Canberra as you’ve never seen it before

johnboy 14 March 2007 18

Someone called John Dow has posted footage of a flight simulator run with a Spitfire over Canberra complete with erratic commentary. Personally I found the detail of the city to be pretty amazing.

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18 Responses to Canberra as you’ve never seen it before
allesklar allesklar 6:53 pm 17 Mar 07

Can we please have a sequel, in which Captain Jigglesworth attacks the Black Mountain Hypodermic in a Sopwith Camel (using 20 lb “dumb” bombs, natch). The next target would of course be the Carillon (put some cracks in the remaining bells, so at least they’d all be out of tune), followed by low strafing runs over Floriade, and on the way home you could chuck hand grenades at all the journos in the Lobby Restaurant, before side-slipping into a landing in the Mount Ainslie summit carpark.

ncmacca ncmacca 9:58 pm 16 Mar 07

Not bad but the close graphics were not the best

Al Al 1:31 pm 16 Mar 07

My point exactly.
But would have been fun trying to get a Hornet sim under the flag pole.
And then you could strafe Brand Depot, and bomb those stupid bloody roundabouts next to it.
Hhmmm, maybe JB could start a thread on stuff in Canberra we’d like to bomb the crappers out of if we had the joystick in a Hornet, so we can start over on all the dumb stuff ups…?

JD114 JD114 1:41 pm 15 Mar 07

Re the Hornet, I have done a similar circuit in the F-16 which is similar in performance to the Hornet, but the ‘look’ of the flight isn’t as video friendly.

Al Al 1:02 pm 15 Mar 07

“Yippee! We did it!”????

I suspect using the Hornet add-on wouldn’t have given much time to enjoy the scenery…

Meconium Meconium 10:06 am 15 Mar 07

Yippee! We did it!

SamTSeppo SamTSeppo 11:09 pm 14 Mar 07

Fantastically geeky. I liked it.

bonfire bonfire 4:29 pm 14 Mar 07

strafed charnwood and qbn…

bonfire bonfire 4:29 pm 14 Mar 07

JD114 – you should have nipped out to belco and used the radio masts for a slalom…

terubo terubo 4:01 pm 14 Mar 07

Har har, that was a good larf. I liked the commentary too.

seepi seepi 2:41 pm 14 Mar 07

ADFA Open Day usually has flight simulators going. That will be around late August/early September.

Maelinar Maelinar 2:01 pm 14 Mar 07

^^ is one of the geekiest posts I’ve seen on this site.

JD114 JD114 1:46 pm 14 Mar 07

Thanks peoples I had no idea it would spread outside the Aussie flightsim community. The simulator is FS9 (FS20040, but not FS-X, which doesn’t run this smoothly on a two year old system. The spitfire is a payware add-on from Real-Air, and the scenery is a freebie from and other related sites. You also need a TrackIR4 to give the look-around feel to the sim. Hope this helps.

Al Al 1:16 pm 14 Mar 07

Brilliant. Don’t think he would have been thrilling too many public servants in the city as he claimed though…not on a Saturday.
Pity the Hornet didn’t fly that route!

Danman Danman 10:53 am 14 Mar 07

Is this flight siulator X ?

I played that at my mates – donr a twin engine cessna flight from goulburn to Canberra – lake george included – I was amazed at the detail of the surrounding land.

sheer sheer 10:49 am 14 Mar 07

Where can one with an unhealthy obsession with fast planes enjoy such a simulation for themselves, Mr Dow?

johnboy johnboy 10:10 am 14 Mar 07

I hope you sent a copy of our rate card with it.


bonfire bonfire 9:50 am 14 Mar 07

awesome. ive virally spread this.

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