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Canberra inmate escapes Tumbarumba

By Kerces 7 January 2006 16

Win news reports a Canberran inmate of Mannus jail, in Tumbarumba, has escaped.

Michael James Valetich was serving an 18-month sentence for a series of ram raid in Canberra suburbs last year.

He is believed to have escaped with another inmate, Dale Hodgson.

Maybe they just want to come to Summernats.

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Canberra inmate escapes Tumbarumba
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Thumper 2:12 pm 16 Jun 06

“And we still haven’t said anything nearly as bad about him as the kind of stuff we normally say about John Stanhope.”

Hehehehe. Well said Simpto….

Thumper 2:10 pm 16 Jun 06

But deep down he’s obviously a really nice guy….

bonfire 2:05 pm 16 Jun 06

yes im sure hes a lovely bloke who just happens to steal cars, perform ram raids, bust out of gaol and binge on drugs.

simto 2:00 pm 16 Jun 06

Having re-read through the thread, nothing particularly hideous was said about your boyfriend until you started posting about him.

And we still haven’t said anything nearly as bad about him as the kind of stuff we normally say about John Stanhope.

Binker 1:06 pm 16 Jun 06

No one suggested you should not post, just that you may not receive a sympathetic response. He has no good name for you to protect. He committed further offences in his brief flirtation with liberty. I hope you are “not commending” rather than “not condemning”?

Ms_Valetich 12:41 pm 16 Jun 06

Im not condeming what he has done and i personally am not proud of it at all but you all cant chat and discuss your views on him and then tell me not to and im not wanting any sympathy, drugs can be a terrible thing and when binging you tend to loose sight of who you are, so i will protect his name all the way none of you know him AT ALL so go get a life

bonfire 4:21 pm 10 Feb 06

he may not be dangerous, but has he offered any compensation or apologies to the victims of his crimes ?

Maelinar 3:20 pm 10 Feb 06

Dangerous or not, he was being confined by the state due to the seriousness of the allegations against him.

I’m not going to debate his innocence with you, that’s for a court to decide.

It certainly calls into question however, his insistence on fleeing from the opportunity to prove his innocence to the world.

Unlike Simto, I’m not so nice. I reckon he has painted himself with the guilty stick by his actions, I’m glad your man is so much more than just a criminal, because that is what he is.

Again, I don’t give 2 hoots about his innocence. Actions spoke louder than words.

simto 2:28 pm 10 Feb 06

Unfortunately, this is probably not the site to be talking about your personal friendships with anybody who’s in the news in any way.

Sensitivity is just not what this site does.

Open and free discussion is. Which means any dingus with an internet account can put on whatever they want, and unless they start getting actively libellous, it’s unlikely to be removed again.

Having said that, I’m sure that your boyfriend has many important issues that he needs to deal with, and I hope you can help him with them.

Ms_Valetich 2:12 pm 10 Feb 06

one of the boys who escaped happens to be my boyfriend and his not dangerous has any one stop to think that maybe they are human too and had some serious issues inside or do they not count cause they are criminals, cause my man is so much more then just a criminal.

Special G 10:19 pm 10 Jan 06

I stand corrected. The general public comes up with the goods.

Mr_Shab 5:03 pm 10 Jan 06

Seems we’re safe again. The Australian reports that one of the escapees was caught in Kaleen last night, and the other was captured on a bus a short time ago. Aparently the gimp hadn’t tried to change his appearance, and was recognised by someone on the bus, who promptly called the cops.

Evictor – you’re quite right. Aparently they are “highly unlikely to return to Mannus”.

Evictor 8:47 am 09 Jan 06

seriously, why would you bother escaping from Tumba. It’s like that episode of the Simpsons where they have the honour system for escaping. Easiest time there is down there. Now he’s got a rep as as escaper he’s straight in with the big boys at Goulburn. Goose.

threeze 9:02 pm 08 Jan 06

I don’t know if it was related or not, but there was a multi-car Police action in my parent’s street not 15 minutes ago where they surrounded a beat up red Ford Laser and dragged away all it’s occupants in a paddy wagon.

Special G 9:08 am 08 Jan 06

Maybe they are counting on the general public having some common sense and calling Police if they see him. Although is that asking too much?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 9:18 pm 07 Jan 06

Dale Hodgson was caught in Kaleen and faced the ACT Magistrates Court today, he was remanded while authorities try to extradite him back to NSW. Valetich is still at large, he is described as 180CM tall, slim build, brown eyes. I suppose the police want you to call crimestoppers if you see him, although I can’t find anything to suggest that.

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