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Bruce carjacking with a double barreled shotty

By johnboy - 1 September 2006 27

The Canberra Times has a worrying story about a carjacking in Bruce where a double barreled shotgun was used to convince the owner of a black BMW to part with his car.

Sadly improved car security systems make it easier to get the car while the owner is in it.

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27 Responses to
Bruce carjacking with a double barreled shotty
Mr_Shab 1:09 pm 01 Sep 06

Thank you Ximenez. No more Python references.

Thumper 1:05 pm 01 Sep 06

Yes, the comfy chair!

(Cue dramatic music)

Mr_Shab 1:03 pm 01 Sep 06


The comfy chair!

Thumper 12:57 pm 01 Sep 06

Or lilac coloured pillow…

‘Fetch the comfortable chair!’

richopesto 12:41 pm 01 Sep 06

“I think car makers should do the James Bond thing and have flame throwers at ankle level”

they have them in South Africa, where carkjackings are everyday events.

Sadly, Canberra is just growing up to be a 21st Century city. Unfortunately our sandal wearing magistrates seem to think a big hug and some good lovin’ will solve everyones ills.

Bring back the death penalty I say, or at least some serious public shaming….

barking toad 12:21 pm 01 Sep 06

or a pointed stick

Thumper 11:49 am 01 Sep 06

Or a milk carton….

Mr Evil 11:47 am 01 Sep 06

Well thank goodness the bloke used a shotgun and not a knife!

Now Steve Prattle can wank on about something else for a change.

VYBerlinaV8 11:36 am 01 Sep 06

I’d just give them the car. I’m also starting to wonder whether it’s even worth trying to have a car people would want to steal. It would be kind of fun, though, to have a button you could press on the way out that waits 30 seconds, then hits Barry Manilow on the stereo at maximum volume. Of course, all other stereo input signals will be ignored. (Just don’t bump it by mistake).

I also have lots of insurance on things like cars.

Danman 11:05 am 01 Sep 06

read post natal

Danman 11:04 am 01 Sep 06

Im sure plenty of people have a story to tell – like me – but we are all productive members of society – regardless of what has happened n th epast . I am sick to death of people using piss weak bullshit excuses like that for their actions. Plenty of people were/are worse off and live their lives peacefully and law abiding. ACT courts dont seem to care anyway – soft. Its sad that our car security systems have become so advanced that thieves have to waint until you – and potentially your baby/child/adolescent offspring are in the operating vehicle. Sadly it has been proven many times that thieves dont care about young non independent passengers Conjures up many possable stick death scenarios dont it. I’d love to do a doversionary conference with these tools – and then sentence them to community service at the neo-natal ward at the hospital – give them a little bit of respect for life ( and death )

Thumper 10:53 am 01 Sep 06

Sadly this pathetic excuse for a person will probably get a slap on the wrist and told he is a bad boy…

Let’s hope, when he gets caught, that the Old Beak takes no notice of the fact that he’s parents didn’t love him, that his dog died when he was ten, that he was bullied at school, that he…. etc etc etc

James-T-Kirk 10:39 am 01 Sep 06

Sadly, there will always be dirt bags in our society. If somebody wants your car, give it to them. That’s what insurance is for.

Thumper 10:37 am 01 Sep 06

And subject them to endless reruns of ‘War of the Worlds’

I think car makers should do the James Bond thing and have flame throwers at ankle level.

S4anta 10:27 am 01 Sep 06

I think it is time to start beating the criminal element of the ACT with random copies of anything written by Ron Hubbard and subsequently read by Tom Cruise.

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