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Canberra Stadium smoke free from 2007?

By johnboy - 12 August 2006 57

The ABC has a story on plans by Canberra Stadium to go smoke free in 2007.

So, aside friom possibly some federal “smoke free” grant money, what’s in it for them and what will it cost?

Does smoke at the Stadium annoy you or deter you from going? And as a smoker will the idea of 2 hours without a death stick put you off?

What’s Your opinion?

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57 Responses to
Canberra Stadium smoke free from 2007?
Indi 10:03 am 14 Aug 06

I miss smoking in the cinema…I wonder if there is any worth in investigating purchasing Electric Shadows and have one cinema allowing the pleasure of inhaling toxic fumes?

Absent Diane 9:32 am 14 Aug 06

I don’t care about any of your families because they are all just further drain on our worlds resources.

Kramer 8:50 pm 13 Aug 06

KaneO – I don’t need smokers to give me a sense of superiority and self worth. That’s what I’ve got fat people for.

Let me know next time you want to go out and enjoy a cigarette. I’ll stand next to you and fart in your face non stop.

Vic Bitterman 8:40 pm 13 Aug 06

kaneo, it’s as simple as this. I don’t care if you smoke, truly I don’t. I don’t care if anyone smokes.

What I object to is ME breathing in your smoke. I choose not to smoke, I don’t want to breathe in your smoke.

Because you are a selfish individual who couldn’t care less about anyone else, your smoke drifts over them. Well, your days of this happening at CS are numbered. The same for pubs and clubs in the ACT too. You only have yourself to blame.

Big Al 8:40 pm 13 Aug 06

I’m smart enough to know that the science on second hand smoke is about as sound as cold fusion, but that’s not the point – the smell shits me – smokers stink worse than the shit they’ve got for brains. If I paid taxes I’d want the government to make sure that I don’t have to end up standing, sitting, riding, driving, looking – anywhere near where one of these pathetic arse wipes is – regardless of whether they’re actually smoking, or just have a pack in their pocket and might think about having one later on.

It’s the warm inner glow that comes from knowing you’ve managed to make a pariah out of someone for no real reason that keeps me coming back…

OpenYourMind 7:40 pm 13 Aug 06

No KaneO, you just don’t get it, it’s not a political correctness thing, it’s not some desperate attempt at making a statement or proving superiority.

I just want to be able to go to public places and not have to put up with all the problems of second hand smoke I mentioned previously.

And Bonfire, the trouble with the ‘don’t go there’ attitude (and sadly lots of non smokers with allergies etc. just do that), if laws aren’t put in place the minority screw it for the majority. I can catch a plane, go to the movies or eat at a Canberra restaurant now and be confident that there is no chance a smoker will screw it up for me. I look forward to when the same applies to pubs, clubs, music gigs and sporting events.

KaneO 6:57 pm 13 Aug 06

/me pats VB on head for being a mindless clone.
Incidentally, I’ve seen what wanders around CS and Canberra in general and fucking them isn’t something I would bother with.
I always get a good laugh at people bitching about smoke when they’re sitting A a sidewalk cafe inhaling traffic fumes that would choke an elephant.
Smoking is a legal activity, whether you like it or not.
The rabid anti-smoking dickwads remind of the people who would call people niggers, retards, faggots etc if they could get away with it. Face it, without smokers people like you wouldn’t have anyone you could have your prissy little fits about. You need smokers to give you a sense of superiority and self worth.

Vic Bitterman 6:30 pm 13 Aug 06

LOL at kaneo, typical selfish blinkered “Fuck everyone else, it’s my right to smoke” attitude.

Well guess what spoonhead – you soon won’t be able to do it any more in CS!!!!! Go smoke that!!!!! LOL

KaneO 6:25 pm 13 Aug 06

*Yawn* more oxygen thieves whinging about 2nd hand smoke. If it was un-PC to harass smokers you wouldn’t do it. You’d move on whining about blind immigrant lesbian amputee pentaque players who fart too much or something. The fumes outa your tail pipe are killing you quicker. Get over it.

Tho smoke-free or smoke-allowed at CS is pretty much irrelevant unless they ever get something appealing happening there.

joeyjo 5:42 pm 13 Aug 06

If you want to smoke then by all means go ahead, but please leave me out of it. I don’t want to have to breath in that crap and have a sore throat for the next week.

bonfire 2:51 pm 13 Aug 06

by the time that silky smooth aroma has reached your oh so senstive nostrils, its dissipated significantly.

oym it was YOUR CHOICE to go to the places you then complain about.

I dont like smelly hippies, so i dont go to the folk festival but i dont demand that someone close it down.

Vic Bitterman 10:55 pm 12 Aug 06

Great news – about time. Fuck the smokers when they blow their selfish stinking shit over me and my young family.

Big Al 10:08 pm 12 Aug 06

Good idea … Our box at the Brumbies is right above the concourse on the eastern stand so the smelly shit-bags stand right below us smoking away – what gets me is: why they get peeved when I spill beer on their sorry stupid heads, after all, its just a ‘harmless’ habit…

OpenYourMind 7:32 pm 12 Aug 06

Excellent!! Sounds like good news to me. It’s one more public place that non-smokers can go to without having to put up with the stench and problems of other’s smoke.

Went to the trivia night at Italo club, their smoking area is decidedly close to their non smoking area and it’s a fight to get any table. Despite reasonable ventilation, I still suffered sore eyes from smoke, and my clothes and hair smelt of smoke. I know asthmatics that simply can’t go to events like this because of the smoke. A small percentage of smokers make life hell for everyone else.

As I’ve said in the past, even smokers seem to hate other people’s smoke. Can you imagine how non-smokers feel?

You’ll be less likely to litter with your ‘same as leaf litter’ cigarette butts too, Bonfire!!

bonfire 6:52 pm 12 Aug 06

most areas are already non-smoking.

ideology triumphing over civil liberties – again.

if they truly cared about ‘health’ they would sell lentil burgers not fucking french fries.

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