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An undressed window is like a garden without landscaping. A little barren, lacklustre, and at times an eyesore. To finish a window however is to realise the full potential of your interior – and of course, your view.

With that in mind, curtains have proven to be an excellent choice when it comes to window furnishings. They not only set the tone of a room; they also tie everything within it together.

Curtains are the ultimate interior accessory. They introduce softness, add texture, and are a point of visual interest. In addition to their aesthetic qualities curtains also offer a veil of privacy, filter light, and are excellent insulators.

But with so many choices where does one start? There are double pleats, triple pleats, and even pleats that reverse. Fabrics can be sheer, semi opaque, or completely blocked out. They can sit above the window, be recessed within, and even fully automated. Talk about options!

This is where great curtain suppliers can help. These fabric-wielding interior enthusiasts are experts in the field of window dressing. They are well versed in all styles, from classic to contemporary, and know their way around any fabric catalogue.

Moreover, the best curtain suppliers are also technically sound. As such they are across the latest innovations in smart home automation and can trouble shoot any installation.

Very well you say. So, let’s take a look at our shortlist of the best curtain suppliers in Canberra.

What makes a great curtain supplier?

The best curtain suppliers offer one-of-a-kind quality custom furnishings that look like that were made just for you. They effortlessly manage the entire process, leaving your interiors elegantly decorated for years to come. Here are our tips on how to identify the best curtain suppliers from the rest:

  • Eye for design. As an aspect of interior design, curtains are just as important as paint or flooring selection. They create ambience, add interest, and make a house a home. That is why finding a supplier with an eye for design is so important. A design-savvy curtain supplier will understand your personal style and bring this vision to life. As such, look for suppliers with decorating and design credentials to ensure your new curtains remain timeless.
  • Quality fabrics. When it comes to curtains, quality fabric selection has two benefits. Firstly, it produces a masterfully designed space. And secondly, it is also one that is functionally superior. The best curtain suppliers will stock a range of fabrics from all the leading manufacturing houses. They will also offer functionally sound options – such as fire retardant, blockout, and insulating fabrics. Consider your needs and look for suppliers with the fabric solutions to address them.
  • Measure and quote. Seeing a beautiful swatch of fabric in the showroom is one thing; seeing them placed in your home is another. The best way to ascertain how a finished product will look is to sample the fabric at home. The best suppliers will jump at the opportunity for a home visit. It will allow them to have a better understanding of your space, needs, and to conduct a measure and quote.
  • Expert installation. Even the most beautiful, billowy curtains fall will short when poorly installed. That is why it pays to do your homework as far as installation is concerned. Look for suppliers who are comfortable with all track systems, automation, and are prepared to provide guarantees. Expert installation will ensure your new curtains blend seamlessly along windows and walls alike.
  • Service with a smile. When dealing with custom made products you should except nothing less than attentive service. A friendly, yet professional demeanour goes a long way to forging customer satisfaction. So, look for suppliers with a proven list of happy customers.

The best curtain suppliers in Canberra

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 20 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and Facebook as well as maintaining a minimum average of 4/5 stars on Google.

Regency Knights

With over forty-five years experience, locally owned Regency Knights have been helping Canberrans select and install the perfect curtains for decades. Their window furnishing business provides custom-made curtain treatments for all manner of tastes and budgets.

Stocking a wide range of choices from leading fabric houses they can readily make to any pleat style and install along numerous tracks. Each curtain is also backed by both product and installation warranties for added peace of mind.

Hugh Davies shared this review on Google, “Prompt, professional and reliable service. Great range of material in store and kept informed along the way regarding delivery and hanging of new curtains. Minor issue was dealt with promptly, courteously and we were highly satisfied with their overall service. Would recommend them and use them again.

The Blind Man Company

Family owned and operated, The Blind Man Company have been servicing Canberra and surrounds for over twenty-five years. Specialising in all manner of window furnishing from blinds, curtains, shutters, and awnings they have the expertise needed to complete your interior.

Their curtains are available in wide range of fabrics, honouring all styles, and in an array of heading and tracking systems. Whatever your style, budget, and needs, their young and passionate team will find a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Mark Redding had this to say about The Blind Man Company on Google, Would like to thank the Blind Man Company for their fantastic product and great service, would like to give the lovey Nat a huge shout out for how easy she made the whole process from start to finish. Will be using the Blind Man Company again and highly recommend them to everyone.”

Chadwick Designs

Offering unparalleled construction, industry-leading quality, and a selection of fabrics from around the world, Chadwick Designs is one of the best places to purchase curtains in Canberra.

Their design lead custom range feature some of the latest innovations. From fire retardant fabrics to thermal sensing readers they have a solution to cater to any need.

Their experienced team works with you and local ACT designers to produce a one-of-a-kind product that will bring your interior to life.

Narvy Chhay shared this great review on Chadwick Designs via Google, Hey guys, thanks for the great service and nice fit out at our new place. We love all the variations, especially our sheer and block out curtains! X”

Canberra Blinds, Awning & Curtain Centre

The Canberra Blinds, Awning and Curtain Centre offers a large range of both indoor and outdoor window furnishings along with repairs and cleaning services all under the one roof.

Their impressive curtain selection will transform the look of your home. From classic to contemporary styles they stock an expansive range of brands to meet your aesthetic needs.

With energy saving fabrics and the latest in smart home solutions they are sure to have every window covered.

Hannah Rhee had this to say about her experience on Google, The staff here know their stuff, prompt with their responses and very friendly. Their prices are very competitive which is surprising considering they aren’t a huge franchise business. Emily and Terry were fantastic to deal with. Highly recommend!”

Watson Blinds and Awnings

Family owned and operated, Watson Blinds & Awnings is a one-stop-shop for all window coverings. With more than 50 years of experience, the experts at Watson Blinds & Awnings can help keep your home safe, comfortable, and looking fantastic all year round.

Their made-to-measure range are available in an impressive range of fabrics all backed by an up to ten-year quality guarantee. Treat your windows to a timeless and luxurious look courtesy of Watson Blinds.

Ben Herron shared this feedback on Watson Blinds via Google, The best thing about Watson Blinds was the level of consultation. I had some very specific requirements around maximising the views from my unit when the curtains were open/stacked. The end result matched those requirements and the curtains and blinds look great.”

If you’re looking for more information on curtain suppliers in Canberra, you might like our article on the best interior designers, or perhaps our article on the best outdoor blind and awning suppliers Canberra has to offer. To integrate your new curtains in your smart home check out our article on the best home automation system installers in the region.

Your experience with curtain suppliers in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback. If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you had experience with any of the curtain suppliers listed above? If so, share your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are curtains made from?
Curtains are available in a wide variety of fabrics. Common materials include linens; cottons and cotton blends; silks and sateen; velvet; and a range of synthetics and synthetic blends.
Should curtain panels touch the floor?
Curtain hems that are too short are considered a decorating faux pas, so in most cases curtains are designed to sit just above the floor. This not only looks elegant; it also provides space when cleaning floors themselves. In contrast, some curtain panels are created with additional length allowing them to drape along the floor, perfect for high drama windows.
How do I keep my curtains clean?
As curtains come in an array of fabrics it is always best to refer to supplier instructions regarding the care of your curtains. Some may be well suited to a gentle vacuum or steam clean, others may be machine washable, while more delicate fabrics will require professional dry cleaning.
How often should curtains be cleaned?
Like many household items, curtains absorb odours and accumulate dust over time. Generally, for optimum hygiene it is recommended that curtains be cleaned every 3-6 months depending on need.
Will curtains increase my home’s energy efficiency?
Once drawn, curtains can help to improve energy efficiency as they create an insulating layer over windows and can also block out hot sun. The degree of insulation will depend on the type of curtain fabric selected and how it is fitted against the window. Insulating properties can also be improved when coupled with additional window furnishings such as blinds or shutters.

What's Your Opinion?

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16 Responses to The best curtain suppliers in Canberra
canberrascout canberrascout 5:22 pm 06 Nov 19

We used Decor Living in Fyshwick to alter and refit some blinds in our lounge room. Great results and reasonable price for the whole fit out. The Curtains now fit snugly and block out the cold air in winter and heat in summer. Very reasonable price for the works and great advice and professionally fit by the actual store owners… Highly recommended considering we went there shopping for furniture and came out with new curtains after the reno…
Decor Living 134 Gladstone St, Fyshwick ACT 2609

Fairdinkum Fairdinkum 12:25 pm 07 Aug 14

Have to recommend Classic Curtains & Blinds in Fyshwick 61620827, i think its the cheapest in Cbr n good quality work. I did try to get a quote from Dollar Curtains, but their final quote is significantly higher than their initial one, eventhough the windows measurement are not much different. Also, have to chase them few times to get a measure done. Les Novak mobile service is friendly and offer good advice and suggestion, but if you don’t mind the price, he’s good, just pricy.

miss molly miss molly 5:26 pm 23 May 11

We went with Firths in Yass. They were terrific! Best price, great service, and now our living room is toasty warm. Thanks for the advice everyone

wildturkeycanoe wildturkeycanoe 5:53 am 25 Feb 11

My wife can do it. We went to Spotlight and got the pre-made [loops and hem] curtains with backing, by the metre. multiply by around 1.5 to give it some frill and cut to lenght. Then all you do is sow the cut edges and the bottom if it’s too long.
I know you’re after someone to do it for you but if you’ve got a machine and a bit of skill [I think I could even do a decent job and I’m a male], it’s worth it financially. We did four 2400mm wide windows and one 1800mm in cotton/velour with backing for under $1000. Plus they keep the heat and cold outside brilliantly. Mind you it helps to be there when it’s on sale.
What about Kmart and BigW. We got all our blinds [roman and venetian] at bargain prices when they were on special. They also have curtains and accessories.

Spykler Spykler 9:43 pm 24 Feb 11

Spectra said :

We’ve used Dollar Curtains and Blinds twice now and been quite happy with the results.

Plus they are significantly cheaper than any of the other quotes we got.

+1, excellent friendly service and they had a heap of orders to get through before xmas and still managed to get ours completed on the exact day they promised. Cheap too..

ThisIsAName ThisIsAName 12:42 pm 24 Feb 11

I once tried getting a quote through Curtain and Blind Creations (Fyshwick), but the people there didn’t seem to comprehend window width and drop measurements.

I had a curtain + pelmet done by Regency Knights. It worked out pretty well. On an aside, I’d avoid getting honeycomb blinds through RK though (well the supplier is David Rice). The people at DR screwed up and couldn’t make the blinds to the requested measurements. This happened *twice*, or in real terms, 6 months of stuffing around. Hopefully no-one else has the same experience…

ThisIsAName ThisIsAName 12:32 pm 24 Feb 11

DeadlySchnauzer said :

If your goal is mainly energy efficiency, don’t get curtains, get double or triple cell honeycomb blinds. In real world situations they perform much better than curtains, primarily because they maintain a more airtight seal against the window (unless you feel like velcro-ing your curtains to each other and the walls every time you shut them).

An added advantage of them is the on most windows they don’t need pelmets (because they attach and seal across the top of the window).

I believe Kresta and Luxaflex do them in Canberra.

There are a few cons of honeycomb blinds:
– When fitted inside the window frame, they’ll usually have a 5mm gap each side. If you want a dark room, you’ll end up with light leakage around the edges. I’ve seen some with almost no gap, but you’d need some non warped windows. I’ve seen at least one manufacturer (can’t remember the name) make a variant with a runner on each side of the window – but it’s probably exxy
– Honeycomb blinds can be a bit of a pain if the windows are open: they tend to blow/bash around a bit if there is a breeze & the blind isn’t mostly retracted.

saraj saraj 12:40 pm 23 Feb 11

Ive used Decorating Den twice in the past to install curtains and pelmets throughout two houses. Was a fantastic personalised experience with mobile advisory service to assist with fabric selection/colour choice, careful and complete installation and follow up to ensure all needs have been met.

Details via

or call (02) 6258 4270

sid sid 11:37 am 23 Feb 11

We had our blinds done by Firth’s in Yass. They were cheaper than anywhere we found in Canberra and did house calls to Canberra (Belco) to measure up, discuss designs etc. 10/10.

Spectra Spectra 11:00 am 23 Feb 11

We’ve used Dollar Curtains and Blinds twice now and been quite happy with the results. Plus they are significantly cheaper than any of the other quotes we got.

DeadlySchnauzer DeadlySchnauzer 10:42 am 23 Feb 11

If your goal is mainly energy efficiency, don’t get curtains, get double or triple cell honeycomb blinds. In real world situations they perform much better than curtains, primarily because they maintain a more airtight seal against the window (unless you feel like velcro-ing your curtains to each other and the walls every time you shut them).

An added advantage of them is the on most windows they don’t need pelmets (because they attach and seal across the top of the window).

I believe Kresta and Luxaflex do them in Canberra.

Lefty Lefty 10:15 am 23 Feb 11

I recently obtained three quotes for curtains (top insulating rating), sheers and pelments.
Well, the guy at Charnwood (Oatley Crt) was rude – it was a hassle to come out and give a quote – so whether the price was good or not, he didn’t get the job because of that reason.

I ended up with the Blind Man Company (which I had used previously, but still went out and got other quotes). I absolutely love my curtains and pelments. They are exactly what I ordered and wanted.

They made one slight error with one of the sheers which they happily rectified for me.

One hint of advice – their communication is not 100% – but if you don’t mind that, they were really good.

clp clp 9:48 am 23 Feb 11

I’ve found our Freedom (Halley) curtains were great as we’ve got standard ceiling heights.

But if I was doing a house I would probably look at custom made.

niceplacetolive niceplacetolive 9:46 am 23 Feb 11

Don’t use the company who make “windows come alive” We had an absolutely shocking experience:

They incorrectly measured the windows, and were short one set of curtains
They threatened to take me to court when I wouldn’t pay … when the agreement was that I would pay after installation, not before.
I arrived home to find my furniture all pushed to the centre of the room with my lounge suite used as a work trellis to cut tracks, with the expectation that the company would leave the tracks there for a few weeks while they fixed the curtains.
They asked for a fax number to fax an invoice through to… I gave them my work number and they then rang my boss to threaten my job (luckily I had asked for permission beforehand to use the fax)

Very bad service, very threatening company…. I would never use or recommend them

EvanJames EvanJames 9:37 am 23 Feb 11

Just as important as the curtains is to ensure you get proper pelmets, not just curtain rods. Boxes over the top of the curtains.

Have you investigated what’s available ready-made? Spotlight, Lincraft etc et al have big ranges of ready-made curtains these days. Worth checking what will work, and then maybe get the remainder made up.

ohpiem ohpiem 9:31 am 23 Feb 11

We had a good experience getting our curtains custom made by Spotlight in Queanbeyan.

There are two companies (whose names I won’t mention), both large national companies, that I have heard absolutely horror stories about from more than one person.

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