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Bolt the windows on hot summer nights?

By johnboy 5 January 2006 11

ABC Online are reporting on police advice to keep windows locked in the wake of a nocturnal sexual assault in Cook.

While this may sound onerous, I understand Neighbourhood Watches have for decades been recommending fitting the locks and latches that allow windows to be somewhat open, but still secure.

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Bolt the windows on hot summer nights?
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Maelinar 11:59 pm 06 Jan 06

If I were a farmer and my farm crops failed, I’d look to the government to pay me money in one form or another, be it a low interest loan, direct financial assistance, a grant, heck – even a bloody fully fledged counselling service. All this is to the tune of several billion dollars a year.

And yet here we have a situation where a government initiative to supply a simple thing such as locks on window latches would have that many sideline benefits it’s not funny.

As said above; community and police organisations have been advising putting locks on your windows for years, but people aren’t doing it as evidenced by the requirement to repost the warning. (I’m not going to go into the fact of whether or not there were locks on the windows, or if they were engaged or not)

If the government were to install locks, people would feel more secure, it would deter burglars, heroin junkies (of course they aren’t burglars because the heroin makes them do it), and the general populace would actually receive something from the government that wasn’t an increase in tax.

Chuck in a building code that all new houses need them by law, and you’ve got yourself a nice little home security package that would win hearts and minds faster than throwing a kid overboard before the next election.

Of course there are legal implications – such as if a thief breaks through a government installed lock, is the government responsible for the damage/losses ? but that’s all a matter for people who earn a lot more than me.

I certainly think it would be more worthwhile for the government to consider funding something like this over a myriad of other wastages that are going on, such as the indefinite funding of a corrupt government in PNG and every other iota of overseas aid when there are people in Australia being broken into and sexually assaulted, but that’s just my humble opinion. I just think that we should fix our own backyard first before going off and being the good pacific neighbour…

shauno 11:14 pm 06 Jan 06

Or in certain parts of South Afica might have been Joberg cant remember. I was talking to a guy there once and he said it was common to shoot the intruder dead. And then fire a shot through your roof so you can tell the cops that you fired a warning shot.

Thumper 2:25 pm 05 Jan 06

A PNG posting perhaps?

Chris 2:00 pm 05 Jan 06

As the former denizen of life on a military base, I am reassured by the story (which I hope is not urban myth) of the intruder who inserted his hand and arm into an unlocked window to gain entry. The family Doberman locked silently onto his hand and held. The screams woke the neighbourhood and the best part of it was, the law in that particular country meant the intruder was charged. In Canberra they’d have probably tried to charge the dog.

Mr Evil 11:21 am 05 Jan 06

Maybe someone should start marketing those flamethrowers that the South Africans use to deter carjackers as a new way of keeping dickwads away from the house?

A 6ft shot of flame at waist height should be enough to keep them all at bay. Good for Jehovah Witnesses and mothers-in-law too!

Thumper 10:22 am 05 Jan 06

Just use a piece of dowel cut to the required length.


Although a punji pit with back up Claymores is certainly an entertaining way of keeping out unwanted visitors.

GuruJ 10:02 am 05 Jan 06

Depends on if you have locks fitted to your windows already.

For lockable sliding windows, it’s essentially just carefully drilling extra holes in the window frame to allow the window to be locked in an “open” position.

ssanta 9:56 am 05 Jan 06

You could try cutting a length of wood to fit the desired dustance if you were on the sliding type of windows.

personally, I find that land mines under windows tend to offer the best deterrant in these situations. it takes a while to train your kids and pets not to investigate the explosives however.

Jey 9:45 am 05 Jan 06

How much do you reckon putting locks on screens or windows so they can be opened but locks would cost?

johnboy 8:53 am 05 Jan 06

sadly the world is still waiting for its first shortage of dickheads.

Jazz 8:45 am 05 Jan 06

whoever it was deserves to get a severe flogging. Its a pretty screwed up individual that does that to another person, locks or otherwise.

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