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Canberra Stadium smoke free from 2007?

By johnboy 12 August 2006 57

The ABC has a story on plans by Canberra Stadium to go smoke free in 2007.

So, aside friom possibly some federal “smoke free” grant money, what’s in it for them and what will it cost?

Does smoke at the Stadium annoy you or deter you from going? And as a smoker will the idea of 2 hours without a death stick put you off?

What’s Your opinion?

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57 Responses to
Canberra Stadium smoke free from 2007?
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Thumper 8:20 am 17 Aug 06

I have absolutely no idea what that means.

It may as well be in Swahili….

KaneO 5:09 pm 16 Aug 06

Saw some d00d driving a car with 31337 as the licence plate. I was laughing so hard I almost drove off the footpath. and its 0wn3D or 0w| \ | (but only if you are truly l33t*)

I wonder how many zealots would have a whinge if I smoked trout in front of them?

*by leet I mean sad, about 13 and spotty.

Absent Diane 12:09 pm 16 Aug 06

isn’t the actual terminology pwned or something..

Danman 11:24 am 16 Aug 06

banning smoking at CS is just going to make a whole lot of otherwise law abiding citizens in the wrong. As for teh whole sitting next to a smoker or a homosexual – they both are going to smoke – its just that the homosexual will be smoking a pole not a cigger 🙂 oh and when i quit smoking I removed the catalytic converter from my car to make up for the loss of contribution to my community 🙂 – anyway ill sit the f==k back down now – saves someone else from telling me to.

PS. what does you have been owned mean ? you are owned ? and how can someone be owned on a blog?

Absent Diane 11:16 am 16 Aug 06

I couldnt give a fuck about students and their study commitments. Nor can I give a fuck about smoking in pubs because I am not a smoker.

ozmreeee 11:11 am 16 Aug 06

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in clubs, etc on 1 December … Will there be riots as the militant smokers enforce their “right to liberty” and the militant non-smokers enforce their “legally supported right”. I feel soory for the poor non-smoking students who have no option but to work in a non-smoke-free environment because it’s the only job they can get which fits in with their study commitments.

Absent Diane 11:04 am 16 Aug 06

BAM got me there simpleto…

simto 10:55 am 16 Aug 06

AD – you’re right, rights and laws are a human construct. Unfortunately, unless you choose to be a hermit and live away from any other human beings, you’re going to have to get to the point at some time in your life where you’re going to have to take other people’s opinions about your behaviour into account.

Now, you’re obviously not a hermit (otherwise you wouldn’t be posting here, since nothing we discuss would affect you at all). Which means that your actions are going to have consequences. IF you piss people off, chances are they might get annoyed enough to piss you back off. Your whining about this does get kind of hilarious, since you seem to have missed most key stages in social development ever since … well, a second single-celled organism emerged from the protoplasmic swamp.

bonfire 10:04 am 16 Aug 06

but its ok for a loony anti smoker to assault and steal from a person who is enjoying the smooth refreshing taste of a laramie ?

Absent Diane 10:03 am 16 Aug 06

rights are just human construct and are only theories… same with laws .. its that simple… I do what I want when I want how I want and if it pisses someone off that is fucking hilarious… now go away simpleton

simto 9:46 am 16 Aug 06

No, AD. The public domain means that you have the right to behave in a way that is reasonable to other members of the public. In your own private residence, you can do what the hell you want, but as soon as it starts bleeding into the public domain, other members of the public can complain about you and your behaviour. Hence why your neighbours can call the cops if you’re playing Slayer at high volume at 2am.

Your rights stop as soon as they start affecting other people. It’s that simple.

Absent Diane 8:58 am 16 Aug 06

If I am outside and someone whinges about my smoking (which I do very rarely) and snatches one from my lips I would grab a chair and smack them over the head with it…really really hard… I am not known for having a good temper or suffering fools lightly. No offence big al… its just how it works. If you want a smoke free environment outside you can kiss my fucking ass…cause it is my right in that I have been born to do whatever the fuck I like.

Thumper 8:45 am 16 Aug 06

I still believe that an establishment has the right to be non smoking or smoking.

For instance, All Bar Nun chooses to be a non smoking venue which is fine. There is nothing stopping other establishments from doing the same.

Restaraunts could also do the same. If they wanted to be a smoking venue, then so be it, let them. It might not be good for business but who knows?

KaneO 5:54 am 16 Aug 06

People smoking in eating places is just profoundly wrong. A universal law is that smoke always drifts towards the non-smoker(s)
Now more insults please, before this site turns into a lovefest or something.

Big Al 8:35 pm 15 Aug 06

KaneO – to be honest I haven’t had to give anyone a smack in the head. Now this isn’t some random attack on people who I see smoking – it’s a response to unreasonable and invasive behavior that I find unacceptable. Yes, I have snatched a few ciggies from between peoples lips or from their hands and ‘prematurely’ extinguished them – no ones been stupid enough to try and take it further. The most common instance that comes to mind are smokers, somehow conscious of the fact that their filthy pastime is offending people at their table, inconsiderately, holding their cigarette behind their back – away from their friends but close to me and mine.

KaneO 8:33 pm 15 Aug 06

I love it when tards make victory claims, but in reality are just too stupid to realise people are using them as a toilet…. open wider VB.

Vic Bitterman 7:24 pm 15 Aug 06

Hahahaha. Loving seeing the whinging smokers squirm, and squirm some more!!!! LOL!!!!

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