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Buying a litre of milk in Canberra?

By Pork Hunt - 21 January 2012 40

A quick and hopefully easy question for Rioters.

I’m after tips on the best place to buy a litre of milk in Canberra. So far my travels have taken me Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Aldi, Supabarn and the local takeaway.

The first two specialist stores have been quite good and I will probably end up buying from them.

However, internet research indicates there are heaps of products around but in-store research hasn’t backed that up.

I was a little surprised by the lack of products on display at Aldi and the takeaway.

Even IGA didn’t have a lot.

There must be more than two decent milk retailers in Canberra.

What’s Your opinion?

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40 Responses to
Buying a litre of milk in Canberra?
milkman 3:56 pm 21 Jan 12

Gimme a U
Gimme an H
Gimme a T

screaming banshee 3:24 pm 21 Jan 12

Bravo Pork Hunt.

Awareness fail for some, try modulating the frequency of your sarcasm detectors.

creative_canberran 3:02 pm 21 Jan 12

Think the OP has some issues.

Henry82 2:53 pm 21 Jan 12

Just buy a cow, put a collar on it and give it a name. If anyone asks, it’s a large dog.

BimboGeek 2:25 pm 21 Jan 12

I’ll feed the troll. I hate milk!

“Pardon me, do you have lactose removed milk?”

“Can you steam this soy milk for me? I don’t like the one you use.”

“You should start stocking goats milk.”

“Pouring cream on the side.”

“Low fat soy milk.”

“Soy iced coffee … Yes, cream and ice cream are fine.”

“Dairy free thick shake … Oh, you don’t have soy ice cream?”

As a picky eater it’s just embarrassing. And if I’m forced to make coffee I always leave work smelling like baby vomit.

Jethro 2:21 pm 21 Jan 12

Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the time milk from Woolies at Kippax is slightly off? It’s like it has been left out on the back dock for a bit too long – not lumpy or sour, but just a bit of a funny taste. It has been across brands, so I would assume it’s coming from the store, not the producers.

harley 2:13 pm 21 Jan 12

el said :

You could try buying online and having it shipped in from overseas – might end up cheaper that way.

Unless you bought more than $1000 worth. Customs might pick it up and hold it till you convinced them it was GST exempt.

el 12:46 pm 21 Jan 12

You could try buying online and having it shipped in from overseas – might end up cheaper that way.

miz 12:39 pm 21 Jan 12

Assuming this IS legit, why not get a Canberra Milko to deliver Canberra Milk? – it means you never have to worry about running out of milk, and you are supporting regional dairy producers who have had a hard time of late (daft govt policies, drought, etc). You will also be supporting a local business (the milko), who employs local kids as runners. That’s three birds with one stone, and you get a small yet satisfying bit of schadenfreude for ‘sticking it’ to the supermarkets!
If you live in Woden or Tuggers, ring my milko Joe (P&J MIlk Vendors) directly on 6284 4627. Delivery is usually twice a week (usually early evening). Alternatively, contact them via the website for your local milko .

2600 12:27 pm 21 Jan 12

Just go to a Milk Bar

…hang on! Canberra doesn’t have any.

niknak 12:15 pm 21 Jan 12

Lucky you’re not looking for a BBQ!

dks00k 12:02 pm 21 Jan 12

Have you tried BBQ’s Galore? Domayne and Harvey Norman also have some on display however the range isn’t as broad. Also see if you can try before you buy. Although a seveveral cartons of milk can look identical, the method and length of storage can severely alter the taste.

Good luck

poetix 11:59 am 21 Jan 12

Voytek said :

Is this a legit post? Buy a cow if the milk in the shops isn’t up to your standard.

I think that it relates to the BBQ thread. They both start with the same sentence: ‘A quick and hopefully easy question for Rioters.’ The BBQ one then goes on to comment about the specialist stores, like this one.

Someone may be attempting to beat the meat! (I mean that in a purely vegetarian sense.)

Thoroughly Smashed 11:37 am 21 Jan 12

If there’s a joke in there, it went right over my head.

Voytek 10:45 am 21 Jan 12

Is this a legit post? Buy a cow if the milk in the shops isn’t up to your standard.

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