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Breaking News – Police chase through Belconnen

By caf - 14 June 2006 34

At 1:30pm (10 minutes ago as I write this), what appeared to be a blue/grey late 80s model Magna came flying down Chandler St and turned, tires squealing and smoking, onto Benjamin Way in front of Belconnen Mall. The car was pursued by two unmarked Police cars into the Westfield multistorey carpark, with a third (marked) police car following along Chandler Street about 20 seconds later.

The perpetrators showed a marked disregard for human life by driving dangerously through an area heavy with lunch-time pedestrian traffic. One wonders if this was a deliberate ploy to increase the chances of the pursuing police calling off the chase.

Anyone else observe this? Presumably the full story will eventually become public.

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Breaking News – Police chase through Belconnen
johnboy 9:53 am 15 Jun 06

President of Singapore, question time got pushed back half an hour for his lunch.

capt_benno 9:31 am 15 Jun 06

Caf, correct.

caf 9:27 am 15 Jun 06

I think there was some sort of Singaporean dignitary in town yesterday. Can’t find anything in the electronic media on it though.

VYBerlinaV8 7:11 am 15 Jun 06

So I’m guessing this has nothing to do with the motorcade led by about 20 police cars that stopped traffic on Commonwealth Avenue bridge yesterday arvo then?

Vic Bitterman 11:12 pm 14 Jun 06


Nuff said.

stanbowles 8:07 pm 14 Jun 06

Because cops like doughnuts! Well played riotacters, well played.

Absent Diane 5:13 pm 14 Jun 06

Maybe the cops had too many krappy kreme duffnuts and were a little hyperactive… maybe suffering hallucinations even…

jr 5:09 pm 14 Jun 06

I thought the Krispy Creme Doughnut place was in Woden not Belco…

Thumper 3:59 pm 14 Jun 06

A magna?

Kind of reminds me when Sideshow Bob stole the Wright brothers aircraft in the Simpsons and everyone was chasing him, at a crawling pace….

bonfire 3:38 pm 14 Jun 06

dunno if an 80’s magna would be my getaway car of choice.

maybe the quamby carpark had a limited selection ?

ant 3:21 pm 14 Jun 06

Xman, when I see cops hurrying anywhere, I think of Glyn Nicholas’s profane cop, and happy hour at the doughnut shop.

xman 3:18 pm 14 Jun 06

I was in the Mall at the time and did see four uniformed police types sprinting down the escalators at the food court end. I just thought someone must selling Krispy Kremes in the car park…

ant 2:45 pm 14 Jun 06

It probably wasn’t all that noticable because so many Canberra people drive like that all the time! (and Queanbeyanites too).

capt_benno 2:37 pm 14 Jun 06

Fast and Furious: the Belco files

Absent Diane 2:34 pm 14 Jun 06

well it appears to be something I just missed… because I was driving that way at about exackery 1:30…

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