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Canberra man swears acceptably in Sydney

By Kerces - 18 October 2005 30

Canberra man Rufus Richardson was arrested for swearing at police officers in Sydney but has had his case thrown out.

He was charged with offensive behaviour after swearing drunkenly at a police officer outside the Orient Hotel in The Rocks in Sydney.

However Magistrate Pat O’Shane threw out the case, saying foul language “was to be expected on George Street at that time of night”.

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30 Responses to
Canberra man swears acceptably in Sydney
Mr Evil 8:29 am 19 Oct 05

I wonder if O’Shane would have been so disinterested if Rufus had said something bad about Aboriginals?

gingermick 9:06 pm 18 Oct 05

O’Shane is one sick puppy.

terubo 8:53 pm 18 Oct 05

Perhaps he copped a serve from Ruf-o too.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 7:02 pm 18 Oct 05

I think the media have had trouble getting in contact with him, I’ve only seen & heard his lawyer, and he wasn’t saying much of use.

terubo 6:57 pm 18 Oct 05

Has anybody taken the time to ask Ruf-o whether anything unflattering might have been said to him, thus causing him to employ unsavoury language?

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 6:46 pm 18 Oct 05

Maybe I’ll clarify that. What I was trying to say is that the potential appeal would take up time which could be used on more important things. I think the police should have issued a caution rather than taking it to court, but if/when such matters are taken to court, an appropriate sentence should be given, in my view community service would a good punishment.

I’m probably still not making perfect sense, but you should be able to catch my drift.

areaman 5:50 pm 18 Oct 05

I agree that it is a waste of the court’s time, but I think O’Shane has set a bad precedent.

so we shoudl set a precedent that wasting the courts time is OK? Which ever way she jump she’s setting a precident.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 4:52 pm 18 Oct 05

NSW police commissoner Ken Maroney is considering an appeal.

Certainly it is normal to hear swearing in lots of places all times of the day, but it doesn’t make it acceptable to swear at the police. I agree that it is a waste of the court’s time, but I think O’Shane has set a bad precedent.

Absent Diane 4:45 pm 18 Oct 05

Agreed xman….. and anyway words are just words when it comes down to it

ssanta 4:07 pm 18 Oct 05

Surely Police Officers have a thicker skin than this???

xman 3:56 pm 18 Oct 05

For me Bonfire sums this issue up, and encpsulates what O’Shane was trying to say – Rufus should have been banged up overnight, wall bounces optional, and learned his lesson. Wasting court time for a f*ck and a finger is farcical.

terubo 3:49 pm 18 Oct 05

If Ruf-o was saying “you’re nothing but a Waratah f**ktard, Go Brumbies”, I might sympathise a bit.

Ralph 3:33 pm 18 Oct 05

Sounds like O’Shane would fit in with the left wing judges we have down here.

bonfire 3:31 pm 18 Oct 05

so is getting your head kicked in by thugs. i wonder if thats socially acceptable as well ?

call me old fashioned, but if someone tells a copper to fuck off, they at minimum should have a trip to the pokie overnight to ponder the wisdom of their course of action.

Thumper 3:27 pm 18 Oct 05

O’Shane is a joke. She should resign…

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