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Canberra Full of “Stylish Lounges” and “Pumping Clubs”

By Ruqi - 24 July 2012 36


The Tourism Australia website has released a ‘Fact Sheet’ on Canberra’s Bar Scene. Apparently, the greatest compliments one can pay to Canberra bars are that Honkytonks has “Melbourne-like chic interiors” and the Kremlin Bar is “a busy nightspot for hip young things”. No mention of whether the bars were chosen for the listing based on their merits or by paying for the advertisement.

Anyway, there’s a few interesting-sounding bars listed here, and if nothing else it does make Canberra sound like it has a thrilling nightlife. Any comments from people with first-hand experience as to how accurate these descriptions are?

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36 Responses to
Canberra Full of “Stylish Lounges” and “Pumping Clubs”
damien haas 4:27 pm 24 Jul 12

I see the Pot Belly has already received a mention, and thought I’d remind people of Belconnens ‘The Basement’.

Its accessable by bus – theres a stop about 20 metres away, it hosts a lot of live music – Frenzal Rhomb on Saturday, and they will let you wear a cap inside, in fact i dont even think it has a dress code. It has a great seedy pub atmosphere and friendly staff.

HenryBG 3:56 pm 24 Jul 12

Brisbane has better bars the Canberra.
How *do* they create those cosy, chic establishments in places other than Canberra?
Apparently the people who do fit-outs in the ACT are unfamiliar with the concept of sound dampening.
Then again, when you’re chasing the $$ spent by drug-fuelled yelling tattooed 20-year-olds on trays of shots, style doesn’t really come into it, does it…

schmeah 3:53 pm 24 Jul 12

Not Hippo again .. seriously that place gets way too much hype. They need to work out their acoustics before they can ever hope to be hip. Making decent cocktails is only part of the package the rest involves the patrons enjoying your time there, listening to good music and being able to hear each other talk.

And Tongue & Groove .. if I wanted to spend my Friday nights brushing past prickly, bare chested young men or orange/tangaring hybrid women I’d go to Foreshore – or just watch The Shire .. eewww.

There is a real shortage of classy venues in this town .. as much as I love it here.

Flippant 2:19 pm 24 Jul 12

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

Very few decent bars in this town.

C&G Nerd… You are right and there is a simple answer for this… After a tireless creep in regulation and a host of changes in a few short years running a bar is very difficult.

Referring to one of my previous comments on another thread these changes in a few short years have included… liquor fee increases (2009 max paid $3K – 2012 max paid $23.5K), smoking bans, outdoor seating fee increases, trading hour restrictions, complex risk assessment plans, compiling alcohol data (unique to the ACT), a host of penalties from new regulation (lining PS coffers) and then on top of that is the never ending paper-burden imposed by the bureaucratic machine turning service providers into administrators.

Bureaucrats who set policy having never worked a day in a business and yet protest good governance is something that will always remain to baffle me.

Why would anyone in this town open up a small business let alone a bar when the ACT Government keeps sticking their hands in your pocket like the Sheriff of Nottingham.

For those of you reading you may not be aware that those ‘bars’ mentioned… if they are defined as bars (under the liquor license regime) represent just over one third of our total bar stock. There really isn’t that many and that is very sad! So when Tourism Australia gives the poor Capital a bit of a plug lets get out and support those businesses that are hanging in there.

XO_VSOP 1:56 pm 24 Jul 12

Newley opened Keneddy room …..newly open 3 years ago.

notdingers 1:41 pm 24 Jul 12

Its got to be a paid thing, I can’t imagine anyone going to Public more than once on purpose

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 1:30 pm 24 Jul 12

Very few decent bars in this town.

joeyjojojuniorshabad 1:30 pm 24 Jul 12

“Melbourne-like chic interiors”


gentoopenguin 12:47 pm 24 Jul 12

Curious that the Pot Belly or Lighthouse in Belco didn’t rate a mention… must be an oversight.

colourful sydney rac 11:52 am 24 Jul 12

No mention of Kambah Tavern?

PantsMan 11:52 am 24 Jul 12

I think one will find it’s spelt “nite spot”!

nsn 11:48 am 24 Jul 12

Mess said :

Northbar stylish and sophisticated. Hmmm…. clearly weren’t there on a Friday night then.

Or at all.

Holden Caulfield 11:44 am 24 Jul 12

One could only imagine how they would have described The Private Bin.

Also disappointed that Mooseheads didn’t make the list.

Solidarity 11:43 am 24 Jul 12

To thier merit, Kremlin and Honkeytonks are probably the two least-crap nightclub venues this city has.

Mess 11:33 am 24 Jul 12

Northbar stylish and sophisticated. Hmmm…. clearly weren’t there on a Friday night then.

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