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Canberrans embracing elevated parking on Rudd Street

By johnboy 26 February 2013 25

elevated parking

Guy has sent in this interesting observation:

The multi squillion dollar elevated bike tracks (or are they parking lanes?) on Rudd St in Civic are now nearly operational. They’ve only taken the best part of a year to complete.

here’s a couple of early adopters…

rudd street

In our story yesterday on this issue bd84 expounded at length in a manner that bears repeating:

#14 bd84
11:15 pm, 25 Feb 13

It has to be one of the worst projects that this joke of a government has signed off on.

Here we have Rudd St. A streets with 10 metre wide footpaths, at least 4 building driveways, a road to more building driveways, a small amount of on street parking, a few more spots for government vehicles and a nice set down areas for the many who dropped a loved one off at work (you know that car pooling thing they were promoting).

Now it still has 10 metre wide footpaths, and an extra 2 metres of “bike paths” on each side, but sans parking and drop off.

Each bike path is wide enough to have 2 way traffic, but why build one when you could build 2! Especially as it was far too difficult to build said paths into the existing footpaths (or they needed to look like they’re doing something).

How many bicycles use Rudd St I hear you ask? Well not many, mostly people going into the buildings and a few students. Far less than the number using Moore St (sans bike path) or Marcus Clarke (with off street bike path).

But they couldn’t stop wasting our money there, they kept going towards northbourne and bunda st. 6 months later and they’re still building! Although maybe if they didnt dig up the same bits of road and path about 4-5 times, they might be done. But we have to get over northbourne, which no doubt their new path will be dug up yet again within a couple of years for the next public transport project, either bus or light rail.

But hey, at least we will have a 12 metre wide footpath/bike path to make it all good!

On a side note, the path isn’t actually finished and operational and the idiots haven’t taken the parking signs, so the cars in the pic aren’t breaking the law..

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Canberrans embracing elevated parking on Rudd Street
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Duffbowl 2:37 pm 27 Feb 13

troll-sniffer said :

Funny thing is that not a whole lot of people were using the embryonic cycleways in the Netherlands when they were introduced decades ago. No doubt there were hordes of naysayers and other groups of Luddites jumping up and down about the waste of money and the loss of vehicle-only spaces. History is a great teacher if you’re prepared to open your minds just a little.

The troll sniffs damp air.
Luddites jump off their horses
And attack the cars.

Mothy 1:11 pm 27 Feb 13

guy said :

For about $2 million per kilometre, this bike path should be gold plated, not bitumen and concrete.

I was going to argue that point, but instead I concede!

2.5km of path, at 2m wide and 0.5 microns deep ( Gold Plating = 0.5 microns deep ) where 0.5 microns = 1/2000th of a millimeter.

Equals 2,500,000 cubic millimeters of gold required for plating.

The dimensions of 1kg gold bars from The Perth Mint are 112x52x9 (millimeters) or 52,416 cubic millimeters.

So to gold plate a path as above requires 47.7 1kg bars.

At $1600 an ounce, with 32.148 ounces to a kilo, that’s $51,436.8 per bar.


Though I still think Green paint is more practical.

Aeek 8:52 am 27 Feb 13

Jono said :

Grail said :

… it’s an offence to ride within 10m of an open store or business doorway.

I’d be interested to have you provide a pointer to the legislation which makes that an offence.

I have a memory that there used to be provision similar to that in the road rules in the ACT prior to the change to the Australian Road Rules in 1999, but I’m not aware of anything like that which applies any more.

I remember it as being “within 10m of an open shop”, no mention of business, with neither shop nor open being defined anywhere. Think it was dropped with the 2nd edition of the National Road Rules.
How you could tell if a shop was open from 10m away was another matter.

bd84 11:05 pm 26 Feb 13

In my post I did neglect to mention (downside of writing on an iphone) the loading zone for the business on Rudd st that was also removed (no replacement) and the taxi rank closest to the Jolimont bus station also moved for inconvenience of visitors to this city 50m across the road to Moore St, also limiting the very small area that allowed people to drop off/ pick up people for the coaches. But as long as people can’t find a short term carpark, having nowhere to safely stop doesn’t matter either.

I would like to point out that I have no issue constructing a bike path segregated on road, it is safer than the government’s attempts at on road lanes. What I expect is the construction to be done in a sensible, well planned and cost effective manner.

This project has not been any of the above. What could have been a simple project, with minimal impact on the city by building it into the existing pathways, has turned into a massive project which has taken a very long time to build, with little thought of the disruption to other transport options and at a significant cost.

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