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Bob Brown to propose bill for ACT legislative independence

By Kerces - 14 September 2006 23

The ACT Greens have applauded their federal party leader’s moves to ensure the ACT Legislative Assembly has true legislative independence.

Bob Brown is set to move a Bill today which would take the power to disallow laws passed by the Assembly away from the Federal Government executive.

Greens MLA Deb Foskey has called on Senators Humphries and Lundy to show their commitment to democracy in the ACT through supporting this Bill.

“The Federal Government is clearly interested in power rather than democracy. That is why I expect it will not support Senator Brown’s Bill. People who value democracy should keep their eye on the ACT’s Senator Humphries,” she said.

It will certainly be interesting to see the arguments put against this Bill.

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23 Responses to
Bob Brown to propose bill for ACT legislative independence
seepi 12:54 pm 14 Sep 06

I’d vote for us to become a state – what would we lose apart from federal interference?

LG 11:52 am 14 Sep 06

hehe – nice one 🙂

barking toad 11:52 am 14 Sep 06

maybe for trying to impersonate

Thumper 11:43 am 14 Sep 06

I thought Naomi Robson was booted out for impersonating a journalist…

barking toad 11:21 am 14 Sep 06

Yeeessss!! A story on cannibalism. Onya bobby for jumping on that cause

At least she’ll get to wear her crocodile hunting khaki again

Here’s a thought – maybe bobby can get her to be the new face of the greens in that clobber. And get her to find an earless lizard or something – preferably on the other side of Bass Strait.

That’s got to be better than annoying us in the ACT!

vg 11:14 am 14 Sep 06

I’m assuming Blob’s specialty prior to joining the Senate wasn’t something called Constitutional Law.

I met him once, his personality was as wet as his handshake

LG 11:12 am 14 Sep 06

rumour is that it was to be a story on cannibalism – hardly the Papuan cause I would think Bob would be interested in

LG 11:09 am 14 Sep 06

of course, we’ll never see the story they were going to make and will never know if it was just going to be a cheap ratings grab, POS story – like the rest of Today Tonight’s ‘journalism’.

Now we’ll have to put up with a special on her ‘ordeal’… joy

barking toad 11:01 am 14 Sep 06

Hang on – he’s just found another cause so this might lose priority

I was browsing net news sites and saw a headline that Noami Robson was to be deported (bewdy, there is a god after all). But, alas, she’s to be deported back here from Papua (bloody misleading MSM)

But now bobby has jumped on board and lauded Naomi and her Ch7 cohorts for highlighting the Papuan cause. Hooray for bobby.

jr 10:55 am 14 Sep 06

*yawn* do the Greens ever have anything relevant to say?

johnboy 10:32 am 14 Sep 06

OK, so they’d need to pass a bill rather than make a disallowable instrument.

In essence a difference of 1 to the number of votes they need in the Senate to make it happen.

barking toad 10:30 am 14 Sep 06

…so, the pulp mill protesting isn’t alleviating the relevance deprivation syndrome

Roland GRNS 10:21 am 14 Sep 06

Note the Bill would take away the power of the EXECUTIVE to overide Territory laws [ie John Howard], not the PARLIAMENT.

johnboy 10:04 am 14 Sep 06

Well i wouldn’t mind us getting the loot that 12 senators would bring.

but sure, this is a stunt, no parliament can bind its successors. unless Bob’s going to amend the constitution the ACT’s law will remain subordinate to the commonwealth.

LG 9:35 am 14 Sep 06

The ACT is a territory – territories can have their laws over-rided. Its a simple fact of life. Its constitutional law (I imagine).

Is Mr Brown introducing similar legislation for the Northern Territory?

NT have had at least one if not two (or more) referendums to become a state and they all failed to receive enough community support.

Does anyone here think that the local community would support a movement for the ACT to become a state? Stanhope as Premier? I doubt it.

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