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Calling Watch This Roof customers

By Kerces 11 May 2006 11

You may remember the ACT Office of Fair Trading’s warning about Watch This Roof just before Easter.

I am looking into this (and promise to publish the story here) and would like you guys to help me.

Have you been a Watch This Roof customer, satisfied or otherwise? Maybe you know someone who has been?

If so, please email me at so I can have a quick chat this week some time. You can remain anonymous if you want.


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Calling Watch This Roof customers
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dpm 6:14 pm 05 Mar 12

johnboy said :

She moved on to bigger and better things.

There’s something out there that’s bigger and better than RA?!?!? When did this happen? 😉

Androyd 5:24 pm 05 Mar 12

Ah, Kerces – whatever happened to her?

curlylocks 5:00 pm 05 Mar 12

Wondering why this has been dished up again after the post was way back in 06. And was left like this until late last year???????????

switch 4:41 pm 05 Mar 12

Honestly, why bother? Tiled roofs have been around since Roman times and haven’t needed a lot of thick goo sprayed on them to stop leaks. If you have a problem, replace the broken tiles and maybe get the roof re-pointed. It’s really not that hard.

poppy01 12:17 pm 06 Oct 11

I’m really shocked at the comments against React Roofing. I recently had my gutters and roof repaired and found the company very professional and the guys were fantastic. I even recommended React Roofing to my neighbours who had the same professional service. I think its a shame that people feel the need to verbally bash a local company who, in my opinion, seem to be the best at what they do.
PS: sm308 – i mentioned your statement to the guys at React and they said they have never changed their company name – sounds like you’re just making up stories. Try getting your facts straight before bagging someone out.

TB 10:58 pm 28 Nov 10

I have read this blog before and I thought I should give REACT a go but now I regretted. I have had puddle on the bathroom floor next to the wall every time we had heavy rain. I suspected that the leak may have come from the ceiling which became mouldy and paints peeling off. I have had REACT put up new gutters with leaf guards but they used subcontractors to replace roof tiles and the ridge in the hope that it would fix the problem but it hasn’t. I have contacted REACT who came but could not find the problem on the roof. Later, the leaking happened again during very heavy rain. After I have told REACT about it the second time he said he would have a look at it again. After I returned home from work he rang me and told me that he found the hole near the chimney which is far away from where the leaking occurred. He said that he fixed it. The leak still happened again on a heavy raining day not long afterward, which means he hasn’t fixed the problem. The next step for me is to find another roofing company to have a look or get a building inspection even if I have to pay for it. Let’s hope we find the problem before it gets worse. After these experiences I would not recommend REACT but it’s up to the consumers of course.

Warden 12:27 pm 12 Apr 10

I had excellent service from “Watch This Roof” following the fires of 2003.

I’d give my full name, except for the fact that I’ve seen the abuse copped by others who don’t bag WTR. However the following email address will be monitored for a few weeks from 11 April 2010 for anyone who wants information rather than a target.

Oh – and I haven’t got the foggiest “what department of fair trading licences they hold” JD, so don’t bother asking. My only connection with the company was getting my roof repaired within 3 days of the fires.

J D 9:12 am 01 Feb 08

Got some questions for you JP.
(1) Are you involved with this company in any way? because it sure sounds like you are not a egitimate customer, those praising coments are much too manufctured.
(2) If their product Nutech Flexishield is so great how come REACT no longer use that product and haven’t used it in the last six months?
(3) If REACT and their staff are so good and professional then name what department of fair trading licences they hold, because I sure haven’t seen any advertisements showing REACT’s licence number only their ABN.

JP 12:29 am 22 Mar 07

React roofing has recently restored our roof, using Nutech’s Flexishield. Like many homes in Southern Canberra, we were hit by the 2006 NYE hail storm resulting in internal flooding.

The cause of the flooding was the 6 inches of hail that lay of the roof once the storm passed. After the hail had melted, I personally inspected our roof and found not one square millimeter of Flexishield peeled or cracked, though numerous tiles had been destroyed.

As for the character and integrity of REACT staff, I have no doubt. They have been curteous, prompt, helpful, open and available at all times. Maybe the unfortunate customers of WRT should have done their homework on WRT, their Director and their Products (and suppliers). As for the ex employee’s of WRT now working as Directors of ReACT, they played no such role at WRT.

There goes your conspiracy theory Leyton and Thumper…

RandomGit 4:25 pm 11 May 06

…. oh the stories

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