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Best Hospitality Staff in Canberra

j from the block 12 August 2009 22

Upon hearing of the passing of a old bartending peer of mine over the weekend, and having seen some exceptionaly good and poor service and products of late, I got to wondering where the greatest hospitality staff in Canberra are found?

I have my own ideas, but on behalf of some of those who try to give you all a good night out, and those who try and keep us going through the day, who are those doing it best? Best coffee, best pint, best cocktail, best service?

*As there isn’t really a normal category for best surly bartender, I humbly step out of the race.

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22 Responses to Best Hospitality Staff in Canberra
Clown Killer Clown Killer 5:11 pm 14 Aug 09

Ahhh … flaming cocktails … oh the memories. I do believe that a I may have, just once (or perhaps twice), in my misspent youth ordered a round of Flaming Lamborghini’s at El Rancho … but hey is was the 1980s.

JFTB, your experiences are then not dissimilar from mine when it comes to getting what you asked for – and I’m not talking about being a pretentious douche-bag who wants a specific brand of liquor and needing the drink stirred to avoid clouding and the all manner of knobbish bits off toss that people come up with. It should be a simple transaction: Good even, what can I get you? A Manhattan please … and some moments later after the considered attention of a professional I should be enjoying a drink.

When it comes to the old chestnut of customer attitude, I know for a fact that customers are rarely right, often confused or misinformed and rarely appreciative so in that context a customer who knows what they wants and has simple needs should be a god-send.
… single-malt … maybe even give blended scotch a go?

Jim Jones, that there’s a Rob Roy, not a Manhattan … and a good barman should know the difference, but I digress.

barman101 barman101 9:36 am 28 Jan 10

hey guys i agree with the comments from alot of people. i think canberra’s main problem is inconsistency. why cant all the bartenders in one bar be able to make the drinks the same? Why, if you go on a monday night should the same drink be different on the saturday night. On another point too many bartenders are obsessed with image these days! the best bar staff should be able to make a drink well and make a drink quickly. 15 minutes to wait for a martini…. something wrong with that!!!! People should talk to ther bartender, if they dont know how to make something, dont ask them too!

as for the manhatten, rye whiskey is the traditional, the most accessable to bartenders would be canadian club. If your interested in what i think is the ultimate manhatten i suggest muddle bar on west row. They use a good balance of rosso vermouth and bitters with (if you ask) canadian club 20yr old, the stir it quickly as to get the mixture cold but not weaken it by melting the ice (never ever ever shake a manhatten, or a martini, it doesnt ‘bruise’ the spirit (the biggest load of tripe ever) it simply melts the ice quicker, therefore weakening the mixture *tasting watery!

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