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By billbixby1 - 23 April 2009 102

I recently had a pretty bad Sausage and Egg Mcmuffin at McDonalds Braddon. I’ve attached a picture and my complaint letter.

Anyone else had dodgy food there?

    Dear Mr McDonald, Ever eaten something mouldy, past its used by date or undercooked? For the next few hours you sit and wait anxiously hoping not to vomit or have a serious case of diarrhoea. Even a slight pang in your stomach and you think the worst, salmonella? E.coli? Anthrax!?!!?  I’m in the middle of that right now. Thanks to one of your Sausage and Egg Mcmuffins. 

    This morning, I purchased a Sausage and Egg Mcmuffin from your Braddon store in Canberra. I returned to my desk took one bite, thought something was wrong, stupidly took a second bite to confirm this, spat the second bite out, opened the patty to inspect and look what I found.

    I then took the Mcmuffin back down to the store to complain. A pimply faced teen (I think in McDonald’s speak they are called “Managers”) informs me that he will “speak to the people out back” and he offered me another Mcmuffin!  No! I don’t want another undercooked salmonella factory! Do you think if I was to step on a used needle on the beach I would go back and step on it again, just in case I didn’t quite catch HIV the first time?   

    I always thought going to McDonalds was the opposite of going round my slightly senile grandma’s place for lunch. The old lady has kind of forgotten to how to use the oven so you can’t always expect your meat to be cooked right through. McDonalds on the other hand has how many stores? Cooking how many sausage patties a day? Surely your meat cooking has been perfected? How can you get this wrong? I’d bet that you cook more meat patties a day then I take steps and I can guarantee you I have never messed up a step up in my life, why? Because I do it all the time, I’ve perfected stepping. WHEN WILL YOU PERFEFT COOKING A 2MM THICK PIECE OF SAUSAGE? 

    So right now you are probably thinking “big deal, it’s just one unsatisfied customer”

    WRONG! Let’s explore the wider ramifications of the uncooked patty? Some simple math will reveal all:  Four sausage and egg mcmuffins a week X 52 weeks = 208 McMuffins @ $3.15 each, we have a grand total of $655.20 in lost revenue per year. Let’s say I live till I’m 58 (a generous estimate if I’m eating this many mcmuffins) you are going to lose over $20 000.  I know you are a very wealthy man Mr McDonald but think of how many bright yellow jumpsuits that $20 000 would have bought. And now? Well now I’m going to give my business to Subway, remember Jarred, that chub that became less of a chub by supposedly eating subway? Well I’m paying for his Liposuction this year! Let’s hope one day Mr McDonald, you learn how to cook. Regards 

    Bill Bixby

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102 Responses to
p1 1:07 pm 23 Apr 09

I prefer bacon and egg mcmuffins myself. Usually the bacon is overcooked rather then undercooked.

Danman 12:59 pm 23 Apr 09

Do you seriously wish to move to remedy ?

Or just having a spray and stamping your foot.

I understand, and the photos show, that clearly the sausage pattie is not well done.

If you had a problem with this, and wished to express it in writing, I would have probably gone about it from my angle being as civil and and non emotional as possible.

If I got a letter like that, I would have turned off after the first para, as it woul dbe clear that you were not interested in moving to remedy.

I suppose this was posted to RA before Maccas had been given a decent time frame for a chance to move to remedy as well yeah ?

grundy 12:59 pm 23 Apr 09

Lol, you ate at Maccas…


billbixby1 12:57 pm 23 Apr 09

Skidbladnir said :

You claimed to have “perfected stepping“(!?), and claim you never messed up a single step in your life.
You are firmly into “Tool” territory, even without the rest of your spray.

Have you ever even -read-, let alone written, a successful complain letter?

That’s right foo, I have perfected stepping, if you don’t believe me I’m up for any stepping related challenge/competition anyone proposes.

A great many moons ago, Skidbladnir was born into the world naked, poor, vulnerable, and unable to fend for himself. Having overcome these early shortcomings, he is now a functional member of society, and knows the difference between right and wrong. Just don’t tell him to be good or to play fair, as he will laugh at you.

and you call me a tool….

timgee2007 12:54 pm 23 Apr 09

Gold – nice effort. Give it a few days and this’ll be up on – they love sh-t like this (witness complaint letter to Richard Branson re food on Virgin Atlantic, etc.).

And kudos to billbixby1 for actually raising his complaint to those who can do something about it, rather than just the ever-cynical riot-act mob!

la mente torbida 12:49 pm 23 Apr 09

you get what you pay for

Skidbladnir 12:48 pm 23 Apr 09

You claimed to have “perfected stepping“(!?), and claim you never messed up a single step in your life.
You are firmly into “Tool” territory, even without the rest of your spray.

Have you ever even -read-, let alone written, a successful complain letter?

The Brad 12:47 pm 23 Apr 09

Your maths are slightly out.

$3.15 each – overheads (lease, staff, franchise fees etc) works out about to a few cents profit per item. At least it did when I worked at Maccas in the 80’s.
That’s how fast food franchises work. Small profit, huge turnover = decent profit.

Drinks and fries are where the big profits are, hence the upsell.

billbixby1 12:36 pm 23 Apr 09

i kinda figured the formatting would be fixed, what a shame.

motleychick 12:32 pm 23 Apr 09

Was planning on getting a burger from Maccas for dinner tomorrow night. Kinda turned off at the moment. Lol. :s

proofpositive 12:28 pm 23 Apr 09

hey billbixby – learn yourself how to write a serious complaint letter, you come across as a tool. (perhaps you are?)

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 12:26 pm 23 Apr 09

It’s called ‘rare’, you big girl’s blouse.

FC 12:20 pm 23 Apr 09

haha. what timing Chewy..

FC 12:19 pm 23 Apr 09

“Anyone else had dodgy food there?”
Um, isn’t that a given that any food Mcdonalds is serving is dodgy. It comes with the territory I thought.

chewy14 12:18 pm 23 Apr 09

Cue comments deriding you for eating at McDonalds in the first place.


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