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Canberra man swears acceptably in Sydney

By Kerces 18 October 2005 30

Canberra man Rufus Richardson was arrested for swearing at police officers in Sydney but has had his case thrown out.

He was charged with offensive behaviour after swearing drunkenly at a police officer outside the Orient Hotel in The Rocks in Sydney.

However Magistrate Pat O’Shane threw out the case, saying foul language “was to be expected on George Street at that time of night”.

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Canberra man swears acceptably in Sydney
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Slapp_monkey 5:07 pm 20 Oct 05

Hi Thumper,

Yes you did say that an on the spot fine was an idea. As anyone can read if they follow the thread. I was looking to address the point you made earlier and thought it atleast reasonable to give a point of reference. I was addressing the question you asked about police being different and any possible outcomes of this.

JimBob 4:43 pm 20 Oct 05

The fact that he is a Canberran says something. NSW police do not take shit! Canberra citzens get away with too much and this fella was too drunk to realise this. I have heard comments from police like “If Sydney crooks realize how badly Canberra is policed they would come and steal the whole city” I dont blame the Canberra police, I do however blame thier budget and lack of resources.

Mr Evil 3:48 pm 20 Oct 05

Don’t forget the phone book!

Maelinar 2:46 pm 20 Oct 05

Bring back the truncheon…

Thumper 2:36 pm 20 Oct 05

Hey Slapp Monkey,

at least quote everything I said, not just a bit of it.

i also said that maybe an on the spot fine was appropriate rather wasting court time.

Big Al 1:21 pm 20 Oct 05

Magistrate O’Shane has done this before, a couple of years ago I think and the same bunch of whiny lickspittles were flushed out that time too – from the predictable whingy carry on from the NSW Opposition to the butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth tosser from the Police Association. Yawn.

What gets me is where do these toss-pot dolts get off suggesting that a bit of blue language directed at the plods is a crime. What a waste of the courts time. Sure there would be grounds for an appeal – if it could be established the police never use foul language and that such a verbal assault had led to the concerned officers having to go home from their shift early and have a Bex and a lie down. Give me a break – after midnight, outside the Orient Hotel. This looks more like a case of malicious police harassment than anything else.

Slapp_monkey 9:01 am 20 Oct 05

Thumper said.
Probably correct David. I find the fact that someone can wander out of a pub pissed out of their skull, verbally abuse the Police and get away with it, appalling.

you cannot do that to other people, are cops any different?

As I understand it and I do only have a laymans approach to law enforcement but it is illegal for one person to verbal abuse another. So does this make police not people? or is She trying to say that it is the uniform that is getting abused and not the individual. Either way is this kind of message that the public should be encourage to act in an abusive manner towards police. I do not know the specifics of the case but surely this will create a distancing of the police force from the general community. I am confused how a police officer can maintain empathy with the community when they are being verbal abused and lack any response.

Again though it should be pointed out that without specific knowledge of the case I could be misunderstanding. If anyone has more knowledge please let me know.

Mr Evil 3:47 pm 19 Oct 05

Yeah, it’s 1/16 now, but it used to be a hell of a lot higher ratio of Maori over Pakeha blood than that a few years back!

Thumper 3:37 pm 19 Oct 05

“Perhaps an on the spot fine is more appropriate”

Probably correct David. I find the fact that someone can wander out of a pub pissed out of their skull, verbally abuse the Police and get away with it, appalling.

you cannot do that to other people, are cops any different?

On the spot fine, frees up the courts and the perpetrator at least gets a slap.

Maelinar 2:36 pm 19 Oct 05

Mr Evil, in NZ you have to prove your descent via your bloodline, in order to be recognised as a maori you have to have at least 1/16th in you.

There is no such restriction in Australia and the one indigenous person I did mention the topic to nearly flew at me with everything they had to hand it was that volotile…

So since proving you’re an abbo isn’t a requirement in this country, there’s aforementioned ability for some very white indigenous representatives to bandwagon.

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