Breakfast – Sat 28 June, 9.30am

qwerky 18 June 2008 18

I flagged the idea of a Riot Act breakfast get-together a few weeks ago, and have had a couple of responses. Although I had originally suggested this weekend this Sat is now out.

So I’m proposing Saturday 28 June at 9.30am at a central location. I am not going to post the venue in this thread but if you’re interested will give you more details when you contact me at ACTGadabouts at gmail dot com.

Hope to see a few of you there.


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18 Responses to Breakfast – Sat 28 June, 9.30am
ant ant 1:32 am 29 Jun 08

Thumper said :

I’m just not a breakfast person I’m afraid….

Neither was I, this morning. I woke at 8.40am, for 9.30am breakfast. And I’m 30 kms from Canberra. Made it though, just a tad late.

Jeez the toast was nice, some kind of sourdough stuff with cow butter to put on it.

Thumper Thumper 1:23 am 29 Jun 08

I’m just not a breakfast person I’m afraid….

Pub, well, yes 😉

qwerky qwerky 11:40 pm 28 Jun 08

Well, this morning’s breakfast was a success! Mr qwerky and I enjoyed meeting Ant, Astrojax and FabForty.
Small but select. We went to Italian Bite Trattoria next to Dobinsons in the city and the food was good (yes, I had salmon omelette), and the coffee is excellent and served with tiny melt-in-the-mouth pastries. We might go there for a second RA breakfast sometime ‘cos it’s one of the few places you can go and order and pay at the counter. The woman who runs the place is very hospitable as well. Looking forward to the next ‘do’ next Friday at the GC inn!

Pandy Pandy 11:25 pm 28 Jun 08

Did 2 Buddah turn-up? ;-O

ant ant 9:39 pm 28 Jun 08

Well, we breakfasted and we survived! Although my Fried Raw Eggs looked dangerous (and wobbly). I’m sure Liquid Eggs must be the new cutting-edge breakfast and I’m just behind the times. Everyone else appeared to have Fish Omelettes. Very nice coffee. Very genial company and no one had two heads or got bitten.

There’ll definitely be more RiotAct breakfasts.

qwerky qwerky 10:39 pm 25 Jun 08

Seven of us coming now. Any more takers? Email me at ACTGadabouts at gmail dot com for the cafe name. It’s in civic, but if you want to find out where you’re going to have to get in touch personally! Hope to see some more of you there, Virginia

Pesty Pesty 4:58 pm 21 Jun 08

I’m only a newy, but already I’ve witnesed a few personality clashes on here, you may wish to hold it at mooseheads to take advantage of the ‘exit technicians’!

Seriously, a great idea though. Isn’t it wonderful how some people just take the time and trouble to organise things. Bon apetit 🙂

qwerky qwerky 11:39 am 21 Jun 08

I have met up with ‘net’ people before so I do have a bit of experience in these things. I don’t think I’m quite so naive as to just say ‘meet us at this time and where’. However, I have already asked people to contact me at the email address I have provided to find out details of the location as I don’t want to post that information here.

I can tell you though these pieces of information:

1. The breakfast will be 9.30am next Sat, 28 June, in a city location.

2. I will be wearing a slightly floppy blue patterned velvet hat and I will be with my husband and we will position ourselves opposite the door at a table on the right hand side as you enter the cafe. I will not be displaying a logo or any other identifying information. I don’t think there’ll be too many velvet hat wearers in this particular cafe on a Sat morning, or any other morning for that matter!

3. The table will be booked under the name of ‘Virginia’, so if all else fails, ask at the counter and they will point out the group.

4. The cafe is an ‘order and pay at the counter’ sort of place so no problems with bill splitting.

4. For the location and to confirm your attendance, simply email me at ACTGadabouts at gmail dot com and all will be revealed. I will also need to confirm numbers with the cafe so I know if I need to book an extra table. At this stage, there are about six people in total who are interested.

ant ant 11:16 am 21 Jun 08

Yeah. I remember one years ago, for a sport-based (big) forum. Couldn’t work out who “the group” was, so hung around the bar wondering, and spotted another person doing the same thing so asked them and yes, they were there for the meet-up. Found a few more lone people forlornly looking for the others, so we got together and had our own little meet up. Finally, as we left, we found the main group outside. They all knew each other.

When I arranged a meet some years later for the same forum, I printed out the site’s logo and put it on the table. We had to drag over more tables and chairs as the group swelled! People forget that you can’t really tell who’s who in real life.

At a restaurant you can book in the name of the site, which solves that problem.

el el 11:12 am 21 Jun 08

‘Net meetups often founder because people can’t work out who the others are.

Very good point Ant. I had difficulty at the last one (johnboy’s farewell) because it was rather crowded (All Bar Nun just before it turned into Mooseheads Mk II). I had actually met johnboy before, but the sneaky bugger had decided to lose shitloads of weight in the meantime…

ant ant 11:03 am 21 Jun 08

Drinking beer at 9.30am on a Saturday? Now that’s decadant.

Apparently there has been a small but honest show of interest in the brekkie. It’ll be nice to meet up with some breakfast-minded people.

Qwerky, how are people to find the group? Will you book a table under the name “Riotact” or should there be a sheet with the logo printed on it on the table? ‘Net meetups often founder because people can’t work out who the others are.

fnaah fnaah 9:30 am 19 Jun 08

I’d actually like to go, but Ms Fnaah will be playing for a spot in the ACT 8-ball squad, so I’ll be providing moral support. And drinking beer. 🙂

Overheard Overheard 8:09 am 19 Jun 08

ant said :

Why on earth are people going to the coast in the middle of winter?! Everything’s damp and miserable. Better off coming to the inaugural RiotAct Civilised Breakfast.

One’s aged 12 and the other’s aged 11, and they live there!

Plus I agree with astrojax about the lack of idiots in the winter. The water’s probably a wee bit cold for my liking.

I just heard a radio report about the latest petrol price spike. Might be rolling down the Clyde then pushing the car through to the Bay…

Back on topic, I hope you get a good roll-up and have a phat time, qwerky et al.

ant ant 10:30 pm 18 Jun 08

Well, the warm water currents are on the coast then, yeah. I would have thought though that it’s the time to head to QLD, as it’s bearable then.
Our beach never has idiots. Doesn’t have lifesavers either, and it does have quite a lot of sharks, but no one’s died. It has rips, too (near the rocks, mainly). Sadly, it now also has ticks even in winter, which never used to happen. I hate ticks. The dogs get Frontline but we can’t use that!

If you want ot come to brekkie, email qwerky and she’ll tell you the secret venue (I don’t know it yet but I’m bloody going!). If you want to go to the coast, take out a 2nd mortgage for some petrol and then battle the Clyde.

astrojax astrojax 9:59 pm 18 Jun 08

‘s actually the best time to swim. water’s wonderful, beaches free of idiots (and, well, anyone really) and s’nice.

can i come?

ant ant 8:58 pm 18 Jun 08

Why on earth are people going to the coast in the middle of winter?! Everything’s damp and miserable. Better off coming to the inaugural RiotAct Civilised Breakfast.

madman madman 11:12 am 18 Jun 08

Yeah you stuffed me there too – I was excitted for this Sat but as too I’m Coast-ing that weekend aswell.

Overheard Overheard 9:25 am 18 Jun 08

Hey, qwerky. Would be there if I were in town, but I’m Coast-ing that weekend.

Get back to me sometime about that ‘harmonious’ other thread from January sometime (which on a quick look back I see I was THE only one to respond to online!) My time’s mostly my own during winter (choir practice x 2 and City to Surf training notwithstanding).

And my ‘don’t be late’ comment on the Liz Frencham post had you in mind; wouldn’t want you to miss out if you’re coming on Friday night.

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