Canberra, where is your ramen?

Queenie 22 October 2007 10

My fiance and I are on a search for a place to get some decent ramen in Canberra, and have been for some time now. Does anyone know of a restaurant that serves it? If you’re thinking, “What the hell is ramen?” my answer for you is it’s a dish that’s really popular in Japan – I think it’s originally from China – and it consists of noodles, soup and meat, basically, with whatever toppings come with the particular type of ramen. It’s absolutely delicious – when made correctly.

A place opened up a little while ago below Dendy in the new part of the Canberra Centre serving ramen, Wagamama, but after going there quite a few times we’ve decided it’s really not to our liking. Our last visit, incidentally, involved them initially getting our order wrong, which is all fine and dandy, but then the replacement bowl of ramen was made with the wrong kind of noodles which were uncooked and doughy, and it was basically inedible. So we’ve decided not to go back there again, since the ramen is never very good anyway and is priced too high for what it is.

What we’d really like is actual authentic-style ramen (without beansprouts) a la Ichiban Boshi in the Galeries Victoria in Sydney. That being a good three hours away from Canberra, I come to you, O denizens of RiotACT! Tell me where to go, even to hell, as long as I get some chashu-men to take with me!

Chashu-men (Photo not my own)

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10 Responses to Canberra, where is your ramen?
Queenie Queenie 6:41 pm 23 Oct 07

Seems like you’re almost the only one who read my question, OzChick, unlike Jessieduck! Thanks, although it’s sad to hear your answer. The ramen at Wagamama, apart from our last visit, is just never any good because it’s not proper ramen and they cook the noodles badly – they’re always stuck together in clumps.

astrojax astrojax 2:57 pm 23 Oct 07

if you go into tasuke and ask the chef, i’m sure he’ll make it for you (if not already on the menu. i thought it was…)

iori, round the corner on i/chnge, shouls also have it, but i guess you’ve been there?

OzChick OzChick 2:45 pm 23 Oct 07

JD114 it’s “Pho” pronounced fur. This is NOT Ramen…

The only ramen I’ve really had in Canberra has been Wagamama ramen, otherwise the next closet thing to it is the packet variety from the asian grocery stores. I think that we have a very limited choice of Ramen here.

burninator burninator 12:22 pm 23 Oct 07

head on down to the dickson noodle house. Have a laksa. Say burninator sent you. .. oh wait, no don’t do that last bit.

but yeah, you’ll forget “ramen” ever existed, whever it is!

JD114 JD114 11:21 am 23 Oct 07

Most Asian restos have noodle soup, just find one you like and eat that… it’s called feu or something like that in Viet restos and the Thais always do a good noodle soup

poisonivy poisonivy 9:58 am 23 Oct 07

Tasuke has a lot of dishes advertised with accompanying pictures on the wall inside. Can’t say I remember ramen being one of them, but it’s worth a look for the pics if nothing else.

jessieduck jessieduck 9:57 am 23 Oct 07

Wagamama has it -not bad if you can cope with the chain restaurant side of things. They also have a sweet potato chip side dish that is delicious!

Queenie Queenie 8:54 am 23 Oct 07

Yeah, we’ve walked by and checked that place’s menu out and unfortunately they don’t seem to serve ramen. I’ve also heard good things about them though.

stereo henry stereo henry 8:29 am 23 Oct 07

Tasuke is good (think it’s the place JR is talking about)

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 2:18 am 23 Oct 07

Try the place in Civic Bus Interchange, on Alinga street, just down from the Pancake Palour. (Sorry do not know the name) It doesn’t look much from the outside but the food is authentically awesome.

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