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Canberra most haunted?

By johnboy - 23 December 2008 286

[First filed: July 14, 2008]

Blogger Kristine has been digging around Canberra’s ghost stories and has decided Canberra is the most haunted place in Australia.

perhaps the most fiendish of all Canberra’s ghosts, though, comes from the National Film and Sound Archive, which is built on the site of the former National Institute of Anatomy. It has been reported that many people who visit the basement area, have been pinned up against the wall by an unknown force!!

Most haunted? Or most populated by people who want to believe?

UPDATED: Reader Queanbeyan posted the following:

    Information for all who dare to attend the so called haunted house in Michalego. This is NSW Police, by entering this private property you are breaking the law. If caught you will be charged, it is an offence to tresspass on private property. NSW police will be conducting regular patrols of the above and surrounding areas. You have been warned !!!!!

His email makes it look legit.

UPDATED AGAIN: More cool Canberra ghost stories have been posted recently!

What’s Your opinion?

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286 Responses to
Canberra most haunted?
peterh 10:26 am 15 Jul 08

wait until you are chased by min min lights out in central australia. Nothing more scary than a min min light, except perhaps being buzzed by a big light in a control tower, in a blackout, with no reported planes.

Danman 10:25 am 15 Jul 08

Air Disaster memorial is definetly errie – we were up there one night with about 5 cars full of friends just driving around….We all got the heebie jeebies at the same time and ended up nicking off quickly…

LBG has had many people die in it and already dead people end up in it, there was that young girl about 10 years ago (still unsolved) another girl in teh 80’s was found murdered and weighted down – several corpses from the Queanbeyan Cemtary remain unfound after the flood washed out the cemetary (in the 1950’s?) a kid drowned near the boathouse trying to get his football in high chop – the guy mentioned at the peninsula – dunno if its haunted but I have had and heard a lot of weird crap happen to me first hand when down by the lake alone at night…

Funny though – I get the feeling also at old anaminaby – but not at Lake Tuggeranong or Lake Ginnenderra. Lake Ginnenderra – I can feel teh heritage and history of the place and it gives me a warm feeling of comforting reminiscing solitude at night time, but the other 2 lakes mentioned really put me on edge… Dunno what it is – but its there and not imagination to me.

Thumper 10:23 am 15 Jul 08
Thumper 10:17 am 15 Jul 08


yeah, my Dad served down there for a period and it’s apparently got its share of ghostly pilots and airmen wanding around at night.

peterh 10:05 am 15 Jul 08

air disaster memorial at the back of fairbairn – up there one night with some mates, when a strange light started heading in towards us. we didn’t move until it disappeared, but it vanished where the memorial was. I have heard of people seeing the plane hitting the site, but all we got was a light, really freaked us out. checked the area after it went out, but nothing there.

also, there was a guy from ainslie village who topped himself on mt ainslie, I saw him walking down the trail an hour after he was dead – he nodded at me, then continued down to his section of the village. The police had found his body on the mountain, we didn’t know he had died, we just thought he was out for another of his walks, as he did so often.

it wasn’t scary, just a big shock to learn that he was dead, after we had seen him on the trail.

I don’t know why he was going back to the village, maybe he wanted to be close to his belongings, sparse as they were.

caf 9:57 am 15 Jul 08

Thumper: I hear RAAF Point Cook has more than its fair share of stories, too.

Skidbladnir 9:54 am 15 Jul 08

PS: It happened during the day in summer, there were other families there, so its not part of the seedier side of Black Mountain Peninsula mentioned on Johnboy’s List.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 9:50 am 15 Jul 08

Are there are gay ghosts?

Skidbladnir 9:47 am 15 Jul 08

Danman said :

I reckon LBG is haunted

Several people have died in it over the years, and there was that guy (an ex-Marist student several years back, the name escapes me for the moment, but there’s a photo of him up in their Hall of Fame (which is just near the toilets, strangely)) who drowned at Black Mountain Peninsula trying to save a kid from drowning who had gotten tangled in something.
The kid was rescued, but the rescuer himself got tangled in something and drowned.

If I were him I’d probably be a pissed off ghost too.

Danman 9:34 am 15 Jul 08

Plenty of spirits at my house… In all in my buffet hutch funnily enough.

I reckon LBG is haunted – if you have been there in the early hours you will understand why…. Just amy spidey sence..Others may not feel it… Seriously though… I think the whole lake is haunted…

One non haunting time I was over near rememberance place at about 2am on a tuesday morning (Flex day to take photos the previous night) and it was dead quiet except for the wind – no cars – not a soul around..then I heard on the wind someone on the other side of the lake laughing maniacally for about 5 seconds…

I hauled arse….sure it was not a ghost – I believe that – but it was still sh!t scary

Thumper 9:13 am 15 Jul 08

Most haunted?

Rubbish. Try Port Arthur, that place is seriously spooky…

Roadrage77 9:10 am 15 Jul 08

V8-Prius said :

5 Moresby place Forrest – Canberra’s original haunted house. Anyone know the history?

I remember driving past that place about 10-15 years ago before it was rebuilt. There were always people hanging around the place, so its mysterious status was apparently well-known. Definitely a very spooky place. Looked to be uninhabited apart from a light on in the attic. We went so far as to have a look through the front window into the living room. The decor & television looked like a time warp back to the early 70’s. As for the history of the house, the story was that three people were murdered there (a nanny + 2 kids), although I’m very skeptical as to its credibility since I’ve never seen any newspaper clippings or anything official on the matter.

Still, an apparently uninhabited house on some of Canberra’s most pricy real estate does throw up some questions that maybe some RA posters could answer.

V8-Prius 8:36 am 15 Jul 08

5 Moresby place Forrest – Canberra’s original haunted house. Anyone know the history?

ant 9:56 pm 14 Jul 08

Built on the site of the old Institute of Anatomy? er, it IS the old Institute of Anatomy. bloody hell. Built on the site indeed. Twits.

Anyway. That old place did feel weird, but then again so did the War Memorial. Haven’t been in either for years (mainly because they give me the screaming heebie jeebies).

There was an excellent thread here a while back about local hauntings and other weird stuff. It was a corker, some amazing stuff there. The writer (writer, humf) might be interested in what it dug up.

paperboy 8:55 pm 14 Jul 08

Bill Morris from The Smith Family once told me, when the Antiques and Collectables fair was held out the back of Old Parliament House, that the guards told him the building was haunted. And from all accounts, the ghosts/spirits/whatever would get really stirred up when the antiques went into the building. I’m a skeptic, but you’ve got to love the irony.

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