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Ben H 3 January 2008 5

I have worked for the Picture for a couple of years now, producing a weekly, full colour (and quite well drawn if i do say so) strip called Tales From the Pub.

The idea is that readers write in with true anecdotes (the kind you might tell in a pub, see) which I then draw as a comic. 90% of the stories seem to follow a similar pattern: This one time we got drunk, then did something zany, and finally threw up or urinated somewhere amusing.

But before the strip took off, most of the stories were submitted not by the readers but by chums of mine in Canberra and these stories were much better told, funnier, interesting and more varied. I also got to draw Canberra.

I would have thought the sheer crazy laddishness of Picture readers would result in some amazing anecdotes, but nah – so I thought I might do a shout-out for stories here. If your story gets printed you get bugger all, but you do get an excuse to buy a porno. Also, if you wanna include a photo of yourself for accuracy or something then that’s ok too. Please send tales to



You can read a few previous Tales episodes at my site under the comics section:

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5 Responses to Call for stories
moft moft 2:43 pm 08 Jan 08

Are you trying to say that you’ve run out of ideas?

I think I might have a few, but I’ll have to ask the respective parties whether they agree to having the stories told.

Keep up the good work – ‘I stink and you don’t’ comics are easily the funniest ones I’ve read and has to be the second foulest (next to Femonsters, of course.)

Ben H Ben H 9:24 pm 05 Jan 08

Please no.

H H 7:51 pm 04 Jan 08

So, you want photographs of boobies at the Summernats? Yes?

Typsy McStaggers Typsy McStaggers 12:26 pm 03 Jan 08

This one time, at band camp …

Remi2 Remi2 11:54 am 03 Jan 08

Hi Ben,

Nice work, back in the day I read your “You stink and I don’t”comics. Pure Gold! Good luck with the tales, hope you don’t recieve too many unfunny
pissed tales.

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