Canberra Pollies dropped

Tempestas 29 November 2007 24

Online papers are reporting that Kate Lundy and Bob McMullan have been dropped from the frontbench.

Let the speculation frenzy begin.

[ED – ABC story here]

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24 Responses to Canberra Pollies dropped
Pandy Pandy 12:52 pm 30 Nov 07

2 threads? YOu mean the one I mentioned how pathetic the Liberal vote is? Or the poofta comment? Hey you can ask the admin why they let past the keeper.

Just pointing out a reason why Kate did not get a position. Note how even Ian Warden commented upon how attractive Ms Ellis is? What are her credentials?

You can not handle the truth AL. Get your own blog-site and be the uber-moderator then.

As for you switching off, well I said you should have resigned from the GCC and you have not. Don’t have much time for you then.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:46 am 30 Nov 07

Hey come on everyone, chill out out: yes Kate maybe a heifer, but as the song says, fat bottom girls rule the world (just not in the Labor Party!).

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:36 am 30 Nov 07

From other forum experience, having ignore features makes for some very bizarre conversations, where one or more persons has followed a thread outlined in an ignored post that others cannot see, and then having the ignorers wonder why things suddenly went on a strange tangent.

caf caf 10:24 am 30 Nov 07

I didn’t see G.Al argue that he didn’t have the right. Having the right to express views doesn’t mean having the right for those expressed views to be exempt from criticism.

If G.Al, or anyone else, thinks someone’s comments are odious and damaging, then they’re quite within their rights to say so.

Crikey Crikey 10:11 am 30 Nov 07

Gungahlin Al, whether you like it or not, Pandy has every right to express his/her views, unless RiotACT has appointed you as the ‘thought police’.

Smells like Margo to me.

shauno shauno 10:07 am 30 Nov 07

We do need an ignore switch thats for sure. Its really changed over the last year or so this place.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:38 am 30 Nov 07

That’s two current threads Andy P has taken into the gutter. All class…
How’s the view in your mirror buddy?

As a community forum, RA can achieve things for Canberra – I know that a lot of ACT government people keep a watching eye on it.

But crap like this only drives good people away, and thereby undermines its potential.

It also undermines anything that person has to say in future, because all regulars will think “they are a pratt and a loser”, and immediately ignore everything that person writes.
{Ignore switch on}

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 9:36 am 30 Nov 07

@Mr Evil
The ALP definition of “Social Inclusion” can be found here:
Sounds like a new spin on work for the Dole to me…

@Gungahlin Al
Was listening to the ABC this morning and it appears that the Canberra politicians have been given “positions” (well away from from the action) where they can not make much noise when the razor gang swings in to town. Thus I doubt that we will be seeing any government departments moving up Gungahlin way any time soon.

Crikey Crikey 8:47 am 30 Nov 07

“Kate is fat” …heehee Fat people are welcome in the Liberals…look at Amanda

Pandy Pandy 12:23 am 30 Nov 07

And Kate is fat.

LIC LIC 11:59 pm 29 Nov 07

Rudd doesn’t particularly need to keep ACT Labor onside. After all they could have put my dog up as candidate for Fraser and he would have romped in (and he is better looking and cuter than McMullan).

Also, with Kate Lundy I’d say she got to the frontbench when capable women were in shorter supply in the ALP parliamentary team. Now there are younger, more capable women in parliament, so bye, bye Kate.

Nemo Nemo 10:21 pm 29 Nov 07

Chris Evans a senator from WA got Immigration

Pandy Pandy 10:02 pm 29 Nov 07

It is immigration and citizenship

Hugo Hugo 8:46 pm 29 Nov 07

Where is immigration and multicultural affairs? Maybe Rudd is looking for someone requiring a poisoned chalice?

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 4:52 pm 29 Nov 07

International development assistance: Bob McMullan

So he didn’t miss out altogether.
I just hope he’s still in a position to influence the placement of new departmental offices away from the airport and out to the satellite cities.

I can’t see where Territories fits…

I’d second what fnaah said about Kate’s support for Gungahlin’s telecoms issues.

boomacat boomacat 4:09 pm 29 Nov 07

It seems that meritocracy has finally made its way to the Labor party, hooray!

jemmy jemmy 3:45 pm 29 Nov 07

Quite clever for internal Labor politics of Rudd to give Gillard a super-portfolio. Leaves plenty of opportunity to satisfy the factions by promoting them into a deputy minister role to handle the actual work, while leaving Gillard still in the public eye as the Minister and, to the public, not appearing to be pandering to the factions, which has always been Labor’s achilles heel for the public. (Obviously, there is no way Gillard or anyone could stay on top of a portfolio like that without help.)

I’ve got say, I’ve been very impressed throughout the whole campaign with the political astuteness of Rudd. He creamed Howard right from the word go in terms of political messages, dog-whistling and spin, and he seems to be showing the same ability to handle internal politics too. Note this isn’t necessarily a bad thing: a good deal is when everyone thinks they’re a winner.

BeyondThought BeyondThought 3:41 pm 29 Nov 07

Well, at least McMuppett will be able to sleep for another three years.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:37 pm 29 Nov 07

“Social Inclusion” – oh my sweet jesus!

Crikey Crikey 3:32 pm 29 Nov 07

Poor Kate isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. And she is lazy!

Bob will not be happy with his low ranking job either.

I can’t believe that Laurie Ferguson has a Parl Sec position….so much for Rudd awarding intelligence and not awarding party hacks.

Interesting Mike Kelly picked up a Parl Sec position. It took Nairn 10 years to receive one.

And it’s obviously Labor is back in town….we have a portfolio called ‘Social Inclusion’ LOL

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