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Canberra men – lazier than most?

By johnboy - 19 October 2009 19

Two trendy young women were sitting behind me on the bus this afternoon and, without meaning to eavesdrop, I heard them reach the conclusion that the young men of Canberra are a bit on the lazy side.

What do you reckon? Are we?

Are Canberra men lazy?

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19 Responses to
Canberra men – lazier than most?
OzPhoenix 11:37 am 20 Oct 09

grunge_hippy said :

lazy in what context?


Inappropriate 10:29 am 20 Oct 09

We’re not lazier; the women here are just princesses.

bloodnut 10:24 am 20 Oct 09

I prefer to think that the young women in Canberra were generally on the high maintenance side.

dvaey 9:31 am 20 Oct 09

.. “without meaning to eavesdrop, I heard them reach the conclusion…”

Dont worry JB, Im sure you werent really eavesdropping. If these women are anything like I see on my rare bus trips, chances are they made their point loud enough that half the bus heard.

Jim Jones 9:13 am 20 Oct 09

“Two trendy young women were sitting behind me on the bus this afternoon”

Trendy women on the bus?

Surely not.

S4anta 9:03 am 20 Oct 09

perhaps the young men of Canberra are spending too much time messing up their hair, like all young pups seem to do these days. I am getting sick of being held up in the crappers by a bunch of young blokes primping themsleves in mirrors. Boy George was a bad idea to start with nd you all need to stop imitating him, and David Beckham damn it.

astrojax 8:33 am 20 Oct 09

i’d go ‘apathy’, thumper – laziness would have seen you not even being bothered to post…

all generalisations suck. ; )

Thumper 8:01 am 20 Oct 09

I couldn’t be bothered voting…

Is that laziness or apathy?

trevar 7:30 am 20 Oct 09

Ah! Another immature statistician meets an immeasurable quantity!

Clown Killer 1:16 am 20 Oct 09

I was going to ask something about what criteria they were applying – was it in bed, was it about taking out the garbage, was it about their jobs … and then it just seemed like too much of a hassle. I couldn’t be arsed.

Up The Duffy 12:35 am 20 Oct 09

But my wife is lazy, I have to do everything, other wise the kids would be affected, I am only sticking out until the kids are older. I don,t know why gays and lesbians wont marriage rights? Trust me its hell. Just religious dogma

Felix the Cat 10:12 pm 19 Oct 09

Maybe too lazy to use proper punctuation…

grunge_hippy 9:52 pm 19 Oct 09

lazy in what context?

zig 9:49 pm 19 Oct 09

Meh can’t be bothered even trying to argue the point. Women! meh.

The Brad 9:01 pm 19 Oct 09

What’s the difference between “As lazy as other men”, and “No lazier than other men”?
Sounds the same to me.

I thought about breaking it down to a maths formula, but couldn’t be bothered.

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