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Canberra enters the Sub-Continental students debacle

By johnboy 12 June 2009 50

I have no idea if Indian students in Sydney and Melbourne are being targeted for their ethnicity, or just caught up in general breakdown of law and order.

But it’s not much fun to see Canberra now vying for space in the worldwide reporting of the issue.

The Hindu is one of many reporting on an attack in Macquarie on three Sri Lankan students:

    After Indians, a group of students from Sri Lanka have been allegedly attacked in Australia, with three men smashing the windows of their home, taunting them with “racist insults” in Macquarie in north Canberra. It is alleged that the three attacked the house after an unsuccessful attempt to crash a party. The students alleged that a car window was also broken.

    Police were investigating the allegations of attacks, ABC News reported. One of the students, Dijula Wijesuriya, said he had been threatened with a knife. “This guy comes up and takes out a knife and says ‘get out of our streets,’” he said.

One has to wonder what sort of racists try to crash the party first.

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Canberra enters the Sub-Continental students debacle
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astrojax 11:10 am 13 Jun 09

no, vy, was at shauno and, mainly, chris…

was being of course my usual irreverent self in the quip about your remark on comfort with change/difference. vive l’difference, i say (in probably awful french) ; )

Deadmandrinking 11:05 am 13 Jun 09

ant said :

I think these people are bullies (of various races) who are picking a soft target to take out their aggression on. Indians tend to be less pugnacious, generally, so these heroes think they’ll be an easy mark. It’d be nice to hear of a few of the bullies getting a good thumping back.

It’d be even nicer to see some of these indian students take a higher moral ground and work towards changes that prevent violence from happening. Of course, they could always bash the Lebanese – that seems to be the standard solution to law and order issues in this country.

dvaey 11:03 am 13 Jun 09

On a slightly related but not really note, my workplace has approx 10 employees. Out of the 10, only 2 of us are Australian. Not the ‘flanny wearing, drizabone Australian’, but none of the other 8 are even citizens or have permanent residency. What is with this situation? If I went to a school/workplace in the US, as an Australian citizen, Id expect to cop a bit of flack. To bring up another touche issue, if an Australian moved to the middle east and told the boss they need 4 times a day to go pray to Jesus, I doubt the racial acceptance would be anywhere near what is experienced in Australia.

Also, the OP story.. Ive kinda learnt not to take the word of a single-sided story. Especially from students who were telling their story of a drunken party. Im sure most student-parties have unwanted guests turn up, whether the attendees are of any particular race, sex, age-group.

ant 11:00 am 13 Jun 09

I think these people are bullies (of various races) who are picking a soft target to take out their aggression on. Indians tend to be less pugnacious, generally, so these heroes think they’ll be an easy mark. It’d be nice to hear of a few of the bullies getting a good thumping back.

Deadmandrinking 10:59 am 13 Jun 09

Some of the attacks have been racially motivated, some of the attacks have simply been opportunistic robberies. The perpetrators have been both white and other nationalities.

Indian students are complaining about the high risk for them being attacked in Australia, due to a range of factors, racism being one. The others are mainly economic, since Indian students often have to live in poorer areas to make ends meet.

Either way though, it’s apparent that crime is affecting a valuable import into Australia…and we all know that crime in Sydney and Melbourne is the fault of Justice Higgins and not the DPP or legislation. It’s all his fault, him and his ‘political correctness’ and his ‘education’, his ‘intelligence’ and his ‘reason’ – four words that have destroyed Australia since the 50’s…

Oh, and in case you were directing you last post at me, astro, I don’t believe I asserted that travels necessarily makes you more or less racist.

I’m not really taking a side in this debate, but rather trying to inject the point that ‘racism’ clearly means different things to different people, and that race is, in fact, a legitimate way to classify a human sometimes.

As I said previously, ALL of the Indian women I know seem to be really good cooks. A generalisation? Probably. But so what? I’m still going to eat what they serve up!

I would encourage people to have a think about what racism really means, espcially in the context of aspects that apply to a vast majority of people. Some of these are positive and some are negative. I think we are very quick to jump on anyone who puts forward such an idea, but it isn’t always justified.

astrojax 8:35 am 13 Jun 09

that’s an entirely new concept to me, vy – now i’m scared. shall have to seek you out and attack you next you’re in some darkened alley…

chris, jim and justbands (esp the former) were pointing out flaws in shauno’s outrageous post, which did include some generalisations that were unwise and in error. so just what was your point? and i fail to see how a person’s worldly travels ipso facto shields them from racism. a racist can travel, too… the london bobby’s statement was clearly fact and is a non-event of an instance where any racist tones might be elucidated. suggest growing up, or dueling and enjoying the tea and scones (trust the jam accompanying will be fig?)

the thing about these ‘racist’ attacks on subcontinental folk is the media’s almost entire lack of trying to understand why they are occurring. which comes across as if the media do already assume we will understand; but i am flummoxed by these attacks and genuinely can’t fathom what the attackers’ rationale could be. anyone? (and i also heard that the victims of the attack here didn’t make any accusations of racism, which again pricked my radar against the inept media, mssr evil)

A lot of the racism found in Australia is quite often simply xenophobia… as in FEAR.
Maybe the fear of inadequacy.

A lot of people just aren’t comfortable with the idea of somethng different.

Which is a shame, really.

DrKarl 11:38 pm 12 Jun 09

Its Judge Higgins and his mates, the Hume Hilton, and useless Police, we all have to put up with this mindless thuggery, Stan Nohope can take some credit too, bring back flogging, that will make the thugs think twice. Turn off the heating at the Hume Hilton too.

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