27 June 2008

Bomb Found in Hughes

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Workplaces and streets around Hughes and southern parts of Deakin have just been evacuated due to the finding of a bomb in Hughes.
Maybe someone wanted to get to the pub a bit earlier, either way if you drive through that part of town, probably best to take an alternate route.

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quite happy from the sides, thanks. ; )

Kindly get a life yourself. The title of this thread is entitled ‘bomb’, where what was found I take to be mining explosives – aka not a bomb.

When somebody finally asked a legitimate question in relation to it, I answered it.

Go cry a river somewhere if you didn’t like the answer – feel quite obliged to answer it yourself however Mr Smartass, or are you quite happy to pick away from the sides ?

simmer down maelinar, and get something of a life – i understood the initial question to be something different to that you demand you’ve answered ad nauseum, with added tripe and bluster. no-one asked about your redoubtable skills in explosives.

so the joke, my friend…

there may be many instances where an explosive device isn’t or is criminal, but the police statement was clearly articulating, in its context, that there was no associated criminal activity (read ‘terrorism’ or the like, but they’re not going to use a loaded term like that in press releases/media scrums) accruing from the existence of this device.

nothing to get so het up about. is there? or is this your life?

WMD, READ post 15. It turns out that I was answering a question – something that you are still yet to do adequately in the entire time you have been posting on this site. Its not until way down in paragraph 4 that I noted that it is actually quite easy to construct an explosive device out of common household materials, long after I answered the question, and provided a moot explanation to another silly question to boot.

Want to continue accusing me of being a troll ?

Actually, fill your boots, your still on the blacklist. I’m still laughing that you and the other dunderheads continued persistence with talking to the wall, the joke continues to be on you.

Deadmandrinking4:47 pm 28 Jun 08

Why do people with working genitalia need to inform people that they can blow their houses up if they want to?

Do you need to tell your neighbours to evacuate because of your gas bottle ? I think the item in question in the news story wasn’t just a gas bottle.

If the voices in your head tell you this conversation is over, then best you listen to them.

@Whatsup – I’ve yet to be questioned by the police regarding the 9kg gas bottle attached to my BBQ thats been ouside on various porches for the last 8+ years. Police have even eaten off the BBQ attached to aforementioned example.

Something tells me this conversation is already over, just nobody remembered to tell you.

Maelinar: I would not expect Mining companies to be storing industrial explosive at peoples homes. They generally keep it safe and secure and have a duty of care to do so.

I understand that you can build a home made explosive device from things purchased at a supermarket, and that you are capable of assisting me with renovating /redecorating my home however I am kind of happy how it is at the moment.

I do suggest that if you were to build a device such as the one you described and store it at your home the authorities might get a little tense and may even declare that you have broken the law.

Thanks CWB. Some people need real slow spelling.

@P1 regardless of what WMD says to you, I did not offer to blow up your house. I just said that I am capable of doing it. Unfortunately some people are in continual dikkhead mode though.

captainwhorebags8:10 am 28 Jun 08

9kg gas bottle left open in a house will do a neat job of redecorating. Not classified as a bomb though.

Deadmandrinking11:59 pm 27 Jun 08

Maelinar thinks not. He’s going to blow up your house now, P1. (Gotta love the debating skills here).

it is not a crime to have a dangerous explosive device at your home when it is not a registered explosive device on the registered explosive device list.

I may be misunderstanding your message, but I think that anything assembled in such a way as to be even mildly explosive, whether commercial or improvised, is illegal to have in a residential dwelling in the middle of a Canberra suburb.

So when is it not a crime to have a dangerous explosive device at your home ? – it is not a crime to have a dangerous explosive device at your home when it is not a registered explosive device on the registered explosive device list.

Most (old world terminology) TnT equivalent ‘devices’ are not registered explosives on account of them being for industrial purposes and therefore not requiring registration.

Before you ask the silly question, try telling a mining company that they must account for every gram of glycerin they interact with and you will get a polite response that begins with f and ends with uck off.

BTW, I could explode your house in about 10 mins, give me 30 mins if you want it completely razed (inc. fireball and enough power to knock over walls), without any illegal substances being used, for under $25 from Woolies.

Then again, 30 mins with a sledgehammer and a brick clad house of modern Canberra design, I’d be confident of having a hole big enough to put a (*ahem* baby bonus) plasma telly in all 4 sides of a standard house.


I’m laughing my head off.

I’ve had a couple of wines but that was funny!!!!

Someone laying in an early supply of fertiliser as spring will be here soon? (Solstice just gone).

probably just some left over fireworks….

Me & my stepson regularly have farting competitions, that could easily escalate into something a bit messy!

Well, there was that drive by in Wanniassa the other day…


“The police say its not associated with any criminal activity.”
So when is it not a crime to have a dangerous explosive device at your home ?

green_frogs_go_pop6:37 pm 27 Jun 08

man, the riot act is totally the bomb.


My XD broke down on a traffic island in Hughes last night – they could have just towed it, not evacuated the whole damn suburb!

Bagdad mark II? Oh, I get it, along with all the shootings and other bombs that regularly go off?

“Kaboom! It should have gone off with an earth shattering kaboom”

I knew I could rely on RA to have this posted! I heard on the grapevine that people have been evacuated from the suburb from as early as 3pm this afternoon and that the police are in the process of disposing of the .. bomb. All hearsay though mind you. Who would have thought Canberra would become Baghdad mark II!

Forget the music, show us the DVD!

i would prefer to hear more of the pink panter music.


Damn I hate typos…..

How did you find out about this… bomb? (cue Pink Panter misic)

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