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Avani Terraces - Greenway
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Brew up at the pinnacle

By Pommy bastard - 1 April 2009 13

I was walking my dogs at the pinnacle this evening, when I took slightly different route back to where I normally park my car., This brought me out near a CAT earthmover which has been parked there for a number of days.

It wasn’t until I approached it from this direction that I realised it was totally burned out.

Accident? Vandalism?  Any clues?

What’s Your opinion?

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13 Responses to
Brew up at the pinnacle
Pommy bastard 10:49 am 14 Apr 09

Sure, I don’t see why not, now that you raise it. Those things don’t come cheap!

p1 10:44 am 14 Apr 09

‘Cause if the engine escaped, I imagine that the cab section can be replaced.

Pommy bastard 10:35 am 14 Apr 09

Hard to tell, I’m guessing from my images that the engine may have escaped the worse of it, looking at the smoke damage..

p1 10:34 am 14 Apr 09

Was the engine burned out too, or just the cab?

Pommy bastard 10:21 am 14 Apr 09

Crane and a low loader there this morning, taking it away.
I cannot imagine they’ll get more than scrap value for it.

Pommy bastard 3:09 pm 01 Apr 09

Some form of path maintainance I believe, either that or it’s bunny crushing time again.

PBO 1:52 pm 01 Apr 09

What are they actually doing there?

Pommy bastard 1:17 pm 01 Apr 09

Lets hope whoever did it is caught, before they get a chance to realise that pleasure then.

ant 12:05 pm 01 Apr 09

I don’t think the kind of moron who sets fire to expensive equipment cares much about the bushfire risks. In fact they’d probably feel pleased if a larger fire resulted from their activities.

Timberwolf65 11:46 am 01 Apr 09

This was probably one of Optimus Primes mates, which makes me sad:(

Why can’t people just be nice and leave things alone.

Pommy bastard 10:43 am 01 Apr 09

It is on Springvale drive PBO.

If it was vandalism, then it was the height of stupidity, as the Pinnacle is like a bloody tinderbox at the moment.

p1 10:32 am 01 Apr 09

Looks like it happened while parked. Makes it look like vandalism to me. Seems to happens a lot to this kinda equipment, although that might be just an appearance because they are so visible.

PBO 10:12 am 01 Apr 09

Is that on Springvale dr? If so i will have a look this arvo. judging from the pics i would say vandalism.

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