Blaming the P-Platers again

johnboy 9 February 2007 53

The AFP have put out a strange media release (a day late as usual) about an L-Plater getting into trouble with no licensed driver in the car.

A 19-year-old male learner driver from Kaleen will be issued with a series of traffic infringements after his Toyota sedan skidded over a median strip, across two traffic lanes, then struck a street sign, a light pole and a tree in Bruce early today (Thursday February 8).

The man had been travelling on Haydon Drive with a 20-year-old unlicensed female in the front passenger’s seat of the vehicle when he lost control around 3am today. The vehicle was extensively damaged, the light pole was torn from the ground, and debris from the collision was scattered over a radius of 35 metres.

So an effectively unlicensed driver was being a public menace, no surprises there.

Astonishingly this then gets conflated with the screaming over young legal drivers:

ACT Policing’s head of Traffic Operations, Detective Superintendent Michael Chew, expressed his concern that this was the second major collision involving a young, inexperienced driver in less than 24 hours and in both serious crashes, excessive speed was clearly a mitigating factor…

“Speeding is a matter of serious concern for police and for the community. We need to remind not just young drivers, but all road users of the potentially tragic consequences of excessive speed.”

What’s youth got to do with it when he wasn’t even legal to be driving in the first place? Isn’t driving without an appropriate licence a much more serious offence than speeding?

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53 Responses to Blaming the P-Platers again
bubzie bubzie 5:40 pm 11 Feb 07

Kerces, its still the same (got mine two months ago, through school, lol!)

and yes, speed’s like one of the most important things you get told in road-ready, and it does pop up frequently in the test.

We really do need some sort of idiot-proof test to stop idiots getting their licence..

seepi seepi 4:59 pm 11 Feb 07

And there are those speed signs along the roadsides….

johnboy johnboy 4:59 pm 11 Feb 07

But the L-Plater has failed to demonstrate that understanding in a practical environment.

Hence no licence and the need to have a driver in the passenger seat.

Kerces Kerces 4:54 pm 11 Feb 07

Never mind that what we have is a kid who doesn’t have license and hasn’t passed an appropriate test doing something illegal. How would he know what an appropriate speed is if he hasn’t gone through the licensing process yet?

He had a learner’s licence. To get one these days (and since 2000, when I got mine) you first have to do a course which the government schools at least run for free. In this emphasis is placed on being aware of surroundings and conditions. it also includes talking about speeds, distractions and that kind of thing as well as observing other driver behaviours. To pass, the teacher has to be satisfied that you’re turned up to AND participated in at least 90 per cent of the unit (or that’s what it was when I did it).

Only once you’ve passed this course, and this is the same for every ACT resident who wants to get a learner’s licence, can you even sit the road rules test. This is is divided into a number of sections and you are only allowed to get three (I think it was) questions wrong out of 50. If you get any questions wrong relating to drink driving or speed, you automatically fail the test.

I think anyone who has a learner’s licence should have no excuse for not knowing “what an appropriate speed is”.

VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt 3:01 pm 11 Feb 07

Deciding to become a ‘rolling roadblock’ is the type of behaviour that causes nasty incidents on the road. If someone is that desperate to get past, let them go.

Bitchmonster Bitchmonster 12:07 pm 11 Feb 07

OK – I was speeding, but on the bit of Canberra Ave that IS 100kph between Harman and Hindmarsh.

Point is more that I was left standing still by a P-Plater with flat tyres!

Bigger point is probably I would get booked and she wouldn’t . . . 🙁

swissbignose swissbignose 10:23 pm 10 Feb 07

Anyone who loses their temper because the speed limit has been set 10 km/h slower should seek professional help.

cranky cranky 4:57 pm 10 Feb 07

One of the more puzzling decisions by the speed limit police. How a formerly 100k limit road could be realigned and improved, but the speed limit reduced, is a question only some faceless prat in ACT Roads can answer.

It has been my belief for many years that the speed limit was based on the speed travelled at naturally by 80% of vehicles on that road. The above saga probably proves that the limit has been set too low, and the agravation caused is self defeating road safety.

Who gives these faceless clowns the infinite wisdom to decide the limits to be set? Their decisions affect all of us on a daily basis. Are they required to consider the agro and road rage a limit set 10k too low can cause?

Bundybear Bundybear 4:29 pm 10 Feb 07

Driving along Majura Road, 5 tonne delivery truck sits right up my clacker at 80kph (I’m on cruise control to avoid speeding fines as I tend to be a bit heavy on the accelerator). I cop it for a while, then tap tap the brakes to say back off. He raises both hands as if to say what’s wrong with you, ( yes, up my bum driving handsfree )and backs off about a metre.
Move into a 90 zone so opened up the gap, back onto cruise, right up my bum again. Tap tap, no change, so I back off the speed – if he hits me it ain’t going to be at 90 – keep backing off – he just gets further up my bum – I pull off at first safe place – and get the horn of about ten cars in a row.
I am not a perfect driver by any stretch, but I’m pretty good, car, heavy truck, motorcycle licences. But this guy had NO IDEA what he was doing to upset me. he wasn’t a young guy or a P plater, he was just a total nong!!!!
Many things contribute to road accidents, speed, inexperience, weather, roads, etc.etc.etc. But the majority are caused by people doing dumb things with their weapons of much destruction.
IMHO 90% of accidents could be avoided (or at least minimised) by drivers obeying the 3 second rule.

vg vg 3:11 pm 10 Feb 07

Bitchmonster calls other people idiots whilst confessing to idiotic driving themselves. Priceless

ross69 ross69 2:58 pm 10 Feb 07

So are us “older” P Platers. Driving Home from Canberra last week there was a “Red” Plater flying past everyone on the Hume in her shitty old Excel, Turned off at Gundaroo then when i got just past Marulan She sped past me again. Mind you it was raining a bit too. she must have been doing 150+.

Bitchmonster Bitchmonster 2:31 pm 10 Feb 07

I was doing 110 along Canberra Ave the other day during peak hour. I saw this car coming up behind me that looked clapped out, but was going like the clackers. I decided to do one of those ‘rolling blockades’ and slow her down, but she actually nudged my car out of the way to get through!

I caught up with her at the Hindmarsh lights and before I could get my window down the lights changed and she was off – almost at Ipswich Street before I reached the first dead decomposing kangaroo.

Besides the idiocy and rudeness and superficial damage to my car, the stupid bitch was doing at least 150kph with 2 flat tyres! I might find her mechanic – I want an engine that good as well!) And to bitch a bit more – ACT plates.

I feel sorry for the sensible teenaged P-Platers out there – you are getting painted with the same brush that these other dickheads have supplied the paint for…

nyssa76 nyssa76 11:43 am 10 Feb 07

chugger, because “rate the plate” won’t deter them.

They’ll continue to do it and will most likely cause an accident or a cse of road rage.

chugger21 chugger21 10:07 am 10 Feb 07

If you memorised the plates why don’t you go to or and vent there.

I didn’t mean subservience, I meant serve in the ‘protect’ and ‘assist’ sense, no offence meant. It shits me that assholes feel they can constantly bag the police while expecting that they will be there to watch their back at the same time

vg vg 8:52 am 10 Feb 07

Yes, I would report it. Chugger, as per Nyssa’s last.

“those who serve us”. We don’t serve you in the type of subservient way you seem to ascribe to. We uphold the law as best we can. But next time you encounter a cop feel free to tell them that they ‘serve you’. It will get you a long way

nyssa76 nyssa76 1:18 am 10 Feb 07

vg, so in your opinion, should I have reported the incident? I memorised the plates.

chugger, you’re an idiot.

chugger21 chugger21 12:02 am 10 Feb 07

Thank you vg, I am so delighted to see reason in your comment, you are entirely correct… why should the police have to tell us everything? What makes the gossip-mongers among us think that we can DEMAND this information from those who serve us? I challenge you whingers to try and do a better job, or maybe just build a bridge…

A wise man once told me, “There is no such thing as an accident. There may be things that are out of your control, but nothing happens by chance”

vg vg 10:53 pm 09 Feb 07

There are very good reasons as to why certain things aren’t openyl discussed in the media from a policing perspective. Like ongoing investigations where you’d prefer the offenders aren’t tipped off etc etc.

I don;t know why I bother explaining the obvious so much though

vg vg 10:51 pm 09 Feb 07

Tremendous array of responses from people who have never investigated an accident in their life, but like to draw extremely long bows to suit their own agendas.

“with the possible exception of P-Platers who should have more points than regular drivers, not less.”

That’ll do me

God forbid the Police should espouse a message of road safety

“It’s a bit about selective reporting of ‘the news’ isn’t it. A commodore with three young people who were clearly under 18 and had to be unlicensed was stopped by the Police near my place on Sunday night. The three kids were arrested and went off in a paddy wagon – perhaps the car was stolen too from the way they’d been driving it but none of this was reported in ‘the news’ not even a mention. I was interested because it was right near my house in the quiet streets of Ngunn. We’d heard them screeching around for a couple of hours.”

Young people get locked up in this town every day. If you’d like a report on each arrest made every day WIN News may have to extend past the 30 min mark. Perhaps the car was stolen? Perhaps it was previously owned by Martians as well. Nothing like breaking a world record in leaping to conclusions.

bonfire bonfire 10:01 pm 09 Feb 07

this sort of softhead should be dragged from their car and given a stern thrashing. yet if you did that – somehow you would be seen as the bad guy.

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