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Bored of sleeping at School? Do it on the Government’s dime.

S4anta 20 March 2008 8

The ABC has an intersting tid-bit, on the Gubbmint’s push to increase its workforce by allowing Year 12 students to do on the job training while working towards their Year 12 certfiicate. Awesome. One wonders where they will be? Canberra Connect, InTACT, ACTTAB, Canberra Hospital or the ESB? Either i hope that the students teach their dear co-workers how to lick a window without drooling on themselves.

Oh, and the ACT population hit the 340 000 mark, on the arrival of 5 200 folk last year.

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8 Responses to Bored of sleeping at School? Do it on the Government’s dime.
Davo111 Davo111 4:14 am 13 Apr 08

I completely agree with “boomcats” post. I’m pretty sure it will be very similar to the the “new apprenticeships” scheme (not sure if you guys have that here, but we have it in nsw – just moved to ‘berra lol)

bd84 bd84 8:34 pm 21 Mar 08

well anything with some sort of specialty would need a degree or some similar qualifications.. but you will find plenty of positions with no requirements, you’re just not as likely to climb above an APS4 level. Sounds like a fairly good idea to me, might make some kids consider staying in school while they work, even if it is to year 12 only.

NickD NickD 6:10 pm 21 Mar 08

There’s no offical requirement for a degree in most jobs, but many job ads specify that a degree ‘would be an advantage’ or similar and it’s hard for people without a degree to get their first permanent position – the main way to start an APS career in many departments is through their graduate program, which are only open to people with a university degree.

el el 5:46 pm 21 Mar 08

There is no requirement to have a degree to get into the APS, NickD. Maybe 10-15 years ago.

NickD NickD 5:45 pm 21 Mar 08

This seems like a good idea – the de-faco requirement that all public servants have a degree is a bit silly and closes the public service off to people who don’t/can’t get into uni.

ant ant 9:30 pm 20 Mar 08

You won’t get your Year 12 Certificate if you write “bored of”. Back to licking windows for you.

spoonbill spoonbill 9:13 pm 20 Mar 08

As someone who did go to uni, I’ll be encouraging my children to forget it and get a trade.

boomacat boomacat 6:19 pm 20 Mar 08

It sounds like a good idea to me, at first blush at least.

When I was at high school it was all “go to Uni, go to Uni, go to Uni”, with no discussion of the million other options for school leavers. Problem is, Uni isn’t the right path for everyone, and there are plenty of ways to lead a successful and happy life without getting a degree. Hopefully this will help students see that there are other options, whilst also giving them a bit of invaluable practical work experience.

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