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Squirts 8 June 2005 30


Does anyone know of any non wanky (read literature) book clubs around town?



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johnboy johnboy 7:15 pm 15 Jun 05


email me if you want me to set up some logistic support at our end (

I would have thought monthly (maybe fortnightly) at the Wig and Pen would have been the way to go about it. We can put the current book and the next meetup in one of the right blocks and create a mailling list.


wonsworld wonsworld 6:45 pm 15 Jun 05

sounds good to me. anyone else coming along?

Chris Chris 4:51 pm 15 Jun 05

Based on a book club of a few years ago, which ran on pretty democratic lines, (it helped that we were all interested in crime fiction, and a couple of members were actually trying to write crime fiction) people came up with suggestions for books that they’d like discussed and after a show of hands…we often had a couple of book discussions running at the same time, it wasn’t too intellectual (we met at a restaurant and had coffee and cake while while discussing). The organiser was a lady from PM&C and was quite good at letting the discussion flow, so everyone could talk, and there were those that just liked to sit back and listen and take it in. I liked hearing about books I hadn’t had time to read, and it was as much a social occasion as intellectual discussion. We also tried to suit most of the members likes/dislikes (“are there any books/authors we wouldn’t want to read ?” etc)
As I recall the first gettogether we just about what we wanted from a book group and the kind of books we thought we’d enjoy reading.

wonsworld wonsworld 4:31 pm 15 Jun 05

just a thought . . but do you think a bunch of us could ever decide on a single book on a regualr monthly/weekly basis hehe

Chris Chris 4:26 pm 15 Jun 05

Anybody else – shall we all come armed with a book or shall i just grab a table and put a little sign on saying RiotACT Book Group ?

wonsworld wonsworld 2:10 pm 15 Jun 05

ok I will be there. . any other takers?

Chris Chris 11:49 am 14 Jun 05

How do people feel about W&P Fri about oh, say 6-ish ?

wonsworld wonsworld 11:09 am 14 Jun 05

so the decision is??

Chris Chris 9:50 am 14 Jun 05

Wig and Pen would be good – I’m reading Western Horizon (” Sydney’s heartland and the future of Australian politics” by David Burchell – but if you’re not from Sydney, interested in politics or a westie, you probably won’t like it.

Squirts Squirts 10:51 am 09 Jun 05

Chris count me in. We could always go to the Wig and Pen.

Fiona Fiona 9:31 pm 08 Jun 05

saw a sign at the library in dickson the other day that the local libraries can get together a bunch of copies of the same book for local book groups… up to 15 I think it said.

Canberra_unsung_hero Canberra_unsung_hero 9:21 pm 08 Jun 05

It was printed here in Canberra by The Kingston Press back in the 1970’s. (Unfortunately the book never made it into any major bookstores ).

Canberra_unsung_hero Canberra_unsung_hero 5:15 pm 08 Jun 05

The reason you haven’t heard of it Chris is because despite the title, it turned out to be quite the opposite ! There is a copy of it in the National Library ( Author – William A Gold ).

Chris Chris 4:55 pm 08 Jun 05

My cautious colleague has suggested alternatively, if a social setting is called for, that people meet at either the CSCC or Hellenic over a bite to eat and discuss a book (s) (hopefully read beforehand). Any takers ?

Chris Chris 4:49 pm 08 Jun 05

If takers are in favour of a social setting, I’ll (cautiously) volunteer to host (book readers are civilised people after all) an evening discussion.
For the record I uswed to write for a living and will be teaching two CIT creative writing courses.
Haven’t read ‘One Best Seller’but like historical/political novels – esp. by Brits (think ‘House of cards’ etc.)

Canberra_unsung_hero Canberra_unsung_hero 2:40 pm 08 Jun 05

Might I suggest Bill Gold’s self published book “One Best Seller” ?

RandomGit RandomGit 2:16 pm 08 Jun 05

What little time the family gives me for myself is spent online, where the ‘fix’ is fast and furious 😉

That being said, Read everything by China Meiville and we’ll have something to talk about. I always have time for China’s scibblings.

Ralph Ralph 2:06 pm 08 Jun 05

and form guides.

Ralph Ralph 2:06 pm 08 Jun 05

I’m surprised to hear that people actually have time to read books.

I get enough reading at work. Time spent away from work usually involves VB.

Squirts Squirts 1:51 pm 08 Jun 05


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