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Canberra on Wikipedia?

By 123qwe - 3 December 2008 28

Although I do not hold an opinion that Wikipedia is the be-all and end-all, tonight I did a search on Canberra on their site.

After reading the Canberra story, I was wondering has anything happend here in the last 6 years or so? The last entry from Wikki on Canberra’s history is the bushfires in 2003.

Surely something else of note has occurred here since then. The GDE, DFO, Kevin07???


What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
Canberra on Wikipedia?
poptop 2:34 pm 03 Dec 08

Unless you work in Prime Minister and Cabinet, you all should be adding this content to the Wikipedia page.

H1NG0 2:28 pm 03 Dec 08

What about the launch of Canberra Goss?

p1 2:28 pm 03 Dec 08

Surely the winner of the beauty contest at the Melbourne Cup Day thingy at the race track could use a bit of wiki style talking up?

H1NG0 2:26 pm 03 Dec 08

LOL! Thats right! That was a massive topic last year. Someone being overcharged $5 for a pizza at APK. That was definately a big moment in Canberra’s history.

astrojax 2:24 pm 03 Dec 08

someone was overcharged for a pizza; surely that’s worth a guernsey?

jakez 12:45 pm 03 Dec 08

That’s the problem with Wikipedia, it has such a narrow view of reality. Personally I think the muppets line is absolutely true.

Thumper 12:40 pm 03 Dec 08

yeah, it is rather pointless.

The muppet comment has been edited.

Hdopler 12:35 pm 03 Dec 08

Go ahead – TRY and add to it and watch your edits disappear under thousands of wik-lawyering control freaks, even if it is sourced, NPOV etc etc. Waste of time.

H1NG0 10:52 am 03 Dec 08

LOL a truer sentence has never been written on wikipedia!

Thumper 10:17 am 03 Dec 08

From wiki

“The Assembly consists of 17 muppets, elected from three districts using proportional representation.”


Cameron 9:56 am 03 Dec 08

I don’t know that anything significant has happened in Canberra that really warrants a wikipedia entry.

I’d say the election would be covered under the ACT Government entry, and there might even be a page for the election itself (couldn’t be bothered looking).

Anyway, as blueberry said – if you want some fresh stuff on there, add it yourself. Just make sure it is wikified 😀

farnarkler 9:36 am 03 Dec 08

Yes it’s no wonder decent menswear doesn’t get sold in Canberra. HB opened which should’ve been a kickstart for companies like Armani Exchange, Massimo Dutti, Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren to setup their own shops.

Holden Caulfield 9:27 am 03 Dec 08

Pfft, DFO opened.

farnarkler 9:14 am 03 Dec 08

Hugo Boss opened.

blueberry 9:08 am 03 Dec 08

Wikipedia is a user generated content site. So if nothing has changed it is beacuse nobody has felt like changing it.

How about you write up something and add it to the Canberra Wiki.

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