Campbell’s beloved Leong Kitchen closes after 26 years

Michael Weaver 28 May 2020 130
The staff at Leong Kitchen at Campbell shops

Weihon Leong, centre, with his daughter Christina and wife Bianca as they prepare to close Leong Kitchen after 26 years. Photos: Michelle Kroll.

While many restaurants identify with their customers via websites and social media posts, the owners of Leong Kitchen know their customers by their regular orders. There’s ‘chicken wing man’, the ‘Char Kway Teow men’ and many more.

But on Sunday, 24 May, the family-owned Chinese restaurant at Campbell shops will close its doors for the last time. Owners Weihon Leong and his wife Bianca Dai have operated the business for 26 years without a website, Facebook or Instagram page.

“The customers have made Leong Kitchen what it is today and we love each and every one of them. It truly is like one big family and it’ll definitely be hard to say goodbye,” Mr Leong told Region Media while preparing for their final weekend of trade.

He said they know so many of their customers and instantly know their order by the sound of their voice.

“There’s one man in particular who has ordered the same thing every Saturday for the past 26 years. He just calls up and says ‘takeaway for Hutcherson’ and we always reply with ‘Yes! Ready in 10 minutes’.

“Another man, Mr Col, has also come in every Saturday since the opening. My daughter sees him almost like her grandpa because every week he checks in on her and shows genuine care for the whole family. He is a treasure of Leong Kitchen.”

Mr Leong said his daughter found out that his actual name is Collin but she’s just always known him as Mr Col.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed some businesses, their customers were unwavering. They came in each week to check in on their much-loved restaurant owners and offered kind words of support.

“Though it’s been a hard time for everyone, it is moments like these that make us feel very grateful and appreciative. We hear awful things about racism on the news but luckily there’s been a lot of love here,” Mr Leong said.

He is unsure of what will happen to the restaurant, which has seen many well-known Canberra politicians and identities become regulars. Many customers have seen his children, Christina, 20, and Sarah, 23, grow up as well.

“We’ve seen so many kids grow up and even have kids of their own. Unfortunately, we’ve had a number of cherished customers pass away but it’s been a true privilege to have been able to serve them food and know them as people,” Mr Leong said.

The staff at Leong Kitchen at Campbell shops.

“The food scene in Canberra has changed dramatically throughout the years and it’s not always been easy to adapt,” Mr Leong said.

He said while the decision to close the doors on the business was very difficult, the time was right.

“My wife and I need to rest and focus on our health. If I keep working the way I do, my health would definitely decline.

“My youngest daughter needs to focus on her studies with her final year of university coming up. My oldest daughter is also working full-time and I’d like her to have the freedom to explore her own career pathway.

“With the restaurant, we’re always eating at odd hours so we’re looking forward to having a consistent routine where we can all enjoy a meal at the table.”

Mr Leong said the cost of rent, decreasing returns and the loss of space also contributed to their decision to close. They share a common space with the IGA supermarket and the old bottle shop, but in recent months, they lost their storeroom and were asked to move their freezers.

“It is impossible to operate with such little space and we must still pay the same amount of rent. We’ve had to move a lot into our own house,” Mr Leong said.

“The food scene in Canberra has changed dramatically throughout the years and it’s not always been easy to adapt. For the last five years, the restaurant has been solely run by my wife, my two daughters and I.

“We are also open for seven nights and five days a week. Before and after opening hours, I am either cleaning, preparing food, ordering things or doing administrative work. The restaurant is on my mind from the moment I wake up until I go to bed.”

However, Mr Leong says it is an emotional time as they prepare the final meals for their beloved customers.

“I don’t think words will be enough to describe how amazing this experience has been. It’s been incredible to witness the cycle of life and be a part of birthdays and celebrations, seeing people enjoy their food and come back for more.

“I know many customers are wondering if we will be back and honestly, I’m not sure, you never know. Even if we were to come back, it would be a while from now and we’d have to find a better way to suit a healthier lifestyle.”

Weihon Leong at Leong Kitchen.

“Though it’s been a hard time for everyone, it is moments like these that make us feel very grateful and appreciative,” said Mr Leong.

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130 Responses to Campbell’s beloved Leong Kitchen closes after 26 years
Sylvia Brooker Sylvia Brooker 4:54 pm 31 May 20

Thanks Leong kitchen, you will be missed by many. All the best for the future.

ChrisinTurner ChrisinTurner 6:19 pm 28 May 20

I am always amazed when landlords squeeze out a tenant then leave the place vacant for years. It will be interesting to see what happens here. Follow the dollars.

Maria Garreffa Maria Garreffa 1:20 am 27 May 20

Well done on running your business and leaving a lasting imprint in your customers hearts

Kylie Klose Kylie Klose 4:17 pm 26 May 20

We love Leong’s kitchen!!! Amazing food and fabulous service. Many fond memories of dinners and birthday parties there when I lived in Campbell. Good luck. ⭐️

Frank Craddock Frank Craddock 9:44 pm 25 May 20

Delightful man! Delightful Family! Greta business! Will be missed!

Sue Barker Sue Barker 7:39 pm 25 May 20

Janet Markey

Aaron Gee Aaron Gee 7:25 pm 25 May 20

Ate there four times in their last week. Will very much be missed. Please reopen in Kingston! ✨

Sean Carmody Sean Carmody 6:47 pm 25 May 20

Such a great part of our childhood we hope you guys all the best! Camila Carmody Hailey Carmody

Bob Grant Bob Grant 5:47 pm 25 May 20

Many great memories. Thanks Hong and Bianca. We celebrated birthdays and the odd wakes. In fact we were planning another wake once restrictions permitted. Wish you all the best for the future.

Reen O'Brien Reen O'Brien 4:33 pm 25 May 20

So sad, best Chinese in canberra, thankyou leong kitchen for your service and yummy food

Sunny Singh Sunny Singh 2:08 pm 25 May 20

Shamsher Katoch bro is that your fav. Chickn wing shop

Sarah Langman Sarah Langman 1:36 pm 25 May 20

Sam Beesley...great memories of Dad.

Mary Dalton Mary Dalton 12:12 pm 25 May 20

Thank you Bianca and family for your wonderful hospitality and food. You have the best chicken wings in Canberra! All our best wishes for a relaxing future.

Rob Carmody Rob Carmody 10:04 am 25 May 20

All the best Leong and family regards Rob

Pat Johnston Pat Johnston 8:19 am 25 May 20

Such sad news. Can understand why they are closing but it’s a day we’d hoped wouldn’t arrive for a long time yet. Great memories of many many great nights with friends and family. Thanks Hong, Bianca and girls for so many years of great food and friendship. Campbell won’t be the same. We’ll miss you all! X

    Pat Johnston Pat Johnston 2:13 pm 25 May 20

    David Street think it was a combination of things. COVID didn’t help!

Jack Diao Jack Diao 4:37 am 25 May 20

26 years of dedication, servicing the community. An honorable retirement!

Bhumipat Guy Chatlekhavanich Bhumipat Guy Chatlekhavanich 2:53 am 25 May 20

Your restaurant will always remain in my memories. During my internship summer this year, almost at lunch every day I would always eat here. It was one of the things I looked forward to every day. Your hospitality and food were amazing. <3

Susan Chowne Susan Chowne 12:23 am 25 May 20

I wish your family all the best and thank you for your lovely take away - you have been our local go too since we moved to Campbell 20 years ago, enjoy a slower pace in life but know you will be missed.

Megan Hewitt Megan Hewitt 11:28 pm 24 May 20

Ads, one of our Canberra favourites.

Cathryn Bunt Cathryn Bunt 10:55 pm 24 May 20

We will miss you

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