Budget 2019: Growing Canberra not on Coalition’s re-election radar, says Barr

Ian Bushnell 3 April 2019 13

Andrew Barr: Growing Canberra has missed out again in favour of marginal seats. Photo: George Tsotsos.

The Budget confirms that Canberra is not part of the Coalition Government re-election plans, according to Chief Minister Andrew Barr.

“This is a Budget that looks more like a marginal seats campaign launch than a national economic statement, ” he said.

Canberrans had missed out on an infrastructure City Deal, investment in faster rail connections between Sydney and Canberra and investment in Stage 2 of the light rail network.

“From a $100 billion Infrastructure Budget, all Canberra gets is $52 million, much of which is for a road mostly located in NSW,” he said, referring to the Kings Highway.

“Instead, we get even more public service jobs shifted out of the city. This is a Government that is no longer trying to hide their efforts at pork barrelling in marginal seats at the expense of the National Capital through decentralisation.”

He said that despite Canberra’s growth, the ACT has again been overlooked for a City Deal in favour of marginal seats in Geelong, Albury-Wodonga, Adelaide, Hobart, Barkley and the electorate of Hinkler.

He was also disappointed that the Government had not matched the $200 million committed by Federal Labor for Light Rail Stage 2.

“In one pre-election commitment, Federal Labor have committed almost four times as much in infrastructure to reduce congestion in the ACT than the Federal Liberal Government have in this Budget,” he said.

But Mr Barr welcomed the fact that Federal Government had honoured its commitment with funding for the ACT’s National Health agreement, including increased funding for palliative care centre Clare Holland House.

“We are also glad that our National Institutions, many of which have been cut to the bone through successive Federal Budgets, have escaped largely unscathed,” he said.

In contrast, ACT Liberal Senator Zed Seselja said Canberra had benefited from the Government’s economic management, highlighting the first surplus in more than a decade, and how the Budget would create more jobs, lower taxes and guarantee essential services like schools, hospitals and roads.

While 190 public service jobs will go to the regions as part of decentralisation, Senator Seselja said overall ASL positions in Canberra would increase by 1271.

He also said the Government was investing in the national institutions with $15 million to Questacon, and $10 million to the National Library to extend its digital resource, Trove.

“This is on top of the massive $498 million expansion of the War Memorial announced last year and our $63 million commitment to the National Gallery,” he said.

For a break-down of how the Federal Budget will affect Canberra, read our analysis here.

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13 Responses to Budget 2019: Growing Canberra not on Coalition’s re-election radar, says Barr
Lucy Baker Lucy Baker 6:32 pm 04 Apr 19

Oh good. Decentralising parts of the public service means lower population growth and fewer horrible high-rise apartment blocks in Canberra.

Keran Niquet Keran Niquet 5:54 pm 04 Apr 19

Who cares what Barr has to say?

Helen Kvalheim Stephenson Helen Kvalheim Stephenson 4:18 pm 04 Apr 19

Sure Zed! You believe but jobs are leaving Canberra and you’re letting this happen! Fight for Canberra not your mates in the Liberal Party!

Stan Vizovitis Stan Vizovitis 5:06 am 04 Apr 19

They probably realized there was nothing left to sell

Jason Preston Jason Preston 1:58 am 04 Apr 19

And it ain’t on Labor’s either.

David Jackson David Jackson 11:01 pm 03 Apr 19

Who cares what Barr has to say. His time would be better spent actually looking after Canberra which is what he is paid to do.

Terry Oakes-Ash Terry Oakes-Ash 7:55 pm 03 Apr 19

What’s the point you have always


Mike Mikeyp Mike Mikeyp 7:53 pm 03 Apr 19

Surprise surprise, a Labor zealot criticising a Liberal zealot. Focussing on the party fight instead of the people and Canberra specific issues. No wonder we have little faith in the system. Short sighted ‘vote for me’ goals, instead of people first. We need to measure the success of Government in 10 year sections, not year to year and election to election.

Hans Dimpel Hans Dimpel 7:19 pm 03 Apr 19

Zed stands by while the Nationals move departments to their electorates at taxpayer's cost. And they gave us a costly postal vote which Zed didn't' even vote according to this electorates wishes! Get rid of him and put someone more Representative in his place. Senators should put their territory before their party.

    Jude May Jude May 6:26 pm 04 Apr 19

    His party supported same sex marriage, he was too much of a coward to even show up and vote against it!

    John Moulis John Moulis 2:00 pm 05 Apr 19

    The same sex marriage postal vote was expensive but it was the price we had to pay to shut up the conservatives, shock jocks and other homophobes who would have carped on endlessly that a vote in parliament didn't represent public opinion and that the politicians were out of touch. With the thumping Yes vote and the fact that 91% of Australians voted in a non-compulsory survey, all the conservatives could do was vent their spleens with sour grapes for a couple of days on Twitter then cop it sweet.

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