Canberrans more likely to crash interstate

GnT 9 July 2007 7

A new study has revealed that Canberra drivers are three times more likely to be in a fatal crash in NSW than in the ACT.

It also found “interstate travel by ACT drivers is four times the national average”. Duh!!

So can we blame NSW drivers, roads or laws for this? Or is it just that when we travel interstate we are more likely to be driving long distances and therefore be fatigued and driving at high speed, which will more likely to lead to a fatality?

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7 Responses to Canberrans more likely to crash interstate
p1 p1 11:02 am 10 Jul 07

[thread drift]I did one of those annoying phone surveys a few months ago where a person rings you up to ask you questions “just for a couple of minutes” about my travel and holiday habits. The lady was really surprised that I travelled interstate on average several times a week until I explained that the border is less then ten km’s away… She also seemed disappointed that I could have a three day interstate holiday, and only spend about $40 on petrol, eat the same food I would at home, and not visit a single business while away.[End thread drift]

Incedentally, in the ACT you are never more then a 40min drive from a hospital (much less if not south of Tharwa). Surely this improves your chances of survival from even major MVA’s?

spin462002 spin462002 7:08 am 10 Jul 07

And what about the Canberra drivers that crash in other states besides NSW? Where are those stats or haven’t they been made up yet?

viking princess

pierce pierce 1:56 pm 09 Jul 07

My brain hurts a little with that maths – but it seems as though the two stats don’t have a lot of bearing on one another Mathman.

The 3x is a comparison to ourselves whereas the 4x is a national comparison.

Interstate travel stats would be skewed here as well by the proximity of borders – I’d say you’d find similar numbers in Albury or Moama.

But yes, good roads, light traffic and a seeming lack of awareness of that odd stick on the right side of the steering wheel would be major factors.

Mathman Mathman 1:44 pm 09 Jul 07

But hang on, if we travelled four times as much interstate but are only involved in three times as many accidents, doesn’t that mean we are actually safer drivers.

The study doesn’t say what proportion of accidents are single vehicle accidents compared to multiple vehicle ones, and doesn’t indicate who was at fault in multiple vehicle ones.

We could just as easily draw the conclusion that ACT drivers are safer per kilometre travelled and are put at risk by crazy locals losing control when they see a ‘Feel the Power’ numberplate.

boomacat boomacat 1:35 pm 09 Jul 07

I’ve noticed that Canberra drivers are not good driving in heavy traffic, they don’t know how to move about it efficiently like drivers in Sydney, Melbourne etc.

But my bet would be that ACT drivers are more likely to be in a crash while driving interstate because we drive interstate more.

Either that or we blame it on those blooody queanbo drivers! Punks!

andy andy 1:29 pm 09 Jul 07

I agree. Canberra drivers are terrible. They are completely selfish and in general take no regard of other drivers.
chances are, they take this attitude outside the ACT with them, and suffer as a result.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 1:24 pm 09 Jul 07

You blame the fact that Canberra has the coutry’s best roads, and worst drivers. Canberra drivers generally have little or no real experience driving on B or C grade highways, and this shows itself in the results.

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