $2.00 pre-paid SIM from vodafone and shove it in an old mobile. How hard is that?

Anybody who puts “08” after their name, is a Raiders supporter and wants to get rid of pokies will not get a vote from me.

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