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I have been a socialist since I was 16, radicalised bythe Vietnam war. My view of socialism is liberationist - socialism is the self-emancipation of the working class - so I reject Stalinism as in any way being socialist. Stalinism is in fact the defeat of the revolution and the stalinist countries are or were state capitalist.

I am a member of a small socialist group called Socialist Alternative. (Visit wwww.sa.org.au or email canberra@sa.org.au).

We meet every Thursday at 6 pm in room G 52 of the Haydon Allen buildng at the ANU. We discuss a range of topics. For example previous talks covered the way forward for trade unions, why Russia wasn't socialist, marxism and religion (see www.sa.org.au for a good article on this topic), the ongoing economic crisis, the German revolution, why Labor fails and so on.

Apart from that I love the Dragons, the 'Pies and cricket. And my family. (Peter Griffin told me to put these sentences in).

I used to work in the ATO, mainly on international tax and interpretative matters. After 25 years of sitting behind a desk I have recently begun to exercise. I love aquarobics, and walking my dog in the back paddocks of Kambah (near the Murrumbidgeee corridor.) There is a joy in those early morning walks that is incomparable.

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